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How I Learned, Step Two

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Earlier I posted the story of how I was taught masturbation by my tent-mate at boy scout camp. This is the rest of the story.


In my earlier post I told how my tentmate masturbated openly by humping his pillow at summer camp, and got me to try it. It became a frequent activity, but there was a twist I didn't mention in the earlier post. His brother.
His brother was 13 (we were just 11), and was also in the scout troop and at camp, though his tent was on the other side of our troop's area.
About 5 days into the camp, my friend and I were busily humping our pillows one night, when his brother suddenly snuck in the tent door without notice. He scared the crap out of me, and I quickly covered up, embarrassed at being caught naked on top of my pillow. But my friend didn't seem to be phased at all.
His brother was wearing just boxers, and whispered to my friend, 'my tentmate is all uptight. He thinks it's gross to do it. Can I do you tonight?'
I didn't know what he meant, but soon found out. My friend said, 'sure,' and his brother pulled off his boxers to reveal an erection bigger than ours, but not too big. Maybe 4 1/2 inches, but it looked neat. He looked at me and smiled and asked, 'OK with you?'
I answered 'fine with me,' having no idea what he was talking about.
The brother climbed up onto my friend's bunk and straddled his legs, then took a tube of lotion he'd had in his hand (I hadn't noticed it), squirted some in my friend's butt crack, and lowered himself down, putting his penis in the crack. He lay there on top of my friend for a minute barely moving, and whispered, 'this feels really good. I've missed this.' Then he started humping my friend's butt like we did the pillows. He kept at it for about five minutes, then got more intense, then stopped, and I could tell he was having his orgasm. He just sighed and rested for a minute before getting up, and when he did I noticed white stuff all over the top of my friend's crack. I knew what it was since we'd been taught about sperm in health class, but I'd never seen it.
He cleaned up, then my friend said, 'let me do you now,' and he and his brother changed places. I watched with interest as he humped, then came. Then the brother left, saying that was great, and left us alone.
My friend said, 'you want to try that on me?' It didn't take any urging. I went over to his bunk and climbed on. His crack was still slick from the cream, so I just lay down and did it, and boy, it felt great. I also liked the feel of laying naked on top of my friend. It didn't take long for me to get my dry orgasm.
From then on we'd do it that way about half the time at night, taking turns humping each others' butts (not in the morning, since we didn't have time), and his brother sneaked in a couple more times. After camp when we had sleepovers, that butt humping was a common event, one that I loved. It was clear that my friend and his brother did that a lot.
We never penetrated, though. I don't know why. I never even thought about it until a couple of years later, and wished we'd tried that. I think it would have been fun.



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