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How I Pleasure Myself

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Been a long time follower of Solo Touch, can't tell you how many times I've masturbated over these wonderful contributions. First time sharer though.

So I wanted to share my own experience of self pleasure. I like to masturbate in three different ways, at different times depending on who's around, how horny I am and what I'm thinking about. I masturbate at least once a day, more so 2-3 times usually depending on the day I'm having.

The first way I like to masturbate is pretty much like most guys, I like to grab my hard cock in my left hand, pulling down on my foreskin up and down but I like to massage my balls at the same time. I like to edge myself I like the feeling to last, I do all sorts to make it last. I like to go fast for a few seconds and stop, I can feel my cock twinge a little bit as if it wants to pump out my sperm. I love the feeling and then I start again, going fast and then slow and then stopping. This I try to go on till I get close to the edge the point of no return when I can feel my cum coming out. I want it to last I try slowing down pulling on my foreskin, I push my pelvis into my bed to change the sensation of the feeling, grab a hold of my balls to stop myself from coming. I like to prolong it I can feel my cock contract forcing come up. It's wonderful.

The second why I like to masturbate always gives me gut wrenching orgasms like someone inside of me is literally fucking me. It's also the least traumatic and tiring. All I do is gently stroke a really sensitive spot on my cock tip, just as the foreskin is attached to the tip of my cock, there's a place just at the rim of my cock head that is so sensitive. If I rub it gently enough, If I keep brushing it, almost like rubbing a clit, I can't help but feel my cock swell with blood, I can't help but moan dirty thoughts right out loud. It feels like nothing else, I can control how far it goes, how quickly I come, It feels out of this world. When I come I can feel my cock contract, I can feel my asshole spasm as sperm sprays my chest. It is delightful.

The third way is the kinkiest of the three ways, I do this most often at the moment, the last two months have been the horniest of my life. Maybe its probably because I'm tired of being single. Even though masturbation is a wonderful wonderful thing, I still feel afterwards that it just isn't enough. Anyways, instead of caressing my balls I love to rub my anus and either push up against my arse hole with one or two fingers or If I feeling extra horny I sink two fingers into my arse hole usually to the second knuckle. I can just keep them there as I stroke myself hard or when I'm about to cum I like to slide them in and out as I'm stroking my hard cock. I can feel my ass spasm against my fingers, my cock contracting. I love it, it's dirty, savage and delicious. I wish I could share it with someone else but alas such is life.

Well that's how I masturbate, how I have done the past few years. Thought I'd contribute what I've got as others have given the same.




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