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How I Got My Manicures Paid For By a Co-Worker

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I work with a guy who is always complementing me on my nails. He’ll walk by and say how lovely they look today or what a great color I have on them. I admit they are very nice. I go regularly to get them manicured. They are long and I’ve always had very soft, feminine hands with long slender fingers. But to have some guy compliment you on them all the time is a bit weird. Or so I thought at the time.

Unfortunately, the cost of getting a manicure each week is rather expensive. My husband used to budget for the manicures and in turn, I would give him a hand job as soon as I got home. But it got so expensive I had to go to every other week. Lately it’s been hard to even do that, which is so disappointing to me since I’ve always taken great pride in my nails.

The guy at work, who is actually a very nice guy, noticed the nails were a bit worn. He said “My oh my, I’ve never seen your nails look like that before. What’s going on?” I laughed and said I couldn’t afford it anymore. He nodded his head and said “I hear ya, times are tough” and walked away.

A few hours later at lunch he sat next to me like he sometimes does and said “I’ve been thinking. I love your nails when they are manicured; they look so great on you. How about I pay for you to get a manicure every other week?” I looked at him like he was nuts. He said “No really, I can afford it and it would bring me pleasure”. I said, “I wouldn’t feel right. What would you want in return; nobody pays for something without expecting something in return”.

He said “A hand job once a month would be nice” and laughed. But he didn’t say anything more and I knew he was serious. “What about your wife? What about my husband?” “Well, neither one would have to know. My wife has zero interest in sex with me. The only sexual pleasure I have is when I see your nails and imagine them around my penis while I masturbate.”

I was shocked by all this. I mean I knew he liked the looks of them but he jerked off to the image of them? “Well, I’ve got to think this over.” The idea did intrigue me. I was either going to go for it or turn him into HR (not really, just joking). I mean, what’s the big deal of a simple hand job with no emotional strings attached to a friend who is really nice and doesn’t get any other sexual pleasure? After all maybe I’d be helping both him and my husband out and also be getting what I want, i.e. regular manicures. Nothing in this world is free but this seemed like a good deal. My husband wouldn’t have to pay for the manicures and would get the pleasure of his own hand jobs with nice nails.

The next day I went up to my co-worker and said “Let’s make a deal”. He looked so happy. He pulled out a $50 bill and said “When can you get it done?” I made an appointment for that night after work. After the manicure was done I went home and surprised my husband. He was smiling and said they looked lovely. I gave him a hand job and he came like crazy. Then he asked where I got the money. I said I cut back on some of the other expenses and found a new manicurist who is much more reasonable. He bought it.

The next day at work, my co-worker saw the nails and his eyes got as big as saucers. He said “Wow, that is fantastic. Beautiful, just beautiful”. I said, you want your payback at lunch? “Yes, yes, how, where”? was his reply. I said let’s meet at the park. We’ll drive in separate cars and I’ll get into your Lincoln.”

I was nervous as hell but very excited. He showed up of course and I hopped into his passenger side. “Well, slide your pants down and let’s do it, I brought some lube too”. He was grinning like crazy and slid his pants and underwear off. I stared down at his penis. It was very erect and amazingly big; it was probably 8 inches and thick. My husband’s penis is 4 ½ inches so I was shocked. I never saw one in person that was so big.

I smiled and said “That is impressive”. He said thanks. I said “Let’s set down some ground rules. First, there is no kissing, hugging or words of affection. Second, this is just a handjob for you, no touching me, and I don’t touch any other area of you. Third, we’ll do this once a month and no word ever to anyone, agreed?”

He said “How about once per manicure? Everything else I agree to”. I thought for a minute and realized he should get that. Once a month is pretty seldom. “OK, deal”. I took out the lube, poured some on his monster cock and slowly masturbated him. After two minutes he started moaning and came like a geyser. The cum shot out everywhere. It got on him, the car seat, the steering wheel, my hands and my shirt. I was just in a daze. My husband ejaculates a lot of semen sometimes but it just oozes out of his penis. This was amazing. We cleaned up and left.

That night I had my husband eat my pussy and use the largest dildo we have on me. I came like I never had before. It’s been working out real good. It’s been a few months and we’ve stuck to the agreement. And I do really look forward to those every other week hand jobs with that monster cock.



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