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How I Became a Pillow Humper

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Before the Internet I thought I was the only pillow humper in the world, but thanks to this forum and some Yahoo pillowhumping groups, I found that this behaviour is actually rather common among both guys and girls.

I started humping pillows at such an early age that I cannot even remember a time when I didn't, or what caused me to make the connection between pillows and pleasure. Maybe I saw somebody sitting naked on a pillow or humping a pillow, who knows? Anyway, I just learned that it felt really nice to rub my little poker against a pillow, and stuff the pillow in my underpants like a big diaper. To see in the mirror the pillow bulging in my underpants, or in somebody else's underpants is still a great turn-on to me, but bulging diapers just turn me off.

My very first pillows were rather coarse and hard feather pillows (no down), so I wonder how I could ever even think of humping them, but then I got a really nice pale blue pillow filled with kapok - and it was really soft and lovely. This is why I still love pale blue pillows most.

As a teenager I was so horny that many a day I could hardly wait till the evening to go to bed to play with my pillow. I had also learned to jack off using my hand, but it never brought me the intense orgasms I got from my pillow. Even before my first ejaculation I had started to pee in my pillow during humping - just a little to make it moist and slick, and made a new connection: whenever I feel the urge to pee, the feeling of pressure in my penis reminds me of my pillow and turns me on. The ideal situation is when my bladder is half full, so I can control my pee and just let little squirts into the pillow while humping. This greatly enhances my sexual pleasure, it feels like I could ejaculate into the pillow a dozen times during one humping session. The smell of my warm pee in the pillow and the thought that I'm doing something nasty and forbidden turns me on. But I am careful not to soak my pillow, unless I am sitting in the toilet with my pillow - there I can put the pillow on the bowl, sit on top, press my penis against the pillow and urinate on the pillow. Then the pillow is so wet and smelly it cannot be fucked until washed and dried, so I don't do this often.

While humping my pillow I don't need to imagine a partner - the pillow is my partner. It looks and feels so sexy and lovely that I need no extra turn-on. Somehow I have focused all my sexual energy on the pillow and it's all I need. I start very slowly and luxuriously, first hardly letting the pillow touch my penis, teasing myself and watching my act in the mirror. As I become hornier, I start to speed up and finally work myself in a sort of extacy, where I can stay on the brink of an orgasm for a long time, then take a break and start all over. This way my pillow humping session can last for an hour or even longer, and when I finally climax, the orgasm is awesome. It feels extremely good to bury my throbbing penis in the pillow and let my semen shoot in the soft folds in a succession of rapid squirts against the smooth fabric. After this I am very tired but also happy and completely satisfied. I usually leave my cum to dry on the pillow, because I have a special humping pillow I never use for sleeping. When the pillow becomes too crusty, I wash the case but not the filling because the fibers may lose their luxurious slickness and softness in the wash.



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