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How I Learned

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This is about how I learned to jack off, taught to me by an older kid. I had a buddy that was in the grade ahead of me, I think I was in the 6th grade at the time, anyway, I was 13. He was close to 15.
I had been interested in the hardons I kept getting, and would play with my dick when in the tub or my room at night, but I didn't know about orgasms or ejaculations yet. All I did was mess around with it.
But that changed one day when my buddy came over, when I was home alone. We had been talking a little about sex, but I was still in the dark about it. He mentioned about jacking off, and I asked what he meant. He laughed and said, 'Let me show you!' I was excited about it and agreed.
He pulled down his jeans and underwear, his 5 inch erection springing out. I stared at it with awe. Not that it was much bigger than mine, but it was the first other guy's I had seen when hard.
He wrapped his hand around it and began to pump it. I was fascinated, and he asked if I wanted to do it for him. I did, and reaching over, took it in my hand and copied his movements. He enjoyed it awhile, then said, 'Let me show you what cum is.' He stood up, grabbed some tissues, then jacked off till he shot a load into them. I marveled at this revelation and wanted to try it too.
While he sat there with his dick still hard, and dripping cum, I took my dick out, hard as wood, and stroked it. He took over, and it felt wonderful! After a few minutes I heard my Mom drive up, so I stuffed it back in my pants as did he, and we went out the back door. As he left we agreed we'd do it another time.
However, that night in the tub, I slicked it up with hair conditioner, and pumped it as he had. I knew what to do and expect, and after about 5 minutes, it happened! It was the most awesome feeling in the world, as cum flew from my dick for the first time! I knew I would do this a lot, and I did, several times a day for the next few months. Then it settled down to about every night in bed.
I did get back with my buddy a week or so later, and proudly showed him my new-found ability to ejaculate. We would routinely get together in our 'fort' which was an old shed, and jack off together to some nudist magazines he found in a trash pile. We did each other as well sometimes. We both grew till our dicks were about 6 inches, but mine was thicker than his, which was slim.
We eventually saw a mag that showed a woman sucking a man's dick, so we tried it out on each other. We only did it a little, just to see what it was like, but didn't go any farther with it.
Heop you enjoyed this true to life story!



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