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How I Would Do It for You

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Thanks to Deebee and Ben for starting this awesome series. It's just the kind of thing I've wanted to write about... thanks! I look forward to reading more of what you have to say too!!


After we hug, I leave you in the bedroom to undress and wait for me naked on the bed where we have agreed that you will remain for the session. I go in to my bathroom and close the door to collect myself for what is about to take place. The soft green walls put their arms round me and, I feel again, held and supported. I repeat to myself... I am safe and loved and respected. I imagine that I am on a beach for a second with the sun's rays shining down on me and I remember that I am a thing of life and love and beauty.

I open my eyes and spend a few moments combing my hair and putting a little perfume on my neck and breasts. When I no longer hear anything from the bedroom, I open the door and see that you have settled yourself on my bed quite comfortably. You look sexy propped up on my pillows, framed in white but ... that is not why you are here and I turn my attention back to myself.

I step out into the room. I am aware of my feet padding on the carpet, the looseness of my hips as I walk about in front of you. My body feels charged and ready to spring.

I take an in-breath and walk over to where my large, silver-framed mirror is hanging on the wall and stop. I see my reflection in it. I breathe in again and approach it tentatively. I'm standing so close to it. I lean in so my breath is misting up the mirror and look into my eyes. Their softness and understanding feels me with relief. It is so inviting and I want to suddenly plunge into that pool of green. I'm looking at myself longingly. I rest my forehead on the mirror for a moment. My hands go up to either side of my head resting there. I give myself a slow, sensual kiss and press my body up against the mirror. The fire is starting to ignite.

Smiling I back away to the wall opposite and stand there looking at myself. I lean back against the wall, my hips slightly forward, my feet hip distance apart. I run my hands through my hair, tousling it, letting the long dark layers fall all over my face. I massage my scalp and close my eyes. My breathing quickens and I give a little imperceptible moan. My hands suddenly fly out back to the wall and I gasp. There's a pause.

'What is it?' you ask.

'You're pressing into me' I reply.

'Do you like that?'


I allow my mind to roam to an image of you and I sheltering from the rain under an archway in a quiet back street somewhere in Paris.

'Ohhh...I'd like you to take me here against this wall'. For as long as I can remember I've had a fantasy of being fucked against a wall. I have done it in the past and it's never been as good as in my fantasy but the thought of it always turns me on as it's doing now.

I reach down and slowly and gently start to raise my skirt. It's soft and clingy, bluey-green. I inch it up slowly over my thighs letting the material gather in my fingers. I'm so aware of you watching me do this and it is sending shocks of electricity through me. I'm starting to feel really hot. I imagine us again in some place, maybe a cemetary, with you kneeling in front of me running your hands up the backs of my thighs as I lift up my skirt to you.

I open my eyes and look at myself in the mirror sprawled back against the wall. I part my legs more provocatively now and lick my lips. My lips are dry but my tongue is very wet. I look at my erotic shape and bite my lower lip. I suddenly want to rub my pussy but I know I mustn't yet and I again, feel your gaze. I can feel how wet I am becoming as my panties stick to me.

I gently stroke my soft belly with my hands and graze my fingers over and under the elastic of my panties. I look at the triangle of my panties in the mirror and think how pretty they look. I'm wearing my favorites... sheer, soft fabric, pink and purple with flowers.

My hands go up to my blouse and I unbutton it enjoying the slow striptease I am doing for myself.... and you. I wriggle out of it and let the white cotton crumple to the floor. I pull my skirt down and step out of it kicking it to one side.

You shift on the bed and I look over at you. You look excited and that makes me even more excited in return. You've got one of your legs up shielding your crotch so I can't see if you are erect or not. I really hope you are.

I lick my fingertips and slide my fingers into my right bra cup. I want to look at you when I do this but I can't...yet. I look back at myself in the mirror and gently rub and flick my nipple feeling it harden under my touch all the time looking into my eyes. I imagine your mouth around it sucking and biting it. The thought of my breast in your mouth makes me moan and I close my eyes. My other hand now takes on a life of its own and quickly slides down my body and searches for the inside of my panties. It's so hot between my legs. My pubic hair is damp and moist and I wriggle my fingers further down until...

'Oh god'

It's so slippery. I love the first feeling and experiencing of that wetness, that excitement. I run two fingers along the softest, wettest part... just around the hole. It feels so good. I suddenly wish I could put my own tongue there and part my lips back and suck my clitoris. Sighing, and luxuriating in the sensations of my pulsing wet pussy, I put my index finger up inside me for a moment and allow the wall to support me as I let the entire weight of my body press back and onto my finger. I press my finger in slowly and rock my hips very gently. It feels so good. I rest there for a moment feeling really naughty. I wonder what you're thinking of me in this moment as I'm standing there with my finger up inside of me writhing against the wall?

I slowly remove my finger and bring it up to my face. I smell the length of my finger and wonder if I will have the nerve to put it in my mouth. If I were on my own I would. The familiar fresh, salty water smell is so good. I don't put it in my mouth but instead drag my hand with the wet finger down my neck and between my breasts. I reach behind and unclasp my bra and let it fall to the floor. I slide my panties down my legs and in a sudden provocative moment throw you my panties. They fall on your leg and you pick them up and bring them up to your nose. We look at each other. I am almost holding my breath as I watch your face for your expression. You smile and put them on your stomach, keeping your hand on them, and look back at me as if to say... 'don't stop'.

To be continued...



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