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How I Enjoy It

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After reading the stories, and enjoying several pleasurable hours hard and throbbing (much like I am at this moment) on this great site, I had to submit how I enjoy spending quality jerk off time.

Myself and my bi-sexual female roommate and swinging partner enjoy being nude when we are home, so I am usually in some state of arousal as soon as I am out of my clothes when I get home in the afternoon. My roommate is an ER nurse and works 12-hour night shifts, 7 nights on and 7 nights off. So when she is at work I am left to entertain myself.

I am a guy who really enjoys the feeling of my cock being hard, more than I do the feeling of cumming and enjoys spending as much time as possible being that way. I love bringing myself to the edge and stopping, letting my cock soften, and then slowly bringing it back to the edge again. I enjoy doing this for hours at a time. This is usually how my evenings home alone go.

I put on Playboy TV, get online in one of the home nudist chat rooms on AOL, and usually find someone who enjoys chattting about home nudity and swinging. While chatting and exchanging pics, I am playing with my hard cock, looking at some very hot armature pics of the couple I am chatting with, Playboy TV fuck flick playing in background for additional visual and sound stimulation. I will spend hours doing this, bringing myself to the edge over and over. As I said, I enjoy the feeling of being hard. My cock is usually dripping precum like a leaky faucet. I have to sit with a towel in the chair to catch the drips, at the base of my cock the hair is damp with precum, and an occasional small drop of cum as I sometimes almost get too close and have a real hard time stopping. My cock will pulse and throb. If I touch it at this point it will explode. This is the feeling I enjoy the most, right here, hanging on the edge, I can feel my cum boiling up wanting to rush out the swollen wet head of my cock. My ball sack is tight and pulled up against my body. Damn that feels good. After doing this for 2 to 3 hours, and not having a full cum, my balls beginning to ache, I will finally let go and cum. When I finally do, my cum squirts out in big streaming ropes up my stomach and chest. It's not unusual that I squirt in my own face, as I enjoy looking down at it squirting out, watching my cock swell and throb, my piss hole open and that big hot rope of cum erupting up on my chest.

Ohhh Yeaah here it CUMMmmmss Nowwww!!!!

Wheew. Damn that felt good, I sure hope everyone who reads this enjoys a good time with themselves also.



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