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How I Started

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This is my first time writing something like this, let me know what you think.


When I was young I was always touching myself. I used sit on the couch watching T.V. whilst fondling with my privates. My Mum always told me off and said that my willy would drop if I kept touching them. This used to scare me to death and I tried to stop, well at least in front of my Mum.

I always had trouble getting to sleep aswell and to help myself get to sleep I would make up stories in my head. As I got older these stories turned more sexual and usually involved me and a girl in my drama class going out to the woods together and eventually stripping down and getting naked. I still think about these stories sometimes. At this age I didn't know much about sex so me and this girl never did much more than kiss. However these midnight fanatasies did start to produce a side effect. My willy would get hard. I didn't know what this meant or what I could do with it but it sure did feel good. I kept using these naughty stories to send me to sleep for a good few years.

A few years later we started our sex education at school which was interesting and embarassing in turns. It was fun to see and learn about girls bodies but when it became time to learn about men all the boys in the class turned red. Every week we would watch a video on a different topic and then one week there was something that seemed very familiar on the video. It was about this thing called masturbation. It said that it involved people touching themselves until something else called orgasm. It sounded like what I used to do except without the orgasm bit. It made me feel more normal and I also felt safer doing it now knowing my penis wouldn't fall off.

A few further years down the line and I was in secondary school which was fun and scary. I was still sending myself off to sleep with my naked stories but my erections as I now knew them felt bigger and stronger. One night while trying to get to sleep I recalled a hand gesture that one kid had shown to another which was a fist in an up and down motion which by then I knew meant wanker. As I lay there with a throbbing hard on I wrapped my hand around my dick in a fist and started moving it up and down just like the kid had done to see what wanking was like. It felt strange but good, a sort of tingly feeling, so I kept doing it. Soon I started moving my hand faster and tightening my grip. My breathing became faster and every now and then a litte moan would escape from my throat. A fantastic feeling was building up in my stomach and I kept rubbing and rubbing until a wave of pleasure rushed over my body filling every joint, limb and organ. My toes curled, I let out a small gasp and something wet dribbled out the end of my dick. I lay there for a moment bathing in the glory of what I had experienced. After a couple of minutes I reached down to my dick and wiped some of the liquid of my slowly shrinking dick. It was quite runny but didn't smell like piss nor was it white like I knew cum to be. Whatever it was it had felt good. I curled up to finish off the story in my head but I knew I'd found something better to get me to sleep.



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