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How You Would Do It for Me

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After reading Deebee's story.


I was completely absorbed by your story, How Would You Make Me Do It for You?! I have similar fantasies, of encouraging my wife to jill for me, and by the time I finished your story I was very hard and breathing so fast I was almost panting. I wanted to take off my sweatpants and come right then, but it was late and I had a few chores that needed doing before bed. By the time I finished it was so late that I decided to go directly to bed. I was still very excited but my wife was fast asleep. I thought of your story and my cock pulsed in my sweatpants, very hard. But I lay back in bed and gradually drifted off to sleep.

It must have been towards morning. I dreamed I was with my wife, but she was also you. I led her/you into our bedroom. I removed your blouse and skirt and pulled you against me. I knew you could feel my hard cock against your groin. I pulled your panties down let them fall to the floor. I kissed you for a long time as my cock found its way between your thighs. I stripped off my clothes and we tumbled into bed. You spread your legs and pulled me towards you. I leaned over you, my hard cock brushing your inner thighs. They were wet.

'I want you to do yourself,' I said. 'What?' 'Make yourself come. You're so sexy I want to see you.' 'No,' you said. 'Do it for me, you're so gorgeous and hot, I want to see you.' 'I couldn't.' 'I know you can, for me. I will love it so much. Show me what you do. Show me how beautiful you are.'

I took your hand and placed it on your pussy. 'Go on, you're so hot,' I said. You began to stroke your lips, very lightly. I groaned, 'Oh baby, look how hard you make me. My cock stood straight out and pulsed with my heartbeat.

'Go on, frig yourself,' I said. 'No, I can't,' you said. 'Go on,' I said, 'you're so gorgeous, I want to see you do yourself. You're such a turn on. You're amazingly sexy. Go on, show me what you do. Show me how you rub your pussy.'

I took your hand and brought it to your clit and you began to caress it, moving back over your lips, making a liquid sound as you teased the nectar out over your clit. You closed your eyes and groaned. 'Oh baby,' I said, 'Do it for me.'

I pulled you up on your knees, until you were straddling me on the bed. 'Do yourself baby,' I murmured, you're so hot you're gonna make me come.' You closed your eyes and pulled your nipples until you gasped. Drops of precum coated the head of my cock and ran down the shaft.

I took your hand and put it back on your pussy. 'Come for me baby,' I said, 'Do yourself all the way.' You twisted and flicked your clit and slid three fingers into your soaking twat. 'You look so beautiful,' I said, 'You look so hot.' You frigged yourself and moaned as your hips rotated out of control. 'Yeah, babe,' I could barely speak. 'Oh, oh, ohhhh. I'm gonna, I'm gonna...' you gasped. 'You're so gorgeous, so hot, come for me, come for me.' 'Oh, I am, I am, ohh, ohh, ohhhh!'

At this point, back in real life, I realized that I was dreaming, but I was in the middle of the most intense climax and paralyzed by waves of sweet pleasure. Squirt after squirt of come pumped out of my cock as my body convulsed in pleasure. The feeling was so intense I wanted to scream and had to bite down hard on my hand to keep from groaning out loud. When it finally subsided I lay there quietly trying to catch my breath. I could feel my heart hammering in my chest. My sweatpants were literally dripping with come. And I was still so aroused I was afraid my cock was going to start coming again.

After a while I calmed down a little and gingerly made my way to the bathroom and turned on the shower. I began to rinse off some of the come that coated my thighs and penis, but as soon as I touched my skin I became hard and almost immediately began to climax again. I heard myself groaning with pleasure as I leaned against the tiles, imagining you in my dream coming so gorgeously.



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