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Hubby's Welcome Home

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How I gave my hubby a special treat after two weeks apart


I previously wrote about how my niece stayed with me for a week and rekindled my desire to go down on a girl as my cousin had done to me when I was a teen. http://www.solotouch.com/story/turned-on-by-niece-53542 My husband works away from home and when he phoned I told him about how listening to Beth masturbating on the other side of our bedroom wall had turned me on so much that I masturbated too. This led to a great phone sex session for both of us. He was very turned on by the thoughts of a 14 year old girl masturbating and asked more questions about her each time he phoned me. I knew that when he came home, our first sex after two weeks of abstinence was going to be fantastic so I planned something extra special for him.


He usually arrives home just after lunchtime and we spend the rest of the afternoon in bed fucking and sucking each other until we are both sore. He masturbates when he is away as I do but he stops a few days before coming home. To build up a bit of pressure, he says. It seems to work because his first load is always huge and it feels that my pussy is being hosed out. But this time was going to be a little different; I wanted to see how far I could make him shoot that first load.


He arrived home at the usual time and after a quick bite to eat it was off to bed. Once naked, I went down on him and gave him a quick suck. Then I straddled him and wanked him slowly and soon felt him start to buck his hips. Then I stopped. I told him that whatever happens, HE MUST NOT CUM until I tell him. If he is going to cum he must let me know and I'll stop. OK. he said. I started wanking him again and began to tell him about Beth masturbating; how she did it every night, how she moaned as she was cumming and how wet I got as I listened. I felt his cock get even bigger in my hand. I had to stop a few times because he was getting close to cumming. Then on to Phase 2 of my plan.
Close your eyes and don't open them until I tell you and keep your hands away from your face.
I reached into the drawer of my bedside cabinet and pulled out a pair of panties and placed them over his face. His cock twitched. I continued telling him about Beth until he was moaning out loud and again I had to keep stopping before he came. Then I got off him and knelt between his legs wanked him with my right hand while sticking the index finger of my left hand deep inside me to get it wet and slippy then eased it into his arsehole: he loves a prostate massage. Precum was oozing out of his cockhead and my finger up his bum made it ooze faster.
Does the thought of Beth masturbating turn you on?
You know it does.
I bet you'd love to eat a 14yo pussy.
God yes.
You can open your eyes now and move your hands.
He pulled the panties off his face and looked at them.
These are Beths. I said, speeding up my stroke and fingering his prostate faster.
And I haven't washed them yet.
He just said, Fuck. and pressed them back against his face. I felt his bum clench around my finger, his cock started to pulse in my hand and he let go his load.
It was fucking awesome! The first spurt hit the wall about three feet above his head. The second hit the head board. The third went on his face and neck and the rest gradually diminished until his balls were empty leaving a line of spunk all the way up his body. I sucked the dregs from his cock then worked my way up his body licking and sucking up his cum as I went then snowballed him while getting myself off.
He didn't stay limp for long: I confessed everything I had done the previous week. I told him about my cousin Linda teaching me about masturbation and eating me; about me not wanting to eat her in return and regretting it after she had gone; how I wanted to eat a pussy now that Beth had turned me on so much; how I used her knickers to get off; how I spied on her; and how I set her up to use my toys and secretly video her. Our sex session lasted all the way to midnight with only a slight break to eat at teatime. During that session he told me that ever the opportunity arose for me to have sex with a girl then I should grab it with both hands with his blessing. The only condition he made was that I should tell him about it in minute detail.
A few days later I initiated Phase 3 of my plan. It was early evening and he had settled himself in front of the telly with a beer to watch the football. The game had been going for about 10 minutes when I called him from the bedroom.
Can you come and help me, please?
What is it?
I need your help.
The football has just started!
I really need your help.
For fucks sake!
I heard him get up and stomp his way through to the bedroom then the door crashed open.
What the fucking hell do you..
His voice tailed off as he saw me.
I was wearing a school uniform; blouse, tie, short black skirt, white socks, black shoes and a school blazer I had found in a charity shop along with a little satchel. The same colours as Beths school. Not part of the uniform but adding to the effect was a straw hat.
What kind of. His voice was actually a squeak.
He cleared his throat and started again.
What kind of help do you need?
I need help with my biology homework. We've got to write an essay on reproductive organs and I've never seen a penis.
I'll show you mine if you show me yours. he said.
I lifted my skirt.
Are those Beths knickers youre wearing?
Yes. Like them?
He never did see the football or finish his beer. Again, it was midnight when we finished. I had lost the hat, my shoes and Beths knickers but was still wearing the rest of the uniform. I had everything I needed to know for my biology essay including how to wank a cock, suck one, what spunk tasted like and how it big and hard it got and so on. He had also taught this schoolgirl how to finger herself and use similarly shaped objects as a substitute for a penis and watched as I made myself cum. He came three times including wanking himself all over my face and tits (still with the blouse on). I lost count of the number of times I came but it was at least six.
The school uniform is now a regular part of our sex life as is the biology homework routine. His favorite is for me to wear it and finger myself with one hand inside my panties and the other inside my partially opened blouse as he watches and wanks himself. I end up telling him I am so turned on that I want to suck his big dick and I cum all over my fingers as he cums on my face and tits. He admits that sometimes he fantasises that it is not me but Beth he is watching and that its Beth he cums on.
As for getting his blessing to have girl sex, I've taken him at his word and made a little progress in that respect but that's a story for another time.



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