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Housekeeper Works Overtime

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This site is a breath of fresh air! Keep up the good work.


Our housekeeper Sharlene has been coming over once or twice a month for the past several years to do some cleaning chores that my wife and I don't relish doing. Sharlene is a cheerful woman, about 45 (I'm 60) and fun to have around. She does a good job, too. Since my job is home-based, I'm usually around when she comes over and I've gotten to know her pretty well. She's short and chubby, not particularly my first choice in body types, but I like her a lot and because of that she has always turned me on.

One day last week she was here and when she was all done, I pulled out my wallet to get the cash to pay her. Then on the spur of a moment I said, 'I could pull out an extra twenty in exchange for a hand job!'

Sharlene giggled and didn't hesitate for a moment to say, 'heck, I'd do that for free!'

Although I'd been planning for quite awhile to pull this stunt with her, I was somewhat surprised by her willing acceptance of giving me a hand job. And for free, no less! But just to make sure, I looked at her and said, 'Really?'

'Sure. Let's go do it!' was her response.

We walked together back to a bedroom where I pulled off my sweat pants and climbed up on the bed. Sharlene sat on the edge of the left side of the bed, leaning on her left arm that was placed between my knees and I no sooner got the pillow adjusted when her right hand began light caresses of my thighs and scrotum. When I got on the bed I was still soft, but the feel of Sharlene's fingers all over me started getting the blood to flow pretty fast. She even plunged her fingers down to those sensitive parts beneath my balls.

When my cock began to rise a little, she focused her eyes and attention on it, holding it between her fingers that were moving up and down, then cupping it in her fully-closed fist, continuing that blessed up-and-down motion. I reached over to the drawer and pulled out the bottle of liquid lube and dribbled quite a bit on my now rigid penis. Oooooo, that beautiful sensation of a slick hand slipping and sliding up and down on my shaft was glorious! And to think it wasn't my own hand this time, but Sharlene's!

By this time I realized full well that Sharlene's husband was one lucky guy because this woman knew precisely how to give a perfect hand job. Up and down she continued, keeping the same pace, sliding her slippery fingers and hand over the ridge of my now glistening purple head with each thrust.

'Hey, you look like you're enjoying this,' Sharlene said, looking at me with a big grin on her face.

'You look pretty pleased yourself,' I said. 'You are making all the right moves, that's for sure.'

Less than a minute later I felt my juices starting to rise and I told Sharlene I was getting close to cumming. 'Shoot it for me,' she said, not taking her gaze from my cock.

With that command fresh in my ears, I did. The sperm boiled up and out as my hips bucked and I gasped and moaned in pleasure. Sharlene didn't miss a beat, squeezing the very last drop out of my cock as I started to come down from what was a perfect orgasm.

When Sharlene went to the bathroom to wash her hands, I cleaned myself up a bit with tissue. When she came back I was still nude on the bed and I looked up at her and said, 'THANK YOU! That was absolutely fantastic! Now, is there something I can do for you?'

Sharlene winked and said, 'Not this time... maybe later.' After saying good-bye she blew me a kiss at the doorway and was on her way.

She's scheduled to be back in about 10 days. I'm hoping that Sharlene has the hand job as a permanent part of her list of chores at my house from now on. And, believe me, I'd love to return the favor for her.



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