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Humiliate Me

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Something I really needed at the time


I have just ended a relationship. It wasn't just that my man was screwing around, it was that he has been telling people about what I like in bed and what he does to me. In truth, I might have been interested in a threesome, but Allan, I learned to my cost is and always was a shit. He cares only about his own pleasure, so, just before Christmas, when I found him in bed with my friend, in my house he had to go. I had walked in and heard laughter coming from upstairs and as I slowly walked up to the bedroom, I hear him saying things like 'Sarah loves it up her ass, she is such a dirty little whore.' It sickened me.

So that left me with Chirstmas and New year on my own. My brother came to spend New Year's Eve with me which was sweet of him becuase I know he could easily have been out on the town with his friends. We just had a really lovely evening in. I told him about Allan two timing me and that I had learned he had been talking about me. Chris said that he had heard a few stories himself and was glad that I had ditched Allan. He said that he had warned off a couple of his acquaintances who wanted to know if I really was a slut in bed. I blushed bright red when he said 'slut'. Then Chris said that he knew it wouldn't be long until I found someone else, and gave me the 'make bloody sure he is worthy of you' speech. I felt more relaxed than I had in months. Chris said that I should take my time in finding someone else and that in the meantime I could always buy myself a vibrator. I told him I aready had one, but that I didn't enjoy masturbation. (It's too much a solitary thing for me. It's what I do when I have no one to do it with or for me.) Chris then asked me if deep down, I liked the thought of being a 'slut'. Again, I colored up bright red and Chris noticed. I told him that every girl likes to think of herself as a sex goddess. Chris said 'A whore in the bedroom, more like.' At this point I felt a sharp stab in my clit. I realised that I liked hearing the dirty words. Laughing, I slipped my t shirt over my shoulder and giggled, 'Yes, I love being a whore.'

Then there was a little silence. Chris finally said, 'So, Sarah. If you can't masturbate and I guess it will be a while until you find someone, how will you cope?' I told him that I would probably not bother with sex for a while but that I would have liked one final orgasm, just to get even with my shit of an ex. Again, silence. Then Chris said 'So you masturbate, but only if someone is with you?' I said yes. 'And what does the other person do?' I told him that I liked to be talked dirty to. Yet again, there was a strained silence. Chris said 'I will talk dirty to you if you like.' My mouth went dry, but my clit was throbbing and I barely managed to whisper 'ok.' I went upstairs to get my vibrator and on the way back I turned the lights almost off. Then I lay back on the couch and from the darkness I heard my brothers voice telling me that he wanted to hear me masturbate, that he wanted to hear my moans and sighs as I got wetter.

Then I asked him to use dirty words to me. 'Sarah, slip your panties off and let your cunt out to play. That's it, rub your clitty with your vibrator.' OMG I was so hot! 'Fuck yourself with your toy.' (I slid my vibe right up myself and moaned out loud.) 'Yes, ride that cock you...' (and suddenly he stopped and in an instant I knew what I wanted) 'Chris, I want you to call me dirty names. Really abuse me.' There was a silence and I thought he was going to refuse but then, from the darkness came 'Sarah, you fucking whore, screw yourself like the cunt slut you are. The number of men who would like to shoot their spunk up your cunt and in your ass... you fucking worthless little cunt'

At this point two things happened. First was that I orgasmed so hard that I actually peed onto the floor. The second was that when I came down from my cum Chris asked me to leave the lights off. I asked him why and he said that he was really embarrassed but that he had a fierce erection. I figured one good turn deserves another and I asked him if he wanted to jack off. He told me that it was all he could do to NOT cum in his shorts. I asked him why and he said that being in a sexual situation with his own sister felt weird at first and then was a HUGE turn on. So I told him to get his cock out and this time, I started talking to him. 'Chris, I know you have your cock in your hand. You really made your sister cum hard, you know? I want to make you cum too.' (At this point I slithered off the couch and onto the floor and very slowly crawled towards where he was sitting.) 'I can smell your cock. Wank it for me Chris.' (I heard some groaning) 'That's it, you made your sister (a gasp here, he clearly liked the sister thing) so fucking wet. My panties were soaked long before you offered to help me get off. (By now, I was right up against him and to my surprise, he was standing up and jacking) Here, (I pushed my panties into his hand) Smell me... lick me... taste me. Taste your sister's wet little cunt. (I felt him take my panties from my hand and I guess he did what I told him.) You know, Chris, I so want to hear you cum. My cunt is aching for your cock right now. Would you like to fuck your little whore of a sister?' At that point, I heard him groan out loud and suddenly I felt his cum hit my face and neck.

For a long time after, we sat in the dark together just talking. Sometimes, I would bring myself off, and now and then, Chris would too. We seemed to know when the other was ready. All in all, it was highly erotic, and mostly, because it was forbidden if your know what I mean. In the silence, Chris said, 'Sarah, would you let me fuck you? I mean, for real?' At that precise moment, I would have and so I told him. The whole night was one of erotic exploration and I can't write about the best bit here, but you can guess. All I will say is that it wasn't just vaginal!

Maybe my ex is right. Maybe I am a slut after all.



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