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How Do We Do It

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It was summer 1984 it was unusually hot and me and my mate Scott were in a metalwork class and telling each other how we liked to cool off. He liked to cold shower I said that was my favorite to but I liked to get really hot first by means of having a wank then cool off and clean off in a cold shower. I had not long discovered masturbation, quite by accident really when looking at my dads porn mags I would get a very proud 3.1/2inch hard on and just rubbed it and enjoyed the sensation. Then when I produced my first wet orgasm I thought 'That's it I'm a man'

I was proud of that first clear liquid and just loved the sensation and then pubic hair starting to grow my life was complete. Life was simple at 13. To my surprise Scott said that sounds good I wish we had a shower now, by which time the bell for lunch had gone, so I thought sod it in for a penny, I said 'fancy that shower'? Where he said, at my place ... ok. So off we went. No one was at home and I knew no one would be for quite some time,so we went upstairs and in to my room, there was a sort of an embarrassed silence when Scott said 'Ok how do we do it?' 'Like this' I said, and started to undo his tie and shirt. I was surprised he did not move just let me do it, now I know why he always said he liked me.

Shirt off it was on to his trouser unbuckling his belt I could see a large bulge in his trousers then the zip and then pulled them down to reveal the top of his uncut cock over the top of his brown y fronts then he started on me until I stood their in my white y fronts but my now 4.1/2 in boner was still in mine. He pulled his jocks down to reveal a large bush of hair and a 5.1/2 cock. I just stared, never seeing anything like that before in the flesh. He then stepped out and over and pulled my jocks down to reveal my little bush and so I thought little cock (Scott did say I was well proportioned for my body...) He then took hold of my boyhood and lead me to my bed and laid me down and just slowly with his thumb and forefinger rubbed my foreskin up and down over the head of my cock while slowly rolling my balls in his other hand.

I just shut my eyes and enjoyed then that feeling started tingling up my legs as he went faster and faster and BANG.... wow never felt like that before and looking at my chest was 4 blobs of pure white cum, I was in heaven..He laid back and I could see pre cum on his cock so I used that to rub him with my fist and also play with his balls and I did the same went faster and he must shot about 6 times because it went all on me and his chest. We lay there for a bit all sweaty and covered in cum then had that cold shower washing each other and bringing each other off again. We did do it a couple more times as we got older but it was never quite the same as that first time. We still talk about it in private but that's all as we are both married now with families but you never know it might get hot again !!!



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