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How We Met Coming

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When I first became intimate with Jerod it had started out as a simple ride home from work. While he drove, we started to talk about whom we had been seeing recently. He had moved from a city far away and had just ended a relationship. I was in the course of ending one with an abusive and demanding man. I was totally enjoying the non judgmental conversation with Jerod. We came to stop outside of my apartment on the side of a quiet residential street. We lost track of time in conversation.

I had described how my soon to be ex-boyfriend (whom I was afraid might be home) demanded sex, often in public places. He would insist that I go out pantiless in order to finger me in restaurants or would wait until we were in deserted places (with little foreplay) to lift my skirt and fuck me or compel me to orally satisfy him.

Jerod was a fascinated listener, totally agreeing that my boyfriend was crude and undeserving of my continued affection and loyalty. I said that I was working up the courage to move out, though I had to admit that I had initially found the sex exciting and that I still enjoyed going without panties!! My skirt had slid up my legs when I had turned in the seat so I gave him a playful flash of my cleanly waxed labia. I could feel myself getting wet with this gentle man who smiled and coughed in surprised embarrassment.

I kept talking as though nothing had happened and Jerod remained oh so composed. It was then that I realized that he had his hand along the ridge in his pants trying to conceal a massive hard on. Without thinking I reverted to my conduct with my ex-boyfriend who had made it my duty to relieve him in all such circumstances, no matter where we were.

Without breaking conversation I reached over to Jerod and removed his hands. I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. He stopped talking and gasped as I grabbed his rigid cock and began to pump it with one hand while holding his balls with the other. I kept talking about how my ex-boyfriend had reached up my thighs and had fingered my pussy under the table in restaurants and how I had tried not to be too obvious to others when I became red faced and came, with oblivious people around us. On one occasion I had become so wet that I had to shove my napkin between my legs and into my crevice just to keep from soaking my skirt and to keep leaking and dripping all over the chair and the floor.

Jerod gasped and I felt his cock twitch, which was quite something for what felt like a rigid iron rod. His penis head oozed pre-cum and me said the he was about to come. I looked around for a tissue or cloth but found none. I hadn't thought about this and he was about to come on his nice suit, so I lowered my head and licked the underside of his penis head with my tongue while covering the top of his penis with my upper lip. He groaned loudly and forceful burst after forceful burst of salty jism erupted from his cock .

As some dribbled down his cock I moved my mouth ever so slightly to catch it and a burst hit the front of my face, eyes and went up my nose. Jerod finished coming, raised my chin and removed the cum from my face and kissed me ever so gently.

He reached down to my crotch as I opened my legs and he found my soaking labia lips with his fingers. He delicately stroked them and then slowly inserted his fingers into me while he very gently caressed my clit hood with his thumb and kissed me. I never knew such soft and deliberate gentleness. Soon with knees far apart, I was gasping, heaving and coming with a loud scream of a stupendous orgasm!!! I hugged him passionately for a long time following that with his fingers still inside of me. I knew I'd be with him for a long time after that.



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