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How We Seduced Each Other

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Jointly submitted story


To Solo Touch

This letter may be different than most you have received. It will be written by both a female and male. It is initiated by a girl, me named Laura, and about my common-law husband named Paul. It is the story of how we met, how I seduced and masturbated him and how he taught me to masturbate him.

Laura writes:

Paul is a professor at a large University. He teaches history in an interdisciplinary program. He works on projects profiling important public personalities from a range of walks of life for businesses, corporations, politics, etc from a historical, psychological, sociological, business, cultural, personal, corporate structure and other methods of analysis. It attempts to help the project clients predict the decisions of these important public personality. He knows a lot of people. I took a class from him when I was 24 and in a public relations program at the University and he was age 30. I could tell he had an eye for pretty girls by his style. He had roving eyes over girls breasts that he tried to be subtle with I could tell, he has a very outgoing personality, he was helpful sometimes trying too hard to be helpful to his students, and a way of assisting the girls more than the boys. When I went to his office he was informal and very slightly suggestive in his talk with me. Anyway he was funny, good looking, a great dresser and someone who piqued my interest, and I suspected a number of other girls too.

During the semester I had a little crisis that prevented me from getting some of my work done, and with a little trepidation I made an office appointment to discuss my class problems with him. My plan was to offer sex for grades if I could. We talked a bit and I asked him if there was anything I could do to a better grade and flashed a bit of leg by pushing my skirt slightly up my leg. Our eyes met and he got the drift and said he gave out the best grades for the best work and he would help me achieve that if I would meet him weekly for dinner, and that he never had 'a relationship' with any student until after the semester was over, and only then if the student still wanted. By the way, I now know, Paul is quite well off and if he lost his job or got into trouble over this, it would not affect him in that way. I readily agreed to meet him every Sunday night for the next weeks and that I would follow his direction to get a good grade in the course. I had never done this before and was feeling nervous as I was not that experienced with boys (or men).

Paul writes:

Laura attracted my eye the first day of class. She wore her clothes well and showed an attractive slim figure, pretty curves in the right places, and a very pretty brunette hairstyle in ponytail or just below her shoulders. Then I would have guessed she was about 5'6', 115 pounds, about 34b, and a flat tummy and slim hips with a round ass. She was very pretty. She seemed an eager student who wanted to do well. In our office meetings she explained she was in public relations and took the course to learn about analyzing people she may meet in the future of her work. In the past I had several girls approach me with flirting and outright offers of sex in exchange for grades. I have a personal policy of agreeing to this but only after I have helped her be the best student possible and only having sex after she has completed the class. Almost every girl has met me after the class because of the way I treated her. You will see how I treated all the girls by the way you hear Laura tells how I treated her. This will be how I got so many girls to be with me. Essentially when I met with the girls I would take them to dinner, buy some clothes for them, and tell them everything they needed to know with exact information so they would do well on the tests and essays. I would tell them though that I needed the tests and essays in there own handwriting to show they did well, and they did without fail.

Laura writes:

Paul took me to dinner and was a gentleman. He told me about the class and the details I needed to know. He said that he wanted to take me to the best restaurants in the city and that he wanted me to dress well and show off my grace and beauty. He talked to me as an intelligent woman. Paul is an excellent conversationalist and his roving eyes played to my interests in him. After two dinners I began to know I not only wanted to get a good grade to get into grad school but I was interested in him. He was the only son of wealthy parents now deceased and has a large home on two acres in the best part of the city. He was cultured in theatre, arts, music and of course current events being a history professor.

During our dinners Paul asked about my family, my interests, my personal experiences as a child and teenager. We went to the most elegant restaurants. Paul offered to purchase me the best clothes, dresses, skirts and tops for out dinners out. I developed about four outfits mostly form fitting dresses and sweater skirt combinations. He told me exactly what I needed to know to get the best grades. We had a great time and I began to be fond of him. One thing that Paul told mime about was that he was meeting two other previous students about once a month each, like friends with benefits, still buying them clothes. He told me this because he didn't want me to be surprised later and that he does not see himself being monogamous.

I began to fall for him, and I think at that time, he was falling for me. He told me I was different than the other girls. He still wasn't ready to have a sexual relationship with me till the end of the semester but after our dinners out we would go to his place and make out for hours. He kept his hands off me and made me keep my ands off him, even when I reached for the bulge in his pants, he would move my hand to his waist.

