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How I Learned To Masturbate

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I have read many other stories about peoples first times. I decided to share mine now. I believe the first time is truly an amazing experience, and there is just something a little more special about it. My memory is a tiny bit shady, but for the most part I remember my first time experiences quite well. I was an early bloomer. I discovered masturbation before I fully understood sex and how it worked. I remember I was starting to get erections often, and I wasn't quite sure why. One night I was in my pjs and in bed when I remember I got another erection. I was alone, and must of been finally curious enough to examine it. I turned on the light and stood up out of bed. I pulled my pj pants down allowing my little stiffy to spring out. I was curious but not sure what to do. Touching myself never really crossed my mind. I am not sure why but I remember I wanted to sleep naked. I think I just liked the feeling of being in bed with no clothes on. I stepped out of my pants and took off my shirt and got back into bed. What happened next was completely an accident. I layed down and was still erect, I pulled the blanket over me rather quickly and it happened to rub against my penis while doing so. The feeling hit me like a jolt. That felt good I thought. I started rubbing the blanket against my erect penis and the pleasure grew rapidly. I pushed against it and rubbed the blanket back and forth. I never felt a feeling like this and not even a minute later I had my first orgasm. I didn't know it at the time. I didn't know what had happened, all I knew was it felt amazing.

As the nights went on I did this more and more. It's funny looking back on it, I remember thinking I had discovered something no one else had. I also remember there being a tiny amount of clear fluid that would come out my penis afterwards. I think it was form of undeveloped semen, as I had not fully hit puberty yet. I was not yet ejaculating. But I was associating it more and more with sex and thinking about girls. This went on for a couple years before I had my first ejaculation. I remember that event as well. I was still using my blanket, but remember still feeling horny after one such session. I decided to try something new. I remember laying on my stomach this time and humping my pillow, pretending it was a girl from school. It felt good but something was different. It was taking a lot longer for that amazing wave of pleasure known as the orgasm to flow through me. I was tired but needed that relief, I kept going at it for must of been at least 20 minutes until finally I could feel it coming. It felt more intense though, much more intense. I kept going and it hit me hard. I could feel my penis twitching, it was the most intense orgasm I had ever had. I assumed it was just because I had done it twice in a row, until I sat up and found my pillow had a huge wet spot. I remember kinda freaking out for a minute, I didn't know it was semen that came out of me because I had never had that much actual liquid come out before.

From then all my orgasm came with full shooting ejaculations. My penis got bigger and I started using my hands more and more with tissues instead of blankets, and eventually moved to just my bare hand as I use today. I love to masturbate and think it is a great and healthy thing. Hope you do too, I look forward to reading more great stories.



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