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How Much, How Far: Much Further

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This is in response to the story entitled How Much and How Far.


After reading how author PC doubts that men can shoot their load across a room or hit the ceiling, I decided to share my experience to help convince her it is possible. You don't have to believe me but I am simply stating what happened. There is no point in me lying or exaggerating as I have nothing to gain from that.

To start with, I don't have a humungous dick. It's about 5in long and six on a good day and around 5in in circumference. To me it looks big but when compared to porn stars, it looks tiny! I use it as a standard for myself, anything smaller than that is small for me and anything above that is big. Whether that matters or not!

PC is right when saying that these extreme cumshots could be possible from a teenager. Most of my far shots occurred when I was a teenager. However, that doesn't mean older men can't produce that from time to time or even have a few exceptional ones who always produce them. Here are some of my teenage experiences.

At that age, I use to masturbate everyday, often several times a day and rarely missed a day. I frequently masturbated to porn movies and my sperm would shoot a metre or so forward. I only remember an occasion when it went several metres across the room. It was a bit like one of these American Pie movies where the guy hit his grandmother in the chest with his cum, except obviously that mine didn't fly horizontally like his. Well, that's not to say there were not other occasions like this but I simply don't remember them so I am not going to guess or assume. But that one time, my session was prolonged, I had a good porn movie to stimulate me and I do remember being impressed with the distance.

Another time in front of yet another porn movie, I was standing while having my orgasm. My penis was pointing up and when I came, I saw my cum reach the ceiling. On a few other occasions, it went backwards in an arc over my shoulder while I was standing with hips thrust forward and my curved penis pointing up.

I also used to masturbate often in my bed before sleeping. At this young age, my cum would easily reach my shoulders in this position and a few times landed near my head. Thankfully, it never hit me in the face, although I never tried to aim it anywhere. Most of the time, the cum would land high up on my chest. Nowadays, reaching my chest would be an exploit. It usually just dribbles and falls vertically down, no matter how intense my orgasm and my wife sure knows how to give a good ball-emptying handjob!!

Once I had four orgasms in a row without any break between masturbation sessions and did ejaculate a few spurts every time, not just a dribble. I could have gone on after the fourth time but I thought something was broken inside me for ejaculating ever time! I donâ......t think I produced an exceptional volume that time, just that I managed to spurtt out something, instead of just dribbling. Usually, when I had a second orgasm I would dribble like most men and on the third in the same day, produces a drop or so of sperm.

All these cum shots all over the place occurred during my teenage years from around 13 to 16 or 17, with one exception only.

I had a tight foreskin and must have been around 21 when I managed to pull it back for the first time with an erection, then masturbate with the foreskin kept behind the glans and ejaculate as well because usually during orgasm, my penis swells up a little more and would stretch my foreskin too much. Well, on that occasion, I remember rubbing my glans with baby oil directly with no foreskin in the way. The sensation was very intense and when my orgasm hit me, sperm exploded so hard and so fast, it went out like a missile and I barely had time to see it. It must have been one of my most powerful orgasms ever. I was masturbating standing near the end of the bath tub, outside it and the cum hit the wall at the other end. If the wall wasn't there, it would have gone much further, but who knows how far...

I just remembered another event when I was in my mid-twenties. I got a masseuse to visit me at home. I was naked during the massage and hoping for a happy ending but the masseuse did not do that although I asked twice. I had blue balls by the end of the session and decided to go to a massage parlour I knew from experience would give me a release. Once there, I told the woman not to bother with massaging my body but just to go for my penis but she said no, all in due time, so I had to wait until she reached my penis which by then was desperate for release. She then started with hot oil on it and it was amazing but my balls were still aching. She grabbed my penis with her two hands joined together as if she was praying and rubbed me to orgasm. When I ejaculated, my cum went flying to her hair and elsewhere. I don't remember where, only that I managed to reach her hair and she wasn't even leaning close to me. It wasnâ......t an exceptional distance but a first for me, especially at that age. She wasn't upset at all. I gave her a good tip and left with my balls feeling much lighter.

Nowadays, apart from this experience, things are much more different. I am close to 30 and just shoot a few cm, even during prolonged sessions. I was pleased to find out that when I pull out during sex to finish by masturbating to ejaculation outside, my cum usually goes flying onto the lower back of my woman, maybe a distance of 30 cm.

In terms of volume, I don't think I produce a lot. I never accurately measured, and it's not as easy as judging the distance. Again, when I just hit puberty and started to jerk a lot, I used to produce around 10 spurts usually on every orgasm, even hitting 12 and 14 once or twice. I think that was only during my first year of masturbation. However, I don't know what the total volume was as often, each contraction would produce a small amount of sperm getting smaller every time. Come the eighth or 10th spurt, the volume was very small. Nowadays I don't count but it certainly doesn't reach 10 spurts or ropes of cum as some like to put it. I just release all of my volume early on.

The size of the penis has nothing to do with how far you shoot. It's rather how prolonged your session is. To be fair, I don't have as much free time on my hand (no pun) nowadays as when I was a teenager. So my sessions are not prolonged and anyway, I feel the urge to cum very early now. So maybe that's why I don't shoot as far.

So there you go. I hit the ceiling with my cum, shot it a few metres across the room, hit the wall with it like a missile, reached over my shoulders while standing and lying in bed, frequently had it land on my chest and sprayed a masseuse's hair. But all this is absolutely true without any embellishment at all. Exaggerating any would be too easy. As I pointed out, I was a teenager then and now although still not yet 30, I'm left mostly with a dribble.



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