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How Our Future Began

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Interested in a long term relationship? Learn a lesson or two from the stories of an older guy.


How our future began

From the time my fiancé, soon to be my SECOND wife, admitted she enjoying masturbating whenever she was in the mood, was a member of a porn video club and convinced me to watch one with her we learned to enjoy masturbating together. I was a bit shy at first but that quickly changed. It did take a bit of coaxing on her part but she didn't mind being the aggressor. For the first time I had found someone who almost wore me out making love. She told me her first husband starved her for sex and she had never imagined she would find someone as interested in sex, watching porn and masturbation as she was. I was intrigued when she told me she wanted to watch me masturbate and wanted us to do it together so she could see how I liked to masturbate and watch my shoot my cum so she could learn to do it for me. She did the same for me.

She told me from the first time she watched a video and saw cum shoot off she was fascinated and loved to see it in person. Before she met me she said when she masturbated she would reverse the video to see cum shoot off almost continually until she learned to time it so she could cum as soon as she saw the first cum shot shoot out.

She liked to watch her favorite scenes over and over and said it was so intense when she had an explosive climax watching someone else climax as they shot their cum.

The first time I was a little less shy around her and she really had me aroused was when she had changed into a sexy short silk robe we were lying on the bed kissing and caressing and she let it fall open and I saw one of her lovely firm augmented 36D tits. They didn't sag but pointed straight up when she was on her back but still soft to the touch. She said her nipples were usually always hard and dimpled when she was aroused and very visible when she didn't have on a bra, which was routine when she was home alone.

As soon as I saw her breast I completely lost my shyness and my dick was immediately hard. I realized she purposely exposed her lovely breast so I gently cupped it in my hand and slowly kissed and licked it and ran my tongue around the quarter size nipple and began to gently suck. That gave her an immediate quiver and she surprised me when she asked, 'Why don't we take a shower'?

Talk about turning me on. That was something my first wife refused to do with me and now this beautiful lady was doing the asking! It took a minute or two to for her to convince me she was serious and when I said OK I had an idea I had met my potential next wife.

She said her first husband would never shower or masturbate with her. My experience was the same with me first wife. We were both obviously shaking a bit in anticipation on the way to the shower. We didn't touch each other while bathing and I wasn't really hard as I was not used to seeing a totally nude live female eager to make love. I kept asking myself, 'Is this really happening to me? How can I be so lucky?'

We only watched each other as we soaped up and rinsed off.

We dried each other off and walked back to the bedroom, me with only a towel wrapped around me and her in her sexy short silk rode. Those quickly came off as we cuddled together and began to caress and explore each others body. Neither of us was in a hurry to make love for the first time but it was only a few minutes before I was back to her beasts and nipples as I began massage them as she slowly and gently stroked my dick which was hard and throbbing by then. I would probably have cum with only a few stokes if I had been doing it but she wanted this to last a while.

Up to now we had already had phone sex a time or two so what came next was natural.

You'll never guess who initiated the phone sex.........SHE DID!

I began to slowly move down to explore and gently massage her pussy while she caressed my throbbing dick which was ready to cum on the spot but fortunately I was able to keep my cool and we went on for about 30 minutes. I had a close up look at her fantastic clean shaven pussy, stroking it ever so gently until we were ready for some serious love making. She also moved down and did the same with my dick and we eventually had unbelievable almost simultaneous climaxes.

I know you would be aroused to have get off reading all we eventually ended up doing that night but unfortunately, other than masturbation and intercourse, the best part isn't allowed on Solo Touch but after we both had been without a partner to share our emotions for about ten years it was awesome beyond description.

Did we get married? Certainly and lived extremely happy making up for lost time and enjoying many more almost daily episodes of amazing love, masturbation, oral sex and intercourse as soul mates. Nothing was ever secretive from that time on. When did we enjoy making love? Whenever one of us was in the mood!

Most times imagination and honest open discussion about your fantasies and what you would like to do might be a real turn for your partner. Otherwise, how are you going to learn about each others desires?

You may never know what your partner might like to do until you discuss it!!! As the saying goes, 'Ask and you shall receive'.

Contrary to what you may have heard, marriage is not 50/50, it is two people giving 100/100 all the time and enjoyable sex should be one third of the relationship.

The moral of my story is.....before you consider a long term relationship it's best to openly discuss your sexuality. An old saying states..... When the lust is gone and no love remains, the relationship is usually over.



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