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How a Clueless Nudist Found Out

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I read a story about a nudist on here and it reminded me about my family who were also nudists and how I discovered masturbation at a later age than one might think from a family of nudists.

We lived in a house in Arizona. It wasn't a very big house, but it was fairly secluded and had a lot of land. I grew up with four other siblings-a mix of boys and girls-plus we always had family come over from Germany so it was like crazy full of people sometimes. Almost everyone in the family were nudists, especially the German relatives. Often, we'd have weekends where everyone would walk around wearing nothing but sneakers or sandals. So I got used to the human body, in all its shapes and forms, scars and ageing, since I was born. I kind of understood why we didn't talk about it to neighbors, but I didn't think I should have been embarrassed about it. We were nude indoors most of the time, and nude outdoors when the sun wasn't so hot. People find that funny, nudists wearing clothes in the hot weather, but it sure beat sunburn and loose clothing provides more shade.

I reached puberty around age 12, but I didn't discover or even know about masturbation until I was 15. I had an older sister who was 'doing it' but I didn't know until years after the fact. She even had a dildo, apparently. I never went through her stuff, and we even shared the same room until she moved out. I never knew.

I knew about sex, of course. My family never hid the fact that sex happened, and it wasn't a big deal. My aunt once joked sex in our family was like a garbage disposal: it's loud, moves a lot, and he keeps it hidden from view behind doors. Everyone knows it exists, likes it's uses, and does stuff with it, but there's no need to bring it up because it's so mundane and normal. But other people outside our house we transfixed.

My best friend Tilly was the only one that knew we were nudists, which is why she never came to our house, even though we wouldn't require her to take her clothes off if she had. Tilly was obsessed with sex. She talked about it all the time when we were in high school. Who was doing who, doing what, and so on. I just sort of glazed over it, and only pretended to care because she cared.

One day she asked if anyone in my family 'did it.' I thought she meant sex, but she finally realized we weren't talking about the same thing when I said, 'I wouldn't do it with someone I am related to.'

'No, do you... do it? You know... yourself?'

I had no clue what she was talking about. She got really frustrated and dropped the subject. So then later, I told one of my cousins and she said, 'Oh, I think she means do you masturbate!' Now, I had HEARD this word before, but never really cared enough to figure out what it meant. I always figured it was a sex thing, but I hadn't had sex with anyone. I didn't know you could pleasure yourself. My cousin then got real shy, and said that she did, and I should try. I didn't know how. So she showed me, via a general pantomime, where my hand was supposed to go. Then she just dropped it with, 'You figure it out.'

And I forgot about it. Really! I was so clueless at 15! Dang!

So, a few days later, I remembered it, and tried to 'figure it out.' I started with the front of my pelvis, and that felt alright, but it was nothing to write home about. I think I started too lightly because I didn't know you were supposed to push hard; I though it was like a light tickle. But through trial and error, I found rubbing on area made me feel a little funny. I had felt this 'funny' before, but it always scared me a little. Not like, 'AAAH!!' but like, 'Ew... that can't be good.' Again. 15. Clueless.

So after a while of this, I got too comfortable and fell asleep. But I had this amazing sensual dream about this guy I had a crush on, and somehow my brain clicked the two events together, so the next night, I decided to focus on more private areas. I thought about this guy, and the dream, and I got aroused in a way I had never felt before. I started to get wet, but I didn't go to close to my clit because...I don't know, I never felt those places were 'dirty,' but I didn't feel comfortable sticking my fingers there, especially since things were getting wet.

I came real close to... something. But I didn't go any further because I was getting tired. There were a few nights of this, and MAN I was getting horny. I kept thinking of that dream and that boy and one night, finally, my body started to let go and my fingers found their way to the right place, damn the mess, and BLAMMO!

My first orgasm!

HOLY. COW. I mean, there was a before and an after. I don't remember what I did, but I remember the sensation, and your first is always so fresh and new...

So later in the week, I told Tilly 'I did it,' but she got all weird about it. Later, she said I shouldn't brag about it, it was private! But she was glad I told her in the end because she did it, too, and wanted to feel better about it, I guess. I told some of my cousins, and they had known about it all along! Why didn't anyone tell me?

'It didn't seem like a big deal. We thought everyone knew.'

Ungh. But I was glad I found it.



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