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How I Would Do It for You (Part Two)

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Following on from the other day.. again, my thanks to Deebee and Ben for providing the inspiration to explore my own fantasies of doing this with someone.


I'm not sure what I was expecting you to do with my panties exactly. I'm finding it hard to pretend that I'm here in my room on my own, or at least, that I'm not bothered about you being here, watching me. The truth is, I want you here and I want you to get excited, for you to want me. The agreement is that I'm supposed to be showing you what I do alone but how is it possible to go about an honest solo experience when you're deeply attracted to the other person in the room and want to seduce them? Are you aware of this? You must be.

I'm thinking all this while still looking at myself, naked, in the mirror. My hands are lightly tracing circles around my tummy and breasts. You sense something about my mood and say:

'You look so sexy and beautiful.'

I turn around to hug the wall and look at my rear view. I stroke my lower back and moving down with my hands, gently squeeze my ass. My ass and legs are probably my best feature (according to boyfriends) so I allow you a good view. I casually bend over to pick up my clothes on the floor. I know I am trying to fill you with lust. Who am I kidding?

I throw my clothes down on the armchair and come and sit in front of you on the bed. You are at the end with the pillows and I sit in front of you at the other end and put one foot either side of you so you're between my legs. I gesture to you and you pass me a pillow and I place it under my head. I'm actually not feeling at all self-conscious anymore, that is suddenly gone.

I went to stage school as a kid and acted for about eight years before becoming a reiki therapist. I was suddenly reminded of the feeling of being on stage. It always took me about ten minutes to acclimatize to my audience and the same is true now. It's also why I can't pretend that you're not here. I like to have an audience and I partly need one I think to share myself with. It's just the way I'm made. I used to feel it was like unzipping and stepping out from my protective cloak .. being on stage...once it was off I would offer my entire body, heart and soul up to the people watching...I would keep nothing, no emotion, no feeling for myself... it was a simple offering to those hungry and in need of whatever it was they had to come to the theatre for....laughter, sexual thrill, comfort, understanding, escape, emotional catharsis.... They were paying and I was the whore. I liked it.

My fingers are lightly caressing my inner thighs now whilst these thoughts are drifting through my head. I am looking at you surreptitiously; your eyes are fixed on my vagina. I know how hungry you are for my body and it makes me smile and feel good. You put your leg down and I see your beautiful erection pop up. 'Oh', I cry out at the sight of it, hard and smooth. My juices which were ebbing are suddenly flowing again at the sight of your delicious penis. I lightly start to stroke my inner lips and ever so gently flick my clitoris. I'm hoping you will start to stroke your cock, to straddle over and come over my tummy and breasts but I know that's not part of the agreement and that you won't. I wriggle up slightly closer towards you and bend my legs up opening my pussy up further. My legs brush yours and a jolt goes through me. I expect you to move away but you don't.

The proximity of you, knowing you're erect, knowing what a turn on this must be for you, knowing how beautiful you find me, knowing how much you crave women and have openly told me so gives me confidence. My whole pelvic area is filled with power and heat. My fingers get faster and my vagina starts to quiver...I'm coming... I start to grind into my palm, my hips bucking off the bed and I flick my clitoris the way a tongue does. The orgasm suddenly takes over flashes through me, my legs shake and I squeeze my hand between my hands.

I release my hand and sigh falling back onto the crown of my head, letting my hands fall to the side, arching my back and offering my breasts to you. My eyes are closed and there is a smile on my lips. You ask me what I was thinking about as I came.

'I was thinking about you... you going down on me, you fucking me' I reply. I almost want to laugh. It seems ludicrous that I am here with my legs open, the scent of my sex flooding him openly admitting to fantasizing about his tongue and his cock pleasuring me. It's the most erotic thing I've ever done. I'm not sure who was being teased more, him or me?



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