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How Masturbation Ruined My Life

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Every thing is true.


When I was a younger man, masturbation was my life. I did it everywhere and whenever I could. It was an addiction. But all that is over now, that night in the shed put a stop to my favorite thing in the world.

It was a little cold that night, but I had a coat on so I really didn't mind. I live on a farm and back behind my house is a medium sized shed. The family really didn't use it anymore except for some light storage, so I made it my 'fortress of solitude.' There was power out there so I brought out a television, VCR, a few chairs and even a space heater for those really cold nights.

At the age of 19, everything went down hill. It was a cold night that night, but the winds were still and everything was dead quiet. I'm not sure what time it was, but it was late and I had been sitting out there watching a movie.

Before I went in for the night, I had gotten the 'urge'. Everyone knows that urge, the one that calls to you and must be answered at all cost. So I had popped in a porno that I had hidden out in the shed and I got work.

Things were going as good as they normally do when you're doing what I was doing. As I said before though, it had been a cold night, so I had the space heater going. So when I was getting closer and closer to my climax, my body naturally started to lean closer to the space heater. Before long, I was on my knees directly over it.

I knew that I needed a place to cum. Luckily there was an old towel not too far from reaching distance. I've used this towel as a cum rag before, but it had many uses in that shed, and it had become greasy and oily.

Well the moment came, and I brought the towel up to the head of my penis as my body clinched and tightened. My cum shot into the top of the towel as the rest of it hung down onto the space heater. The towel only took a few seconds before it had caught on fire.

The pain was agonizing as the fire swept almost instantly over my genitalia. I could smell the flesh burning. My parents and my two little sisters woke up to my screaming. By that time, I had thrown the towel off me, but all that did was catch the shed on fire also. I blacked out soon after that.

I woke up in the hospital, my penis suffered extensive third degree burns. To this day I can't look at what's left of it without feeling very sad. I no longer have the ability to produce semen, and even if I could, what's left of my penis just doesn't work. I am merely a shadow of the man I use to be.



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