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How I Learned about Sex

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I live in lake country where there are hundreds of small islands you could swim to. When I was 13 I knew nothing about boys, it never occured to me how different we are, I know that sounds dumb doesn't it?

One day last summer I was in town when I bumped into Donald, a boy from school who I did'nt know well, but he was always polite. We got to talking and he asked me to go out with him. I have never dated but said ok, as long as my mom didn't mind.

The following friday night we went to a movie and while walking home he said we should go by the lake and dip our feet and cool off. It was a 90 degree night very hot and humid. We got to the lake and got our feet wet but it didn't do much good. Don said let's swim to the island, and he took his shirt and pants off. He was down to white briefs, looked at me and said come on what are you waiting for.

He jumped into the water, it was getting dark so I took off my top and shorts and left my panties and bra on and I ran into the water behind him. He didn't turn around and look. We swam to one of the small islands and he climbed onto the rocks. Now I was nervous, I could kinda see through his underwear and could make out a bulge.

I kind of kept low in the water and Don said come and sit with me. Let's talk. Well I stayed in the shadows of the fading light and we sat and talked for about 30 minutes.

Suddenly we heard a strange sound, it was like an animal was injured. Don worked his way up the rocks and I followed. The noise got louder, then Don said look over there. When I looked where he was pointing I was shocked to see a girl and boy laying on a blanket. He had his hand on her pussy and she was holding his penis. I had never seen one and I must say I was all eyes.

She was pumping his penis up and down and then I could see he had at least two fingers up her. She started to moan and tremble. We were so close to them I could almost feel it. She shook and closed her legs tight and was pulsating on his hand. She said I'm cumming, don't stop. She let out a whelping sound and trembled, her orgasm must have been done now.

She turned on her side more and said thank you darling, and started pumping his penis again. In about a minute he started saying, Go baby don't stop, and white stuff came shooting out of his penis. It was kind of dark and could not see clearly, but he definately was enjoying it.

Don was laying beside me, I could feel his hard penis on my thigh and I had a very strong desire to touch my pussy. Don said wasn't that something? I didn't say anything. Don said I need to cum, and he pulled his briefs down and started to pump his penis. He said why don't you do it. He took my hand and said jerk me off. I had heard that term at school and now I knew what it meant.

I did what I saw the other girl do and next thing he shot semen all over the place, this I could see clearly it was very exciting. Don rolled toward me and grabbed my pussy, I didn't stop him because I was very aroused and he pulled my panties off and stuck a finger in me. I was so excited I put my hand over his and moved his thumb to my clit (which I had dicovered recently) and I had a wild orgasm.

The other couple had left and we were alone and Don and I started looking at each others naked bodies. I asked about the pouch below his penis, he showed me his balls and taught me all the right words, dick, cock, balls, nuts, cum etc. I showed him more about my pussy and we jacked and jilled twice more that night. I jill to this memory very often.



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