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How I Discovered How To Jack

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Luv the site... have jacked to many of the stories


When I was younger I would get some really good boners and wondered why I was getting them. I knew a little about sex to some point (man sticks it in woman and she gets pregnant) but never put two and two together that you needed a boner in order to penetrate, or that people did it for fun. I was one of four so I figured my parents did it four times. I noticed as the boners became more frequent it felt good to push it up against things.

So one night in the tub I was laying face down in shallow water with my bone pressed fully against the bottom of the tub. I did this a few nights, then figured, why not flip over and put the same pressure on it with my wrist, squishing it against my stomach? It felt pretty damn good, so I used my other arm to apply more pressure. At some point I must have moved my wrist to the right, dragging my dick across my wet belly. Holy shit, what was THAT?!!! I didn't even remember what I had just done to make that super good feeling, so I got set up again and slid it over one more time to see. The sensation was incredible. Immediately I thought I needed lube or it was going to do skin damage, so I grabbed the bar of soap and lubed up my belly, wrist, and dick. I stroked one direction several times with a single stroke and then discovered it felt tons better to go both directions, still using now the side of my wrist and finding new places on my dick to rub against see which the best spot was to increase the pleasure. The side of the wrist against the front of my dick right where the head meets did it best, so I rubbed like a fool, splashing around in the water, with my elbow hitting the side of the tub several times.

Anyone in the house must have heard me as I rubbed the living hell out of my dick, totally freaked out by how good it felt but unable to stop. I took short breaks looking at my dick wondering WHY it felt so damn good, how red it was getting, and how come I didn't figure this out sooner? I kept on rubbing it as the pleasure kept building higher and higher and finally I came, a HUGE (dry) orgasm with my small hairless body writhing around in the tub, out of breath and completely freaked out. What the hell just happened? I was hooked for life at that very moment. I tried to go a second time but it was sensitive and felt like nothing when I rubbed it. I was disappointed and hoped it wasn't a one-time deal.

The next night I couldn't wait for bathtime. I had another boner quick enough, and soaped up and started rubbing. Much to my delight it felt terrific and using the same method, I had another huge wonderful orgasm. This started a pattern of frequent baths, with an orgasm everytime my body would allow me to have one. About six months later, using the same method in the water with my wrist, I discovered something floating around in the water and fished it out. What the hell was this? In my early 70's upbringing with no internet and no porn, I had no clue. It was sticky and kinda nasty and I had a suspicion that is may have come from my dick, but I wasn't sure. So the next time I did it (next day of course) I watched when I orgasmed and sure enough this stuff was shooting out. I really wasn't too freaked out about this discovery, it felt too good to stop so I wasn't about to no matter what.

My regret is that I didn't get to see my first shots which were probably clear, then milky, etc because I wasn't expecting it and was always in a tub of water. I can't remember which came first, pubes or the cum but they were close to each other. When the pubes came along, I had to change my jacking methods because the hair was rubbing my dick raw at the base, so I graduated to stroking with my hand and onto the toilet since I shared a room with my brother. I still jack about six times a week, a little less when I get pussy. The saddest thing about my experience was that I thought I was the only one on the planet who figured this out, which allowed me to make a lot more noise doing it than I should have, thinking no one else would have a clue what I was doing in the tub for hours. The whole damn house knew what I was doing but no one ever said a word.

Feel free to comment, did anyone else use the side of their wrist to jack? After reading most of the first time stories I don't remember seeing any yet... also if you jacked to my story I would love to know that, it would be so hot!!



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