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How My Panty Fetish All Started

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When I was about 14 I used to go over my friends house. He had a hot mom who was in her early to mid 30's at the time. I was immediately attracted to her, she was a sexy latina with a hot body..

She was always out during the daytime because of work and me and my friend would hang out a lot at his house after school.

One day when I used his bathroom I noticed a huge hamper and out of curiosity just opened it.. Instantly I saw a pair of her panties and instantly I was curious and hard..

I began to examine it and looked at the crotch part where there was some stain. I also put her panties to my face to take a sniff and the aroma was so nice (smelled like her, her perfume and that worn pussy smell).

As I dug deeper there were variety of panties. A couple of days later I went back to the bathroom while my friend was playing video games, I complained about a stomach ache and snooped around. I couldn't believe how many panties she had, there was so many in the hamper because she was busy working and must have done the wash only on Saturdays.

I finally grabbed a sexy purple stinky one and wrapped aroud my dick and started pumping. I grabbed another one and started sniffing on it and licking it. It didn't take long before I had one of the biggest orgasms and spunked all over the purple pair.

There was cum all over it and I wiped my cock off with the other pair..

This went on for a while and I would cum on her panties so much that she had to know something was up. My friend never would say anything I don't know if he even knew but after a while I would notice a change where his mom would dress a little sexier around when I was over (Little tight shorts..)

She would even leave some sexy crusty pairs on top of the hamper. One night I slept over and we were watching playboy in my friends room late into the night and she yelled 'you guys better not watch that porn.' After my friend fell asleep I went into the bathroom and started to jerk off into a nice pair and wanted to go into her room and show her what I've been doing.. That thought made me bust a nut so hard...

Those were the memories how I got my panty fetish started, and it went on for another year or two before they moved..



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