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How Can One Orgasm so Long?

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Wish I could understand the submission on April 15, 2010


The story still baffles me how two or more people can enjoy extended orgasm together. Quoting one paragraph as follows:

'I had been teaching this young lady, Lisa, for several months. I was teaching her a very loving erotic massage going into extended orgasm. This is a fully shared experience. When a woman I am sharing with experiences an hour long orgasm I experience it with her all the way including ejaculation. It is an incredibly stimulating and ecstatic experience. She was about an hour into an incredible extended orgasm when the doorbell rang. Instead of ignoring it she looked at the clock as said 'Oh my God, it's the home teachers'.

She could include a whole room of people in her orgasms. It was great. . . . Getting a whole party orgasming is a wonderful party game, . . .'

Is it hypnosis or what? I've tried to find the answer in Specific Comments, but couldn't. How do people orgasm without touching? Yes, I've read male stories about how to extend orgasm by bringing themselves close and then relaxing. Doing so multiple times makes their cum much more explosive. Not for me. Once my manhood has deflated, it's awfully hard to bring him back to the excitement stage. Evidently he thinks, 'Ha, Quit before I exploded last time. Probably will quit on me again. Why bother getting hard for him again?'

The best I could do years ago by not pumping or sliding my hand along my shaft lightly was to pull the skin of my shaft down tight to my body so my entire shaft was thrilled by it's tightness. Pulling down tightly make a great sensation in the head of my shaft. Then by forcing my lower body by pressing or squeezing my gut muscles, I actually forced my cum to shoot. It took a while and was great, but usually don't have the energy to work so hard and don't want blood vessels in my brain to burst by pressing so hard.

A memorable experience was getting a massage and looking at the beautiful skin around her neck. I was so excited that after she left, it took only six pumps to make my cum shoot! I much prefer massages where I'm allowed to remove all clothing, even if a sheet covers me partially. When I commented about my erection which was lifting the sheet, one massage therapist said, 'It's natural when being touched all over by someone of the opposite sex.'

During the very first massage I ever got 20 some years ago, after she told me to roll on my back, I told her that if the sheet was in the way, I didn't care if she took it off. She did and tossed it in the corner. Strange though, she averted her eyes to the ceiling instead of enjoying my erection with me.

Another time, that massage therapist ususally brought a cup of water after she was done. My manhood was erect, so I was playing with him and laughing. When she knocked, I said, 'Yes.' She brought the water into the room and set it down while I was pumping vigorously and laughing. I hope she did not think I was laughing at her.

Back to my question, how can two people enjoy such long orgasms without touching their sex, or had he brought her to orgasm and was simply so engrossed that he orgasmed without his cream erupting? Side-note: I refer to a male's cum as cream, contrasted to the milk that female's breasts create. Yes, I full (pun) well know how hard a man can get when stroking such a wonderfully smooth-bodied female all over (when my wife lets me), but have not experienced orgasm without stimulation of my love wand.

Yes, I've read many stories on Solo Touch of females orgasming for hours at a time and experiencing 10 or more multiple orgasms and would love to see my wife in such a state of orgasm for so long, but she's always done after one orgasm and refuses to try for another one. In fact, some years ago she said, 'I don't care if I never have another orgasm.' She has had several orgasms since then, but seldon. I attribute that to the fact that as a girl she never learned how her body can enjoy intense feelings and thus, never made jilling a priority. Sigh.

Oh, yes, I actually found a gal who would play with my love wand until I exploded and returned some time later for a repeat. She had a big hot tub, but would not get in with me. When I got out and walked naked to the massage table, she was sitting in a rocker and I observed that she was not wearing anything under her T-shirt. So, while she was pumping my love wand, I slid my hand up along her thigh till I found her love nest. She lifted her far leg onto a footstool or somehing soI was able to stroke lightly along the outside of her fuzzy love lips. Didn't try to slip my fingers between. When I offered to give her a massage in return, she actually was willing. I was so modest that I looked the other way while she pulled off her T-shirt. Now I wish I had looked. Anyway, she let me massage her entire back side. Yes, I was still naked and of course my manhood stood out erect even though she had just pumped me to ejaculation, but neither of us orgasmed while I was massaging her back. She spread her legs while I massaged the inside of her thighs all the way up to her crotch. When I told her she could roll over, she refused saying she would not be any good the rest of the day. Sigh. She got run out of town by the town council, I think they must have all gone to her for a massage or they wouldn't have known what she was doing to males. I wish they had let her stay. Sigh. Her massages always ended in a happy time!

Precaution: I knew a guy who had occasional rash on his finger that flared up. When I asked why, he said he had put it where he should not have put it. STD is not something anyone wants to acquire.

'Nuff. No need to make this as long as my last contribution on July 2 in which I told a lot of my past, but nowhere near all of my fun! I've invented a lot of toys from vaccuum to electrical impulses, but won't go into that here. Over the years, I've probably made over 50 contributions to Solo Touch plus some on Whispering Lily for several years when it first got started.

In closing, I enjoy making my build-up last an hour or two while reading Solo Touch stories until I can't hold off my orgasm any longer and finally have to pump rapidly to let my cream gush. I've found that the longer I can hold off my ejaculation, the sweeter my cream tastes. One last question is why after not ejaculating for almost a week doesn't the quantity of my ejaculate multiply several times accordingly compared to when I ejaculate every day? I'll be watching for your replies. Happy jilling and jacking! RC

PS I hope you all had lots of internal sparklers on the 4th! RC



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