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How's Your Leg?

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First mutual with high school jock


My name is Danny. When I was in high school, I was geeky, and not into team contact sports. I ran cross country in the spring, but didn't participate in a fall sport. The football coach, who was a very cool guy, asked me if I would be interested in playing football. When I explained that I had no desire to play football, he asked if I would help by being one of the student managers for the football team. I gladly accepted. I took a basic class on prevention and treatment of minor injuries, and I ended up being the guy who taped ankles and helped some of the athletes stretch.

One day, just after the beginning of practice, a wide receiver named Robert, got a severe cramp in his calf. He could barely walk. The coach told Robert to drink plenty of Gatorade and told me to take Robert to the locker room, and get him in the whirlpool. Robert put his arm over my shoulder and he hobbled with me to the training room, next to the empty locker room.

While we waited for the whirlpool tub to fill with warm water Robert asked me if I would rub his calf and hamstring, which also felt tight. I was not trained in massage but rubbing a leg ain't brain surgery, so he took off his football pants and pads and hopped up onto the trainer's table wearing only his jock strap. He laid down on his stomach while I got some oil.

I should mention that Robert was about 6'2' and muscular, but not bulky, with light brown, almost sandy blond hair. About what you would expect for a wide receiver that also ran the 440 and 220 for the track team - a lean runner's body with extra muscles. I didn't know Robert very well. We only shared one math class. He hung with the jocks and I hung with the geeks, but he was always friendly. Not the typical arrogant jock.

I covered his butt with a towel and began massaging his calf. Robert relaxed. After I began to feel the calf muscles loosen up a bit I moved higher and started rubbing Robert's hamstring. He asked me if I could massage the front of his leg, and he turned over. The enlarging bulge in his jock strap was very noticeable. Neither of us mentioned anything, and the bulge continued to grow until neither of us could ignore the awkward moment.

'Well, it looks like you are getting a cramp somewhere else' I said. He grinned sheepishly.

'My girlfriend and I broke up about two weeks ago. I haven't gotten any since a week before we broke up. What you were doing feels really good.'

'Would you like me to give you some time alone?'

'Dude, would you mind helping me out? I promise I would never tell anyone.'

I had never touched a cock other than my own, and I was curious, and not unwilling, but was afraid of the consequences of getting caught and having my curiosity exposed.

'I better not.'

He looked at me. 'Danny, please... I will never tell anyone.'

I hesitated and said nothing, but the bulge in my own shorts revealed my inclination. Robert pulled his jock strap down freeing a rock hard six-inch cock already leaking precum.

I had seen plenty of naked guys in the locker room, but had never seen another guy hard. What a sight it was. Robert groaned with pleasure as I wrapped my hand around his hard uncut cock.

'Do you want me to use some oil?

'Nah. You won't need any.'

He wasn't kidding. I had no idea anyone could produce sooo much precum.

After just a minute or two he really surprised me. Robert reached for the waistband of my shorts and started to pull them down. I dropped them and my tighty whities to my ankles. He lubed up his hand with some of his own precum and started stroking me. I had never felt such pleasure. It wasn't at all like stroking myself. There couldn't have been more electricity going through my body if I had stuck my dick in a light socket.

After less than a dozen strokes, I came like I had never cum before. I grunted uncontrollably as ropes of my cum shot over Robert's abs. Robert began cumming shortly after my first rope landed on him. His first shot went right over his shoulder and the second shot landed on his forehead and hair. The rest mixed with mine on his chest and abs.

'Dude, that was an awesome handjob! It was so hot when you came on me I couldn't last a second longer. '

'So... how's your leg?' I joked. We both laughed. We wiped ourselves off with the towel and he slipped into the whirlpool.

Football practice ended about 30 minutes later and coach and the team returned to the locker room. By this time Robert had showered and dressed. Coach looked at Robert and asked, 'So... how's your leg?'

Robert just smiled.

'What?' Coach asked

'Oh sorry. The leg's better. Danny took good care of me. I'll be careful to drink more fluids.'



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