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Humiliating Start

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Josh is my aunts step-son and a year younger than me. I stay at their house two or three weekends every month because it is only a block away from the boardwalk and beach.


I got myself into a routine when I go back to the house from the beach. After I shower I go into the guest room always locking the door. Then I close the drapes over the sliding door, and lock that also. The outside deck goes across the whole house and I was always careful that no one could see into the room. There is a large mirror on the dresser and I stand looking at myself naked and almost every time start fingering myself. I'll end up on the bed masturbating and am usually able to orgasm twice more. I know I moan as I do but can't help it, so I turn the radio up fairly loud. It became a ritual for me and most weekends I masturbated both on Saturday and Sunday. What I never thought about was my timing but now know I always masturbated between three and four in the afternoon. This was made known to me by Josh. I had gone out on the deck one Saturday after getting dressed. I was standing at the railing for a moment and decided to go back inside the bedroom. as I walked in the doorway I saw Josh coming out of the closet in his underwear and a towel. I lost it and began hitting him and screaming at him. No one was home and when he began running away from me I chased after him and kept smacking him but all he did was laugh. I was so mad and embarrassed I wanted to kill him. He kept telling me he was sorry but I knew he wasn't and I didn't speak to him the rest of the weekend.

I was going to tell my aunt about it but I was too embarrassed. If he was just peeping at me is one thing but how could I tell her he watched me masturbate. The next weekend I stayed home but did go the weekend after that. Friday night when I got there my aunt and Josh's dad went out to dinner. Josh came into the kitchen and again said he was sorry but was smiling when he did. He admitted to me then that he masturbated while he was watching me. That's when he started telling me he had been watching me for many months and that I always came back from the beach between three and three thirty everytime. Then he started telling me how silly I looked standing naked in front of the mirror and instead of being mad at him he actually had me laughing at myself.

That Saturday afternoon was the first time we masturbated in front of each other and we began doing it every weekend I was there. The first four times we just watched each other but then mutually decided to masturbate one another. I'm not a virgin but I never masturbated anyone else and do enjoy seeing Josh cum. He said he would like to have intercourse with me but I told him all along I didn't want that to ever happen between us. He tells me I have become very good at maturbating him and we both tell each other where and how we like to be touched. He likes me to hold his scrotum and it turns him on when I touch the area between his testicles and anus. Awhile back he masturbated me with a long candle and since then I bought a dildo he uses on me. When I'm at home I satisfy myself by doing things to my body that I experienced with Josh. I never considered my anus as an erotic spot to be stimulated until Josh began fingering me there. I now do it to myself often when I masturbate at home. I have never had a problem having orgasms but do have more when I am with Josh.

Most afternoons when Josh and I masturbate each other, my aunt and his dad are usually out somewhere. Even when they are home we still get together. Josh tells them he is going somewhere but goes up on the deck and comes in through the sliding door. I make sure all the doors are locked, drapes are closed and turn up the sound on the radio. Over time Josh has admitted he has been watching me from inside the closet for more than a year and I never once suspected he was doing that. I never had a reason to open that closet because all I had was a small suitcase every weekend. We see each other naked and are very intimate in the ways we touch each other and I am not embarrassed as to how I react when I orgasm. What still humiliates me sometimes is when he tells me about things I did thinking I was alone and some of the ways he saw me masturbating myself. After all this time I still blush when he mentions some of the things I did when I was naked and he was in the closet.



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