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How I Learned To Masturbate

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When I was younger I spent a month at a YMCA summer camp. I joke to myself that I left a boy and came home a horny teenager.

I was in a cabin with five other boys. We had a camp councilor assigned to each cabin, he was either a High School or College student. Nothing happened the first few nights but by the end of the first week one or two of the other boys had been jerking-off at night. I was not aware or understood any of this but when the other boys started making jokes I went along as if I did.

One night, I woke up when I heard the camp councilor telling the boys to knock it off and go to sleep. The next day he called a cabin meeting and said that we were not allowed to wank at night and if we needed to wank that we should do it in the shower or toilets when nobody was around.

Without thinking about was I was saying I asked what 'wanking' was. Everybody thought this was very funny and I was very embarrassed. Over the next few days my cabin-mates teased me endlessly until we had another cabin meeting where they were told to leave me alone and reminded not to masturbate at night.

After the meeting the camp councilor took me aside and explained about masturbation to me. Over the next day or two he had the same conversation with the other five boys and the tension and teasing in the cabin went away.

In the last weeks of camp, one of the other camp councilors fell and broke his arm. Our councilor took over looking after his cabin as well as ours and slept in the other cabin every other night.

That night most of the other boys openly masturbated while talking among themselves. I recall getting hard but not doing anything.

Somebody must have said something to our councilor because the next night, right before lights out we had yet another cabin meeting to discuss masturbation. This time it was different, he told us that we should not tease one another about masturbating or not masturbating and explained some more sexual related things in detail. We learned about puberty, periods, wet-dreams and more. Lots of questions were asked and answered.

What happened next was almost unbelievable when I think about it now. One of the boys asked him if he masturbated and he said 'yes'. The boy then said something like 'prove it' or 'show us'.

The camp councilor was sitting on the lower bunk facing another bunk bed. There were three boys sitting on the edge of the bottom bed and three more on the top bed. He stood up, went to his shaving kit and came back with a small jar of Vaseline. He took off his pants and sat cross-legged on the bed facing us. Compared to us, his penis was large. He was uncircumcised, unlike me which I thought was strange.

He placed a glob of Vaseline on his hand and pulled his foreskin back and lubed the upper end of his penis which by now was very hard. He leaned back and closed his eyes and stroked himself off and came in a long stream of semen in less than two minutes.

Everybody was silent. He got up and told us to go to bed and turned the lights off.

That night, I lay in my sleeping bag rolled over onto my side, facing the wall and masturbated for the first time. I tried to do it as quietly as I could by just rubbing the skin on the top of my penis with two fingers. I remember it felt really good but all of a sudden it was like my penis exploded. The climax came so fast I was not expecting it. It was amazing.

The next morning, the boy in the bunk below me asked how I did it. I was so embarrassed because I thought that nobody could have known what I was doing.

From that night on, all the boys in the cabin, including me, masturbated openly each night the councilor slept in the other cabin. One of the guys stole a jar of Vaseline from the infirmary and we all passed it around. I can recall clearly watching the boy in the top bunk directly across from me jerking off in silhouette from his flashlight. He was so proud of himself as he was the only boy in the cabin who really could ejaculate.

When I got home my mother threw away my sleeping bag, which she had just bought me, because the inside was all stained with Vaseline.

I continued to masturbate two and three times a day. I taught my best friend everything I knew and we became masturbation buddies; a relationship that endured for almost 15 years.



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