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How We Began Stroking Each Other

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For five years, my buddy and I regularly got together to masturbate and stroke each other....


In my senior year of college, a buddy and I started jacking together. We'd known each other for a long time, and liked to look at erotic pictures and talk about chicks together. And we liked to go to clubs and get horny, and even talked about how we'd jack really good that night, but always at our own places. Sometimes I'd imagine him jacking and that got me really horny.

More and more I wanted to jack with him, but I was scared to ask him. Then it just happened. He was a photographer and had many books and magazines. There was one with very beautiful pictures of cocks, extremely erotic. I knew his cock was beautiful, I'd see it, very even and full, with nice round balls, and a perfect ring of hair around his loins. I wanted to see it again!!!!!

I don't know what I said, but soon we were pulling down our pants. He said he had wanted to do this for a long time, too. We jacked watching each other, and came at the same time. That was a Friday night. On the weekend, he took pictures of me naked. At first I was nervous, we both were, but then relaxed. I got a hard on, and he took lots of very erotic pictures.

Then, my arms were up over a bed frame, and he didn't want me to move, but he wanted me very hard. He reached in and stroked me. WOW~!! That felt so good. I was afraid to let on how much I wanted that. After we finished shooting, I asked if he liked stroking me. He said he did, and I asked if he would take me to orgasm. I sat on the sofa, and he sat next to me stroked me. I loved surrendering to his hand, and he thrilled me so much, and for a long time! It was wonderful.

After that, when we got together, we always jacked off together, and most of the time we stroked each other. Even after dates we would text message each other and get together and jack off, whether or not we had had sex already. Sometimes I smelled his girlfriend's juices on his crotch.

It was super hot, but there was one thing missing. I had started wearing my girlfriend's lingerie when I masturbated alone. It gets me totally hot. When Dan and I would strip and masturbate, sometimes I'd imagine I was wearing Lisa's bra and panties. I would ask him to rub me with my shorts on, too, and imagine they were her panties. I was afraid to tell Dan my fantasies, though.

Then one day his girlfriend left some of her lingerie in his bedroom, and we were looking at it. I was so hot I was shaking. I just put it on., while Dan watched speechless, and stood there, in her bra and panties. 'Lie down,' he said.

I lay on the bed, and Dan lay next to me and stroked me inside the panties. I was so excited and really close to cumming. Dan held me off, and rolled over me, rubbing his cock against my cock in his girlfriend's panties. I spread my legs and wrapped them around him, and he began to dry-hump me. In a moment we both came, big time, and his girlfriends panties were soaked with both of our cum!

After that, Dan kept panties and a bra at his place, and when he asked me, I was more than willing to wear them. Sometimes he'd tell me to wear them under my clothes and we'd go out, to a club, or movie, or to eat. When we went back to his place, we were both REALLY horny. Sometimes he couldn't wait and we would jack each other in his car.. We'd get inside and couldn't wait to rub our cocks together until we came.

We masturbated each other and together regularly, even after Dan was married, until he moved away. It was very special, tender and erotic, to hold and enjoy each other's cocks, and to give our bodies to each other's pleasure.



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