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How It Started for Me

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On a camping trip, Mike and I shared a tent alone. During the night, Mike asked me if wanted to play 'Playboy Club.' When I asked what he meant, he said that we could put our sleeping bags together and pretend each of us was a girl. We arranged our sleeping bags and started kissing. We were in our underwear and soon Mike was reaching into my briefs feeling my cock, which of course was hard. I reached into his briefs and felt his hard cock. Shortly we were both naked and passionately kissing. I pretended Mike was a girl I liked in school. I had yet to have my first orgasm so I had no idea where this could lead. We heard one of the leaders making his rounds so Mike and I quickly separated and got back under our own sleeping bags. We didn't continue.

The next week Mike asked me if I wanted to come over to his house after school and look at Playboys. Mike had a collection of both Playboy and Penthouse Magazines. Back then, Penthouse was starting to show pubic hair and Playboy was not showing any. While we were looking at the magazines, Mike said that he could make his body look like a girl's and asked if I was interested in seeing him. I agreed and Mike took off his shirt. He told me to close my eyes, touch his nipples, and imagine I was touching a girl's nipples. His nipples responded by getting hard. Then Mike asked me to remove my shirt. His fingers on my nipples felt amazing.

Then Mike stood up and with his back to me, dropped his pants. Looking at his naked ass, he asked me if it looked like a girls. I had to agree with him. Mike finished taking off his clothes and laid down on the bed. However he took his cock and balls and stuffed them between his thighs as he held his legs together. Only his pubic hair was showing. Mike asked me if it looked like a girl's pussy and I again had to agree with him.

Mike then asked if he could see my 'pussy.' I took off the rest of my clothes, and laid down on the bed with my cock and balls stuffed behind my thighs. Mike then asked if he could 'feel my pussy.' I agreed and he started to rub my pubic hair. With a slight movement, my cock and balls 'sprang free.' Mike grabbed my cock and started to stroke me. He told me to close my eyes and pretend that he was a girl doing this to me. I closed my eyes and Mike kissed me as he stroked my cock. In my mind I imagined that this was a girl I liked doing this to me. Soon I was having my first orgasm. I remember looking at all the cum, and thinking how our sex-ed classes now made sense.

Mike then said it was his turn. He lay down and I stroked his cock to an orgasm as I kissed him. I enjoyed the way his cock felt in my hand and the way his body tensed when he came.

Mike was an only child with parents that both worked. When summer arrived, Mike and I spent a lot of time together naked and making each other cum. It never occurred to us to try oral or any penetration. However, we often rubbed our cocks together until we came. Later I found out the term for this was frotting. Mike also told me that he had an older cousin that first introduced him to 'jacking off.' As summer was ending, high school football was starting, and Mike and I were going to different schools. We never stayed in touch during high school.

Life moved on. I had a few girlfriends in high school that gave me hand jobs. During college, I got my first blow-job and was laid for the first time. I graduated, dated some woman, and had good and bad sex, but only with women. I eventually got married, had a family, and never gave much thought to my past relationship with Mike. I also had a few affairs, but only with women. As my sex life with my wife declined, I started looking at internet porn and masturbating more. I also started to look at gay-porn.

My wife and I went to one of my grade school's reunions. At the reunion was Mike who I had not seen for almost 40 years. He lived out of town and was with his wife. We all sat at the same table and everyone got along. Later Mike and I were talking alone. He told me that he and his wife were into swinging and wanted to know if my wife and I would be interested. I told Mike that there was no way my wife would ever participate in something like this. Mike then suggested that I could get together with him and his wife for a threesome. We exchanged cell phone numbers.

The next day I told my wife that some of the guys were getting together to talk about old times. I went to Mike's hotel. When I entered the room, Mike embraced me and we started to kiss. I did not resist and soon he was rubbing my crotch through my pants. I looked over at Mike's wife as she watched us. Mike and I moved to the bed and started to undress each other. I again looked over at Mike's wife and she was sitting on the couch and also undressing.

The last time I touched a cock was Mike's some 40 years ago. His sure felt different from mine. He was a little thicker and a little longer. His head was more mushroom shaped. I asked Mike if he could make himself 'look like a girl.' We both had a good laugh as we demonstrated this for his wife. By now, his wife was also naked in bed with us. The three of us were all naked and touching and kissing wherever we wanted to. Mike's wife told us that this was all about Mike and me pleasing each other and she wanted to watch. When our orgasms were approaching I ended up cumming in Mike's mouth while he stroked me. I finished off Mike just by hand.

When we parted ways, they suggested that I come visit them in their city. I have yet to visit them though now when I travel for business, I look for male companionship. It is much easier finding another man to have fun with thAn a female.



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