The big change took place in May after the semester ended and he was going to a conference for a week and invited me along. We both knew it was time to begin our new sex time in this relationship, and I hoped or knew it wasn't going to be the only time for my grades. The things I wondered about was what it would be like our first time and if this worked out the future and how his wandering with students would affect a long term relationship

Paul writes:

I took Laura to a conference in a southern state where it was warm and sunny for May.

Conferences for me are times to relax and like a vacation. It is time by the pool and nice restaurants, and a time to connect socially with my colleagues. It was for week so we didn't need to rush. We flew together and held hands and made conversation and eyes at each other. When we arrived at the hotel I had a reception to attend and I asked Laura if while attending with me I could introduce her as my girlfriend. We had a good time and my colleagues from other Universities liked her and accepted her. She has such a beautiful and intelligent way about her. After the afternoon reception I sent Laura out with cash to buy lingerie for herself (and me too).

Laura writes:

I didn't find exactly what I wanted the first day and planned t go looking the next day while Paul attended some meetings. Our first night sharing a bed was sleeping spoon style with my breasts cupped in his hand and his other hand on my pantie clad hip.

The next day I found a good shop and I returned with a number of types of lingerie but chose a matching bra and pantie set with a matching over-up. After the day and dinner we showered separately and readied for bed. My pussy was so wet with anticipation that had been building for weeks. He came out of the both with set of boxers on and I stood before him in my pink lingerie. We kissed, lay on the bed and let our hands run over each other. His touch on my bra and then under it was electric as my nipples hardened and my panties leaked. His boxers tented up and I stroked my hand over his cock, up and down several times. His lick on my nipples was fantastic and he worked his way over my neck, my nipples, my tummy and on my thighs. He rubbed his hair over my panties and over my clit with strong pushing and circular motions. This was new and so erotic I thought I would blow. He kissed the inside of my thighs and massaged my pussy mound over my panties.

Paul said now was the time and that he wanted us to jointly masturbate. He positioned me on my back over a number of pillows and a pillow under my head. My legs extended around his waist and my head away from him, so he could work his hands on my nipples, my tummy, my pussy and my ass. He could move my legs over his shoulders and then spread-eagled around his waist as he chose. Paul was ready because he had some special oil ready and he covered his fingers and my tummy and pussy with warm oil. Paul slid his hands under the strap of my panties and pulled them down as I raised my ass to let them down. At last my nicely trimmed hairy pussy in is gaze. My pussy dripped as his fingers rubbed over my outer lips, over my clit and into my pussy. He also scooted his cock down and rubbed the tip of his cock over my clit. Paul produced a toy (later I learned it was a butt plug). It had a small knob on the end of a small handle and it looked like a large baby sucker to me. This was all so new to me and I was so aroused I couldn't have resisted anything. As Paul rubbed my g-spot he also put oil on the plug and slipped it into my ass. So now he had his fingers in my pussy, his cock rubbing my clit, another hand moving the plug and also over my nipples. It was too much to take and I exploded in my first orgasm of this intensity, ever, and it went on so long I couldn't take it screaming in delight.

Paul writes:

My favorite activity is mutual masturbation and I have learned some skills with my previous students but Laura was the best. After she came and relaxed I positioned myself similar to her pussy time. I lay on the pillows, a pillow under my head with Laura sitting against the headboard. My cock was right in her tummy area and face area and my legs rested around her waist or on her shoulders or heels on the headboard. I love being so exposed especially to a willing student girl that I was falling for.

I got the lube out, a new butt plug and showed Laura how to stroke me, rub her hands up and down the crease of my balls and leg, and rub under my ball sack. I sowed her how to old and move my balls. She had two hands to rub my cock thumbs under my shaft. I showed her how to move the butt plug for maximum prostate stimulation. I took about 15 minutes since I can choose my orgasms. I let Laura practice as much as she wanted because this was all new to her. She squealed in delight, which made me very happy because a girl who likes to watch me shoot is very good. Laura is flexible enough to bend her body down and rub her nipples over my ccok and I could move my hands over the shape of her breasts. At the end I showed Laura how to stroke quickly up and down my cock and I blew several times over her breasts, shoulder and down her tummy. She exclaimed approval for the jjzz that spurted out, saying 'wow' and 'good boy' and several other similar things. Then Laura rubbed my jizz over her nipples and tummy.

During the week we did this several times after enjoying dinners out and morning exercise time.

Laura writes:

My next story will be about how we continued our relationship and how it involved another student from the University



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