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How I Got Started

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I can remember masturbating from the age of about 11. I first recognised it as a good feeling when my mom was drying me after a bath. My 'willy' got all stiff like it was when I woke up sometimes, and the feeling when she rubbed it like that was really good. When I got into bed that night I tried it, but I wasn't hard anymore and it didn't feel that great. From then on I began to get erections every time she rubbed my willy dry, and pretty soon she told me I was old enough to dry myself.

I quickly became engrossed in the process and spent a while 'drying' my willy every time. It felt extrememly good but I had a short attention span and the bathroom was boring so I usually gave up before I even got close. One night after my bath I was still quite hard when I'd been put in pyjamas and was watching television, and subconsciously I began to play with myself, hand down my pyjama bottoms. Having the tv as something to do while I touched myself meant I kept going this time, and it felt better and better.

Eventually, I was red in the face and hunched over, tugging quickly and urgently on my little member when my first orgasm struck. It was dry, but my entire body stiffened and I felt my dick and balls contract and release a few times. Surprised and delighted by the feeling I tried to start again immediately, but found myself too sensitive. However I began to take every opportunity, whenever I got an erection I'd immediately begin rubbing it until I came.

My mum sat me down one night when she walked in for probably the 20th time in a month to find me masturbating in front of the tv, and told me it was an okay thing to do, but that I should be doing it in private, in my room or in the bathroom, and nowhere else. I agreed to these rules but found the lack of visual stimuli in my room a problem (I'd watch pretty girls on tv) and so was still caught masturbating in the front room on occasion. When I eventually told my mom I liked to look at the girls on tv when I rubbed myself she bought me some magazines (just regular girls magazines) and I happily used those.

A year or so later when I was 12 or 13 I was going at it like usual after school, looking at my favourite girl in a now-crumpled magazine, when I felt the familiar muscle spasm and contraction of my dick. I grunted with pleasure and then felt an odd sensation, like I was peeing. My eyes flew open and I looked down to see several shots of fluid shoot out of my dick and land on the front of my school trousers. I gawped, not knowing what'd just happened. It obviously wasn't pee, it was white. Slightly panicked, I rushed out of my bedroom and into the kitchen, yelling for my mom.

She was surprised to see me rush into the room with my nearly fully hard cock out and in hand, and semen all over my trousers, I would imagine, but my horrified face probably said it all. 'Look what happened!' I blurted out in surprise. She just burst out laughing. Confused, I asked what was so funny. She explained all boys when they hit puberty, start ejaculating, and semen comes out of their penis when they orgasm so that they can feritilise eggs in sex. I felt much better when she'd explained it.

About a week later I had my first wet dream, and again turned up in the kitchen covered in my own body fluids. I had to have that one explained to me too!



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