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How I Learned

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I must have been about 11 or 12 years old when my family went to visit my grandparents and my uncle Joe. It took about four hours to drive to their house and my parents decided to stay a week so we could see the sights and spend some time with the family.

My grandparents had a pretty small house, with two bedrooms; one where my grandparents slept and one room that was my uncle Joe's. It was decided that my parents would sleep on the fold-out sofa in the living room and I would sleep in Uncle Joe's bed. He had a King-sized bed and he told my parents that it wouldn't be any trouble for me to sleep in there with him. Joe must have been in his mid to late 20s. He was a fairly big muscular guy, maybe 6'1' or 6'2', and to me, he seemed like a giant!

The first night when it was time to go to bed, I got into my PJs and crawled into Uncle Joe's big bed. He simply stripped down to his 'tighty-whiteys,' and laid down. He had thick dark hair all over his body; his chest was covered with dark hair and I could see tufts of hair sticking out of the leg holes of his briefs. I could also see the huge bulge that his penis made in his underwear and was strangely excited by this.

When he saw me in my PJs he chuckled and said, 'I don't see how you can be comfortable in those things, I haven't worn PJs since I was four years old!' Then he said, 'Maybe you should try sleeping just in your underwear. It's much more comfortable and I think you'll like it better.'

I didn't want to seem like a little kid, so I stripped down to my undershorts and laid back down. He was right, I did feel more comfortable and more importantly, more grown up. I looked over at Joe and I swear, that bulge of his was getting bigger!

He turned out the light and we laid there until I fell asleep. I woke up sometime later realizing that joe was laying right up against me. I could feel his breath on the back of my neck. Not only that, but I could also feel something big and hard and warm pressed up against my butt. I thought this was strange since we were in such a big bed, I didn't understand why Joe was clear over on my side of the bed. I didn't think too much about it and I just went back to sleep.

The next day, we all went up the canyon for a BBQ. While we were waiting for the food to be prepared, Joe asked if I wanted to go on a hike with him. I said, 'Sure!' and we started hiking up a rocky trail in the woods. After we had walked for quite awhile, Joe stopped and said that he needed to 'relieve himself.' I wasn't sure what he meant, but it became clear when he unzipped his pants and pulled out the biggest dick I had ever seen and started peeing. I was shocked at how big it was! It looked like it was about 10 times as big as mine!

Joe stood there and urinated for what seemed like forever, making sure I got a good eyefull while he did it. Then when he finished, he shook the last few drops off, then he kept shaking it and it seemed to be getting even bigger! Just about that time, I heard my mom yelling in the distance that the food was ready. Joe shook his huge dick a couple more times and then put it away and zipped back up and we headed back to camp.

Later that night, I remembered what Joe said about how only little kids slept in PJs, so I took off my clothes and laid down in my underwear. Joe took his clothes off and laid down, wearing only his underwear. Once again, I could see the big bulge in his shorts and the dark hair sticking out from the leg holes. He lay there on top of the blankets and looked over at me and asked if I had ever jacked off before. I wasn't sure what he meant and told him so, but I was pretty sure it was some kind of 'grown-up thing.' He chuckled and said, 'Well, I guess this is as good a time as any for you to learn, but you have to promise you won't ever, EVER, tell anyone!'

Being very curious, I said, 'I promise, Uncle Joe.'

He looked at me with a serious look and said, 'I really mean it. You can NEVER tell anyone! I'll show you something very special, something that only big boys do, but you have to promise...'

'I swear, I won't tell anyone, EVER!'

'OK then,' he said. Then he seemed to hesitate for a minute, looking into my eyes like he was trying to decide. Then he said, 'Here goes!'

He reached down and pulled his briefs down and completely off! I was stunned! His huge dick flopped out and laid back against his flat belly. It looked absolutely MONSTEROUS to me! And it was so hairy! I couldn't believe how big his balls were! Another thing I noticed was that his, looked 'different' somehow. At the time, I had no idea that I had been circumsized as a baby, nor did I even know there was such a thing. I had never seen another dick before (much less a full grown man's), besides my mom's friend's baby when she changed his diaper. I stared at his big cock for a couple of minutes before I looked up at his face. He had a huge smile on his face and he seemed truly amused at my reaction. When I looked back at his cock, it seemed like it was getting even bigger and I could see the pink tip of it starting to poke out a little from under it's 'hood' of skin.

'Well, what do you think?'

'I can't believe how big it is, Uncle Joe!' I said with awe in my voice.

'Your's, too, will probably get that big when you get older.'

'I can't imagine that!' I said incredulously, 'I wouldn't know what to do with it if it did get that big!'

'That's what I'm going to show you right now.' he replied. He grabbed onto it and slid his hand up and down a couple of times, which exposed the shiny pink mushroom head for a split second with each stroke.

When he did that, it looked more familiar and I said, 'Wow! Underneath, yours looks like mine!'

He chuckled and said, 'Well, of course it does! Everyone's dick looks pretty much the same besides the size and hair color, or lack of hair.'

