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How It All Began for Me

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It's been a wonderful ride for me. I hope it never stops until I'm gone!


First a little about me. I'm a 69 year old widower and have masturbated regularly since I was 13 and also had sex with my wife (and also masturbated on the side) until she had a hysterectomy and sex became too painful for her. The very first thing of a sexual nature happened when my older brother, a friend of his and I took turns peeping through the keyhole watching our mother take a bath. I was amazed at the fact that she had pubic hair (a dark triangle of hair on her personal area, I didn't know then that women or men for that matter grew hair down there) and although I didn't realize it at the time that was my first look at a naked woman. This happened a couple of times till our mom got wise to our shenanigans and stuffed the keyhole with tissues. At that age I didn't even think of it as a sexual thing, just something kind of naughty.

There was one other time a year or so later when just my brother, his friend and I were home when sex and girls came up and then his friend began to masturbate in front of us. I was kind of fascinated by his very pale white dick with a lot of blue veins and to me it seemed pretty large as I watched him stroke it. I don't think he stroked till he ejaculated but don't remember for sure.

By this time I knew all about girls (ha!) and had talked about jerking off with the guys in school but still hadn't really experienced masturbation or anything hotter than a quick peek down a girls blouse at her bra covered tits although I did cop a feel of a girls tits one night when a bunch of us guys were teasing her outside her house. A couple of the guys dared me to so I snuck up behind her and reached around with both hands and cupped a breast in each hand and squeezed lightly. She chased me around a little bit till the other guys started teasing her again so she dropped it.

One day I was on my way home after shop class and my jeans must have been rubbing my dick and it got harder and much bigger than it had ever gotten before. As soon as I got home I went into the bathroom and when I pulled my pants down I was amazed at how big it had gotten. (Eventually in life it reached seven inches long and five inches around. Later in life when I gained some weight it was down to six inches due to the fat pad at the base.) I remembered watching my brother's friend stroke his dick and began stroking mine like he had. It felt so good I couldn't believe it! From conversations with the guys at school I knew if I kept jacking it I would cum but I had absolutely no idea how good cumming would feel. I continued stroking it until I got that tightness and tingling sensation at the base of my dick and when it erupted, rope after rope of hot white cum shot out of me about three or more feet and with a force like nothing I had ever felt before. I was in heaven and my knees went weak. I was hooked immediately! I wanted more.

The next day I repeated the session only this time I took one of my older sisters bras out of the clothes hamper and when I was ready to cum I shot my load into the cups of her bra and then put it back in the hamper. Since those earliest days I have masturbated nearly every day (sometimes two or three times and occasionally even more. My record was six or seven times in one day) although I've slowed down considerably over the last few years. Now I only jerkoff once a week or less because, although it still feels great to cum, I now only sort of ooze cum out instead of shooting hard, especially if I jerk off more often than that and I really like to shoot it out of my dick which I still do if I jack off less often.

My current girlfriend and I have sex infrequently but occasionally masturbate together instead of sex and she lets me cum on her pussy when we do.



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