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How It Started (2)

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After breakfast, we packed the car and left. Things seemed a little different, but I can't explain how. Mom (my step-mom) looked different to me. I don't think I'd ever noticed how beautiful she was. Several times during the day, I thought about her touching me and these thoughts brought a quick flush of heat and pleasure. I thought about mentioning it to her, but didn't dare.

We played the alphabet game a little, but it wasn't as much fun. I remember that we went to some public gardens. We wandered around, soaking in the the warmth and beauty that surrounded us. We didn't talk much. It didn't seem necessary. We just let the wonderful feelings flow over us. I loved being near her.

We didn't stop for the night until quite late. We got the same kind of room with huge beds. I brought our things in and went to bed. I watched TV while Mom was getting ready, but there was nothing good on. Mostly, I thought about the night before.

When Mom got in bed, I gave her the clicker. She watched the news for a while. When she finally turned the TV off, I gathered my nerve and asked if I could come over to her bed. She said, 'OK'

She was lying on her side, so I had to lay down on her arm. When I did, she hugged me a little bit. Since I was on my side, too, I put my upper arm over her. Her body seemed so warm and so soft. She put her free hand behind my head while she kissed my forehead, then stroked my arm and my side.

I'm not sure when I first realised it, but I had an erection. As Mom stroked my side and my hip, it touched her arm. She didn't seem to mind. She moved her hand down, stroked me for a moment, then freed me, so I stood out.

Her touch was so gentle, it was almost as if she wasn't even touching me. Slowly, she stroked me and rubbed the head gently against her leg. It felt wonderful. I wanted it to last forever, but pretty soon I erupted on her leg. Like last night, Mom held me tight and kissed my forehead, and I fell asleep.

I had another dream. This time, I was in a warm cradle, and Mom was rocking the cradle and humming to me. The dream changed, though, and the cradle started rocking very fast and Mom was running to save me. I could hear her panting as she ran, calling me.

When I woke up in the morning, Mom was lying there, watching TV. I knew I had an erection, so I didn't want to get up. I just lay there, dozing, and stroking Mom's forearm. At some point, I must have moved a little bit because my erection touched the back of her fingers. She turned her hand, and slowly ran her fingertips back and forth from the base to the head. I put my free hand on her stomach and she raised it to her breast where my fingers cuddled her soft flesh.

Soon, I felt the nipple through her silky nightgown. It was magically firm as I stroked it to the rhythm of her fingers. She fondled the head and rubbed it against her body. I could feel the bubbling starting to happen and I think I whimpered a little bit as Mom crushed me against her and my juices spurted all over her stomach.



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