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How I Perpetually Keep My Man Interested

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This story about me and my guy is written around a great idea I learned about. Educational and Titillating!


How I Perpetually Keep My Man Interested, Excited and Aroused!

The trick is to even out a guy's erratic male sexual cycle. A woman needs to lower his big ups, and reduce or eliminate his big downs! My guy took to this right off!

Normally, men go from super horney to super exhausted-of energy, excitement and semen. It's a woman's job to keep it on a more even keel, so he is perpetually interested, excited and aroused by you. And in addition, more easily erected-no matter the time or place-no matter his perceived degree of horiness. Here's how I've learned to make my guy horney and cum whenever I want!

My guy, like most men, previously only attempted sex of any kind, either masturbation or intercourse, when he was horney and his balls full of cum. I've learned that a women needs to change that, putting her, not his rate of giz production, in charge. If you do, he will love you all the more for it! This can lead him to arousal and multiple orgasms he never thought possible-which he will readily admit are superior to his old kind, just as my guy has.

A guy alone, or one left to his own devices (which many weak woman do), cannot resist his incredibly strong urge to climax at the first opportunity during sexual activity-and usually way too soon for us girls! This means it is up to us women, as only we can resist for him, opening doors to the higher levels of sexual satisfaction that only we and our hands or mouth can provide.

I've learned this from many sources (using the research skills I learned in grad school), and perfected it with the help of several women, not the least of them my aunt and sisters-both real and from my sorority in college-some of whom were even more serious about this than I-if that is possible! Also, I don't want to forget to thank my man, whom I perfected it on.

HERE ARE SOME OF THE WAYS I USED TO KEEP MY MAN: If you can do them all, you both will end up with a more satisfying sex life, and you'll have a happier, more compliant and devoted man, as mine is!

1) I DON'T EVER LET HIS BALLS HANG LOOSE AND LOW. This is the indication of his total lack of sexual interest, and usually happens after exhaustive sexual episodes and when you allow him to be so preoccupied with other matters that he forgets about sex and you. I keep his balls up and tight, even when he isn't aroused, turned-on, or horney. (Too many women ignore the important roll balls play in his sexual arousal and satisfaction.)


1 A) PANTIES: When a guy is horney and soft (as horniness is best judged by his balls being firm and tight under his dick, rather than an erection), the head of his dick rubs excitedly against his underwear, and the tighter the underwear the more excited it gets. (Sort of how erect nipples feel inside a bra, and although I don't know first hand, how rings and such in clits keep it constantly on the wearer's mind.) When a guy is limp in boxers, or loose briefs (as my guy used to), it all just hangs down and can easily get ignored until his balls fill up again. I've found a way to keep his dick constantly on his mind, and panties are by far the best way to accomplish that when he is out and about. It sure works great for us-better than the pills they advertise on TV!

You have a big problem if your guy wears boxers-with the problem decreasing the smaller and more tight his underwear is, diminishing the most with sexy smooth nylon bikini panties. I've found such panties have two benefits on a male:

FIRST IS THE PHYSICAL, the holding his parts so firm and tight, just as if he is horney and flaccid, and continually reminding his dick head where it is, with the silky smooth fabric caressing it. It can be tight, so to make more room for his balls down there, the soft dick can be pointed upward or to the side exposing its shaft to the fabric, outside air and the unique sensations. My guy likes it sometimes straight up as 'his' panties hold it 'exquisitely' there, and he can press and message it against counters and copiers at work to receive sexual pleasure when no one else knows it. This is like I can, rubbing my clit accidentally on purpose against things, as the underside of his dick, especially where it joins the head, is very sensitive too!

THE SECOND IS MENTAL, the fact they are 'panties,' which is why even small male briefs (available in cotton or nylon) just aren't the same (plus the fabric they make male nylon briefs from, if you can find them at all, aren't nearly as smooth and sexy). (The last time I found them was at a Target in Florida, but one time only-they sold out so quickly can't figure why they didn't order more.)

I use plain no lace nylon bikini panties on my guy, as I can find them in colors so they look very similar to male cotton briefs, They might not even be recognized as panties should he have an accident. The colors are usually limited to white, green and blue, however. This way my guy doesn't not feel too embarrassed wearing them.

However, if you are more risqué and like to really challenge your man and he is especially compliant, go to it as feminine as you can get away with, as the more you can get him to embrace his feminine side, the better the effect will be! If you can get him to wear lacy pink panties away from the house, you have him won! My guy will only do that at home. (You can also be assured, if he'll wear them to work that he won't be fooling around on you during lunch either. Ha-ha. I'm sure I don't have that worry!)