I said, 'But yours looks so different, you have that 'thingy' on yours.'

'Oh, you mean my foreskin!' he said and then he pulled the skin back and held it that way so I could get a good look at the bare head.

'Mine doesn't have that...I don't have a f..foreskin.'

He said, 'Let's see it!' and reached over and started pulling on my briefs trying to get them pulled down. I helped him by taking them the rest of the way off. My pitiful little pecker was hard, but it sure looked funny compared to Uncle Joe's monster. Mine was short and thin and bald and there was no foreskin and it made me feel pretty self concious. Then he explained about circumcision and why people do that to their babies; how these days, people think that a boy's cock is easier to keep clean without the skin, etc.

The whole time he was talking, he was stroking his cock and it was getting bigger and harder. My eyes were riveted on this activity. I was fascinated with how the skin would slip on and off of the huge head as he stroked it. 'Wanna touch it?' he asked.

I was very curious as to what it would feel like to pull that skin back and forth, so I hesitantly said, 'OK...I guess so...'

He slid over closer to me on the bed and jacked it a few more times before he took his hand off of it. It looked even bigger up close, I could see it throbbing at this point and I could smell a faint musky smell that wasn't necessarily unpleasant. I had just never smelled anything quite like it before. I just sat there looking at it for a minute, afraid to touch the beast.

'Well?' he said, 'Go ahead, it won't bite you!'

My heart was pounding and my hand was shaking as I reached over and gently touched it. It 'jumped' as my fingers made contact and I quickly pulled my hand back. Joe laughed and said, 'Sorry, I couldn't resist! Go ahead, it won't hurt ya!' I reached over again and this time I put my shaking hand around the warm throbbing shaft. It was so big and thick that my fingers and thumb didn't even come close to touching each other! I swear, it was thicker than my wrist! It felt amazing...it was warm and soft, yet the inside part was rock hard and I could actually feel his heartbeat! I just held it in my hand for a moment, absorbing the experience, feeling the heat and power throbbing in my hand.

'OK, now slide your hand up and down like I was doing.' he said. So I started to slowly slide my hand down his massive piece of meat, peeling the foreskin back, fully exposing his big pink head. It felt incredible! I could feel the hard shaft inside and the small lumps and veins kind of rippling under the soft skin. I moved the skin up and down a couple of times and he reached down and grabbed my hand and adjusted it higher up on the hard shaft, closer to the massive head, so that as I slid the skin, I could feel the ridge of his head slipping underneath.

'Do it a little faster,' he said, so I sped up a little and he let out a moan.

I stopped and asked, 'Are you OK? Am I hurting you Uncle Joe?'

He chuckled and said kind of breathlessly, 'No, of course not! In fact, it feels really, REALLY good! Don't stop!' So I started jacking him again, but I was kind of confused. How could doing what I was doing make him feel THAT good? Good enough to moan like that? I continued slipping my hand up and down his enormous pole, peeling the skin back and forth over that big head. Joe moaned again and tilted his head back and closed his eyes. 'Ooohhhhh, that feels sooooo gooooddd!' he moaned. It made me feel good to know that he was enjoying what I was doing to him. It kind of made me feel powerful somehow, to cause him to moan like that!

I was watching his pink head appear and disappear underneath the hood of his skin as I masturbated him and that's when I noticed how it was causing his huge hairy balls to bounce up and down. It made me curious, so I reached over and put my other hand underneath his bouncing sack and felt how huge they were. They were bigger than walnuts! I couldn't believe how much bigger they were than mine! My tiny nuts felt like peanuts compaired to his manly globes. Right when my fingers made contact with his bouncing testicles, his eyes popped open and he looked at me and smiled and panted, 'That's right, hold them nice and gently, you are doing it just right! Just go a little faster!'

I sped the pace up a little, holding his nuts in my left hand as I jacked the skin up and down his shaft with my right. He moaned, 'Oooohhhh God, that feels SO GOOD!'

That's when I noticed some clear sticky liquid coming out of his pee hole and getting on my hand. I was taken aback by this and I pulled my hands away from him. He sounded kind of annoyed when he said, 'Why did you stop?!'

I was looking at the sticky stuff on my fingers and I said, 'Is this pee?'

He chuckled again and said, 'Don't worry, it's not pee! I'm sorry, I should have warned you about that. I forgot that you have never heard of doing this before.'

'Warned me about what?' I asked as I wiped the goo on the blanket.

'When a guy's cock gets jacked like you were doing, stuff called 'precum' starts to leak out of it. It won't hurt you, it just means that the guy is REALLY enjoying himself and that what is happening is making him feel REALLY good.' He went on, 'Once his cock has been jacked long enough, it will squirt some white stuff called 'cum' out and will make a pretty good mess. There is nothing that feels quite as good as when it squirts that stuff, but it feels SO much better if it gets jacked even faster while it happens. Do you understand?'

'Not really.'

