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How I Became a Videographer

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My name is Troy. I am 26 years old, single, and living with my girlfriend of 10 months. I would like to share an unusual experience that happened to me last winter. I can't tell anyone unless I remain anonymous so Solo Touch is a good forum for me to share my story. I had accepted a new job with another employer across town. On the last day at my old job, some of my co-workers suggested I go with them to a local watering hole after work. I accepted knowing it would probably be the last time I would see some of them.

Everyone arrived at the bar about the same time and I took a quick inventory to see who was in attendance. There were six of us including Wendy and Tracy. They were both 24, slim, similar bodies, and average to above average looks. As my luck would have it, Wendy and Tracy were living together and the word was they were lovers. Both were fun to be around and I always had a good time when we were together.

There was a severe snowstorm warning for 12 to 14 inches of snow. After about an hour I looked outside and it was snowing very hard. I returned to the table and announced the weather conditions to everyone. One by one, the table cleared out and it was only Wendy, Tracy, and me. Wendy suggested that I could stay with her and Tracy instead of driving way across town. I remember Wendy saying, 'We have a two bedroom apartment. I can just sleep with Tracy'. I accepted her invitation and we headed out the door. There was about four inches of snow on the roads as I followed their car. We arrived at their apartment and I thought how lucky I was that I didn't have to drive very far. I called my girlfriend on my cell phone so she wouldn't worry about me. She had met Wendy and Tracy before and had no concerns about me staying with them.

We entered the apartment and sat down in the living room. Tracy made some hot chocolate and turned on the television to get the local weather. We made idle conversation about the evening and I thanked them both on how much I appreciated their invitation. I'll never forget Tracy saying, 'More than you know'. Other than thinking about driving in all of the snow, I didn't have an idea what she meant. It was late so Tracy finished her drink and announced she was going to bed and left the living room. I told Wendy that I would be fine just sleeping on the sofa and she got me a blanket. She then inserted a VHS cassette tape, pushed play, and headed in Tracy's direction. After one minute of blank screen, an image appeared. It was a porn movie of two women having a lesbian love fest. I started to watch the video so naturally my dick started rising. I began to rub my rising hard through my pants when I realized the women in the movie were Wendy and Tracy! The scene was very hot and I started rubbing my pants a little faster when suddenly I was startled by whispering coming from behind me. I can't express in words how startled I was and thought I was going to pass out. I turned around and there stood Wendy and Tracy in their birthday suits. Wendy says, 'Hate to interrupt but would you like to watch us live? There is a chair in our bedroom if you want to watch but you must stay in the chair or the music will stop'. I sat there speechless as they both headed off to the bedroom.

As soon as I heard the buzzing sound of a vibrator, I headed off to watch. I entered the bedroom and there was Wendy on her knees with her face in a pillow while Tracy worked Wendy over with a vibrator in one hand while rubbing Wendy's nipples with the other. There was no way I was going to get my cock out through the fly so I took off my pants and underwear and sat down in the chair. I started playing with my cock as I watched Wendy and Tracy go at it like dogs in heat. How can one man be so lucky? I had to slow myself down so I stopped stroking and just watched. Wendy and Tracy had at least three orgasms each when Wendy got off the bed and takes a position in front of my chair. I smeared the pre-cum on my cock for lubrication as Tracy started an erotic performance with her vibrator. Wendy says, 'Sure looks like you are having a good time. Now it's my turn to watch'. I looked down at my cock and the head was engorged and turning purple. Wendy could tell I was close so she handed me some tissues and moved in closer. I picked up the pace of my stroking as Wendy commands, 'Shoot it. Shoot it'. That was it and I softly grunted as I spilled my cum in the tissues. Tracy jumped off the bed and gave Wendy a long French kiss so I went to the bathroom to clean up and get dressed.

When I came out of the bathroom, I heard Wendy's voice coming from the kitchen so I headed in that direction. Wendy and Tracy were sitting at the table in their nighties. I sat down and Wendy broke the ice by saying she enjoyed watching me that evening and Tracy chimed in that the session also made her very hot knowing that I was watching them. Wendy then asked if I would use her new digital camcorder to record a new movie to replace their VHS tape. She complained about the camera being on a tripod and only having one field of view. She explained that I could move about the bedroom but no touching would be allowed. I pondered the proposal for a second and nodded my head as I replied, 'Sure, as long as I don't have to stay in that chair'. We agreed on a day and I returned for the shoot but that will have to be another experience.



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