For this process to work, the first one discussed above, concerning package constriction is most important. However, the second one, concerning the fact they are feminine and the more feminine the better, adds much helpful titillation. Panties have such an important role in our culture, from under cheerleader skirts in middle school (where our culture condones exposing our prettiest virgins-I was proud to be one, being among the unique few special girls at my school who got to flash their panties at the boys), to carriers of messages (sometime blazoned across the backside-one flirty pair I wear says, 'Girl Power'), and symbols, such as when they flirtily imitate male jockey briefs, complete with a foe-penis flap. I can boast that I have the only briefs in the house with a penis flap, as I modified mine so they really work, being able to stick my vibrator in to his astonishment.

Crotch coverage can be an issue. I cut out the unneeded cotton panel in 'his' panties so the nylon can stretch more, and then assured him they will stretch and both the nylon and his balls will get used to the arrangement. I keep reminding him that I had entered the store just a few minutes later, 'his' panties might have been purchased by a sexy girl and be covering her shaved pussy right now! He gets a thrill out of that, saying it is a way to get close to beautiful women without them even knowing it.

You can look for panties with wider crotches, although we've found that stretchy fabric and time will solve that problem, as he got accustomed to them, as we both found that he could wear them more and more without discomfort, as he started to enjoy the feelings. One of his original objections was the constant awareness of them and the minimal fit, but that is exactly what I was trying to achieve. Soon it changed from a distraction to a pleasant reminder of his perpetual near arousal.

While some panties come in small, medium and large, like men's briefs, and in that, realize that these labels mean different things in different departments. Although, interestingly, his waist size is about equal to my hip size.

However, as you know, most panties come in numbers, and we experimented, starting with my own and those of friends and my sister, who were of different sizes. (I have heard that there is a conversion chart for male waist sizes that some lingerie departments and stores have, as I understand a great many panties are sold which men wear, bought by both men and women, but I have not seen one. If so, they need to me more widely publicized.)

But first, I shaved him 'as smooth as a baby's bottom', I was already shaved as every woman should be to make it easier for him-or you can make an event of it-having a shaving party together. (Hint: Do as I did. Trim as much as possible with a scissors, then get the rest with a safety razor. Like most women I know, I shave all my pubic hair except a little heart of hair about half way between my navel and clit. Guys, on the other hand, only shave from a little bit above their dick to their ass, as they can leave the hair above scissor trimmed very short, as I do my guy. For a short while he experienced ingrown hairs, but that soon went away with regular shavings.)

It is important that you shave him, to get his balls accustomed to being 'womanhandled' and so you can better learn their idiosyncrasies. I found this greatly increased his sensations, helped him fit in panties and made him more vulnerable in my hands. (This is 'turn about is fair play' for the way it is said that one reason society puts girls in short lacy full dresses, with their pantily clad pussys so exposed to the air, is to make them feel more vulnerable, needing male protection.)

Next, I gave all of his swimming suits away to charity and bought him only brief Speedo type suits. We need to embark on a crusade to rid the world of loose baggy and long bathing trunks, what I've heard called 'clown pants,' for all males of all ages! (It is sad to see a brother and sister at the pool with their mother with the sister wearing a bikini hardly more than panties and training bra, and her brother in big baggy shorts hanging below his knees. Doesn't the women at all get sexual equality?)

1 B) ELASTIC HAIR BANDS-When he is at home in your firm grip, sans panties, you still need something to hold up his balls in the proper position, to make him constantly aware of his arousal or potential arousal. What you need are those covered elastic bands they sell everywhere, which girls use to hold up ponytails. (A great improvement over what was used in the past.) They fit nicely, completely around my guy's package, and give him both a nice look and feel-for both of us. They are nearly essential to train your man to be more responsive to your touch. I found some at Wal-Mart which has two bands held together by the fact they ran through four plastic hearts. He says they caused less initial discomfort, and I liked the look. He doesn't say but I think he likes the feminine look too.

It took a little while for him to get used to them as they kept him so aware of his sexuality, something he felt was a distraction at first, but soon accepted them as an integral part of his new being-exactly as intended! In them, he can get incredibly hard and I can quickly see how balls get as erect as his dick. When in this highly excited state, they resemble half of a big firm delicious apple stuck just below his big cock-so fun to touch and message. Eventually you may get him to wear them with his panties, but he finds that makes things too tight, so if your guy must wear man briefs to work, at least make him wear his band, which he could quickly remove if necessary.

