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How Would You Make Me Do It for You?!

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My history... and a plea!


I have been reading Solo Touch since the Proaxis days but I have never felt able to post a story before but apparently the time has come!

I have been masturbating since I was a young teen-I remember trying to rub myself against the edge of the door of my parents sitting room while everyone was out one afternoon because I'd read the technique somewhere (in a medical book of my mum I think) and thought it might work for me. It didn't but in time I discovered fingers and then there was no stopping me. When I was younger I was strictly a clit girl-I loved rubbing myself there then and I still do, but as I've got older I've experimented more with thrusting fingers inside myself. Occasionally I will use other objects-cosmetic bottles etc and I love the feeling of being 'full up' down there but all the same I still have to rub my clit to make myself cum.

I'm bisexual and the fantasies that accompany my masturbation tend to relate to the stories I enjoy most on Solo Touch and this again has evolved as I have got older. When I first discovered the site I waa really into all the F/F stories-particularly ones where girls talked about touching their friends at a young age-there's something so sexy about the idea of girls discovering their sexuality through fingering and caressing one another-I was 18 or 19 before I got to try such things and I wish I could have done it younger-during a sleepover or something like that. The closest I got was rubbing myself under my duvet once while a group of my friends were talking about sex, which is pretty horny to think back on now but at the time I was too scared of them spotting me to really enjoy it.

My favourite kind of F/F story now are mum and daughter ones. I don't know why since I'd never want to do that with my mum but the idea of another mother giving her daughter lessons in how to pleasure herself is such a turn on.

The ultimate stories for me right now though (and the ones I scour the site for) are husband and wife ones written by males who have encouraged their wives to finger themselves while he watches. I think this is because I long to masturbate in front of someone but have never had the chance and if I did would be too shy to do so. I imagine myself in the role of the reluctant wife who pulls her hand away when her husband tries to encourage her to touch herself for him, but who eventually, after he guides her hand back between her legs and helps her start to frig herself, gets into it and does as he wishes as he encourages her-telling her how beautiful she looks as she jills herself and convincing her to thrust her fingers in and out of herself before telling her to make herself cum for him. The very idea gets me off everytime-even now I keep having to stop typing to touch myself. I'm so wet and the thought of both men and women playing with themselves as they read this is making me even hotter.

The hottest thing I can imagine is coming on Solo Touch and finding a story written for me by either a man or a woman detailing how they'd convince me to finger myself while they watched, what it would look like if I did it and how much it would turn them on... a pipe dream I guess but if anyone did want to I'd love it and it would no doubt prompt another post from me telling exactly what I did while I read it...

I live in hope.



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