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This is my first post, sorry it's a bit long. I hope you like it! Names have been changed.


True story, but with a bit of artistic license.

I live with four other people in shared accommodation, but for various reasons everyone apart from myself and my male housemate, Chris, had left for the weekend.

I'd never really thought of him in any way other than as a friend, but we'd always engaged in a mutual flirtation, which started out as simply holding hands whilst watching a film.

The Saturday morning after everyone else had left, he came into my room to wake me up, wearing only a pair of boxers. He knelt down by the side of my bed and gently shook me, but when he saw that it was going to take a while for me to rouse myself from my sleep, he slid into bed next to me.

As he slipped under the covers he wrapped his arms around me, saying 'if you're not going to get up, then we're just going to have to stay in bed all day.' I looked up at his face, startled at what he'd just said, and through my sleepy haze saw pure lust in his eyes. I reached up with my mouth and kissed him softly on the lips. He moaned and pressed my body harder against his as he returned my kiss more passionately, opening my mouth with his and slowly massaging my tongue with his.

As we lay there kissing he gently ran his hands down my back until he reached the bottom of my t-shirt. He slid his nimble hands underneath and pressed my body even closer to himself. At this point I was beginning to get quite hot and turned on so I sat up and ripped off my t-shirt, leaving just my panties on. He pulled me back so that I was lying on my back as he started to kiss my neck and collarbone. He slowly, achingly slowly kissed further and further down until he reached my breast, when he took my nipple into his mouth and began to lick and suck. I moaned with pleasure, spurring him on to tease my other breast with his fingers, circling my rapidly hardening nipple and pinching it ever so slightly.

I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter and when I looked down I saw that Chris was very hard too. He slid one of his hands down my stomach to rest on my inner thigh, where he teased his fingers around the edge of my soaking wet panties. He delicately pushed two of his fingers around the crotch and gasped as he parted my lips, whispering 'you're flooded'.

This sent me over the edge. I moaned as I pressed his hand against my dripping wet pussy and started to buck against it, rubbing my now hard clit against his hand.

I could feel my pussy start to contract with that familiar sense of an imminent orgasm, and I moaned 'oh God, I'm gonna come'. He quickly removed his hand and slid down my panties, saying 'turn over'. As I did he placed a pillow underneath my hips and said 'arch your back'.

As I did so he parted my legs and I could feel him kneel down between them. I felt his hands grazing my inner thighs and grabbing my ass and parting my ass cheeks. He kept one hand on my ass and with the other, inserted one finger into my incredibly wet pussy, gasping 'you're so tight'.

He slowly began to push down with his finger, sending waves of simultaneous pain and pleasure throughout my body. As he built up speed I began to moan loudly 'oh God.......oh yes......OH FUCK' until I was nearly screaming and bucking against his finger. I felt myself begin to come so I turned my head to see that he was staring at his finger fucking my flooded, tight pussy and stroking his hard cock. 'Oh fuck, Chris you're making me come, oh God......yes yes, yes YES YES OH FUCK I'M COMING OH GOD AAAAAAAAHHH....'

He started to slow the rhythm down until his finger was just resting inside of me, but I could still feel my pussy contracting around it. He pulled it out and I turned over onto my back as he started stroking his cock faster and faster. He moaned 'you make me rock solid' and I reached forward and began playing with his balls, at which he let out a long moan of pleasure.

He then laid down next to me and looked deep into my eyes and he fisted his rock hard cock harder and faster. I started kissing his neck and licking his earlobe, breathing hard and jaggedly into his ear. This seemed to send him over the edge and his breathing became more erratic as he let out little gasps and moans of pleasure. I started kissing further and further down his neck until I was licking and sucking his nipples.

It was at this moment that he gasped 'I'm gonna come'. He shuddered and breathed heavily as he shot his load all over his stomach and hand.

After he cleaned himself up, he looked into my eyes, kissed me deeply and held me.

He was right though, we never left the bed that day.



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