You will find, as I did that as I stroke him, he tells me they make him harder than ever. Where most men will tell you that their erection and climax is only in their dick, and largely in its head, this will convince him, as it did my guy, that his balls are very important too! Encourage him to wear one as much as possible, as like panties my guy got more and more accustomed to them, until he now prefers to be wearing one or both at all times!

2) MASTURBATE HIM! Some women object to their guy masturbating, but it is one of keys to this! I love it, with me taking over the duties and becoming in charge of his orgasm. Believe me, if you learn to do it right, you will be able to do it better, and with more pleasing results for him, than he was able to in the past.

Again, don't just masturbate him when he is horney and asks (or begs). I do it when I want to, so he can learn better control over his arousal and orgasms. Most guys don't think they could be erected, aroused and ejaculated when it didn't start naturally, almost on its own. I've shown my guy otherwise, with me deciding where and when. Believe me, he really loves it!

One of my favorites is to sneak up on my naked flaccid guy, grab his dick when he least suspects it, and stroked him first to erection, then arousal, and then climax, squiring to his screams of joy. I've found with several men I've known, that a guy can't refuse a pretty woman with her hand around his dick.

Also, it is important, that while I'm masturbating him, I let him fondle my pussy and boobs. This way he more quickly relates his sexual satisfaction to mine.

3) GET HIM OUT OF THE HUGE SEXUAL SWINGS MEN GO THROUGH from arousal, erection, and big ejaculations to flaccid, limp and uninterested. I don't let him cum big! I stop before he is about to climax and keep him on what's called the 'edge.' (He objected at first, but once he learned the pleasures that awaited from me deciding when, he learned to love it.) I keep him near cumming as long as possible with my mouth and especially hands, stopping every time he approaches the edge. Sometimes I have to squeeze the tube running below his dick at the base to stop the flow. Other times when I do that too late, I have to squeeze the opening in its head to prevent it cumming out, and then with my fingers, push the cum in that tube back toward his balls.

You have won a battle when you have kept him on the edge so long it just sort of uncontrollable runs out, as happens quite frequently around our house. An advantage of this is that it will not exhaust him, and I can continue masturbating him at length, as the cum continues to flow providing the lubrication. (It soon gets very very sticky, so I need to augment it with some baby oil. I know some guys like lubrication to come from vaseline, panty fabric, special scented oils, or hand lotion, but we prefer regular baby oil.)

This is why I don't recommend intercourse for this. Vaginas cannot sense the changes in his cock like a mouth, and especially a hand can. Secondly, we often get so wrapped up in your own orgasm we forget to control his, as we must.

With time, with his hard-on in my hand I became able to sense his imminent climax, which told me to stop. An alternate is to tell him he can't come without your permission or at least without fair warning (which is what my guy does), and that to cum without fair warning will cause him to be penalized-like you getting dressing and doing the laundry. Fortunately, I've never has to do that, he is so sweet!

For my sexual release, I have him kneel before me and give me a good fingering, rubbing intensely. It is important to not have him do this after he has exhausted himself of his cum and his dick is limp. Do this in the middle of the process while he is on the edge. When my guy is very near cumming, it can be very easy to set it off, resulting in an unwanted big explosion. Any touch may ignite the fires, but it usually does require a touch, as I do not know of any man who can cum without tactile stimulation, as some women can. So, having my guy give me a good rub with his huge on edge erection sticking up between his legs, not only looks sexy, but it also provides the kind of distraction that will bring him down just enough so that after I cum, I can resume jacking him off.

Here is one very desirable situation I put him in-after he learned to be aroused any time I grasped his member and said sweet nothing in his ear. When he is fully drained but hard, I keep masturbating him near endlessly while we watch porn. Where in the past he could not erect when drained, I have shown him how he can. I masturbate him with baby oil, and can feel him have small multiple orgasms (something men aren't supposed to be able to do), as the lubricant will get sticky for a few minutes, as he extrudes semen only as fast as his balls can make it. I have to pause periodically as he wheezes and riles in ecstasy and his dick becomes super sensitive, like a clit, and sometimes deflates a little. But then, I can return after a while, re-erecting him if needed, to his added pleasure, and maybe after adding some more oil to smooth things out.

I've taken a page from the female dominate playbook and have taught him that by satisfying my desires first, and putting his climax secondary, both of us, in the end, will achieve higher levels of satisfaction!




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