'Well, I don't expect you to understand, since you have never done it before. Let me show you what it feels like.' Then he reached over and grabbed my tiny hard dick and started to stroke it very gently. It really did feel good! 'Tell you what, if you will finish jacking me off and try not to be grossed out by the precum and keep on stroking it even while I squirt my cum, even though it's going to get all over your hand, I'll do the same thing to you when you're done, does that sound fair?'

'Well...I guess...I mean, just how much stuff will come out?'

'I won't lie, it will be quite a bit and it will get all over your hand, but it will REALLY, REALLY make me feel good, but you have to keep doing it until I tell you to stop, OK?'

'Well, I dunno...' Suddenly this didn't sound all that great to me.

'Please do this for me, it would REALLY be a big favor for me and you can wash your hands right after, I promise!'


'Come on, it won't be THAT bad and it would REALLY make me feel GOOD! It won't take much longer and I would REALLY appreciate it! I REALLY NEED you to do this for me...please? You seemed to be enjoying doing it before, so what if it will be a little messy? You can clean up right away, right? You might even like it.'

He was right. I did like how his cock felt in my hand. It was fun peeling the skin back and forth and I liked that it was making him feel good. 'OK, I'll do it!'

I reached over and grabbed onto his dick again. It wasn't quite as hard as it was earlier, it felt kind of spongy now. I started jacking his foreskin back and forth over the head. This time, there was a little bit of clear goo coming out of the pee hole, but I was determined to ignore it and finish what I had started. It was amazing to feel the shaft get completely hard again right in my hand! Uncle Joe started to moan and groan again as I worked his cock. It was dribbling precum more and more and I could smell that musky odor stronger now.

'Oooooohhhh, that feels sooooo gooooooddddd!' he moaned, 'Faster...faster!' I could hear sticky liquidy sounds as the precum got all over my fingers as they slid along his dripping manhood. I jacked him faster and he started to buck his hips and grit his teeth. I still wasn't sure if I was hurting him or not, then he said, 'Faster....jack it FASTER!!!' I picked up the speed even more and his cock seemed to get even bigger and harder and his whole body tensed up, 'Ooooohhhhh God, HERE IT CUMS!!!! KEEP JACKING...FASTER...FASTER!!!'

My hand was a blur as I stroked his cock for all I was worth. He bucked his hips up and said, 'DON'T STOP...PLEASE DON'T STOP!'

Just then, I saw a small drop of white stuff appear on the tip of his hard cock, then it happened...I felt his huge cock kind of flex and a huge glob of white stuff came shooting out of the end of his cock, landing just under his chin. All of a sudden, my hand was covered with hot white goo...another big glob of the stuff squirted out and landed in the middle of his chest, his cock was getting more and more slippery. He was groaning through clenched teeth. Another glob blasted out and landed on his belly and up my arm, but I didn't stop jacking him. More shot straight up in the air, landing on my fingers and on his bouncing nut sack. Then it seemed to just kind of dribble out all over my hand. Wet juicy sounds and groans filled the room as I milked the last of what turned out to be, a huge load out of his big slippery dick.

'Oooooohhhhhhh, FUCK that felt SO GOOOOOODDDDD!' he said as his body relaxed. His cock was starting to go soft and spongy again and he told me that I could stop jacking. I let go of his wet gooey cock and it flopped down on his belly with a little slap. There were strings of his cum that went from my hand to his cock and that were dripping down from my hand. It kind of grossed me out, but not as much as I expected it too. I was glad he took the time to explain it all to me before it all squirted out all over...I probably would have freaked out if it just happened without any warning!

Joe grabbed his shirt and wiped most of it from my hand and told me to go ahead and wash my hands in the bathroom if I wanted to. So, I went and washed my hands and then went back to bed. Joe was just finishing wiping up the mess from his chest, belly and cock. He told me to lie down on my back, because he wanted to follow up on his promise.

By this time, my cock had pretty much gone soft, but he gently grabbed onto it and started to rub it and play with my balls and it didn't take long before I was hard as steel once again. He smiled and started to gently stroke it, 'Does that feel good?' he asked.

'YES! It sure does!' I gasped. It felt incredible! I had never felt like that before. He rubbed the little head until I felt like I was going to pee or something, only better. 'STOP!' I said.

'Why?' he asked.

'I'm afraid I'm going to wet the bed Uncle Joe.'

He chuckled and said, 'Don't worry, that's what it feels like when you cum, just let it happen.' He started to rub it faster and faster, then all of a sudden, a wave of pleasure washed over me. It felt like a bolt of lightning shooting from my dick and spreading all over my body! Once the feeling went away, my cock began to feel REALLY sensitive and I pulled Joe's hand off.

'So, what do you think? You just 'came' your very first time.' he said with a smile.

'WOW!' was all I could come up with. I looked down, expecting to see a mess of white fluid all over, but all there was, was a couple of drops of clear fluid on the end of my dick. 'Why didn't I squirt white stuff Uncle Joe?'

'You must just be too young. Don't worry, it will happen eventually when you get a little older,' he said.

I thanked him for teaching me about jacking off and we went to sleep.

Sorry this story was so long, but that's pretty much how it happened. I hope you liked my story!



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