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If this sounds like fun to you, you should have been with me and five of my coaching friends this past summer. We spent the month of June on a houseboat on Amistad Lake in Del Rio, Texas. This past school year four of us were first year coaches in Brackettville, we were all single at our first jobs away from friends and families. In January we had driven over to Amistad for the day and saw that there were houseboats for rent and we checked it out. One of the guys said, 'Why don't we rent one of those for a month this summer?' On the drive home the plan took shape. We booked one of the boats for the month of June and began the planning. We needed six guys and there were only four of us. I told the group that I could get my brother to come go with us and Scott said he could get a college friend to join us. Now there were six of us.

School let out on Friday and we decided to meet at my house on Saturday morning to begin to stage the trip that was going to begin on Monday. My brother Tom got in late Friday night, he is 11 months younger than me and we are as close as two brothers can be. I had moved into my bed around 11:30 p.m. and Tom got there at 12:30, he let himself in. I heard him. He said, 'Hey Charles, it has been a long day - I need to pee and get some sleep.' I did not get up because he said he was tired and coming to bed. He left his flip flops and shorts [we don't wear underwear under shorts in the summer] on the floor in the living room, peed and crawled in beside me in the king size bed. We talked for a few minutes and by 1:00 a.m. we were both asleep.

At 9:00 a.m. the guys arrived at my house and let themselves in - they all had been over a lot of times, except for Scott's friend Steve and knew that I never locked the door when I was home. They came in with donuts and milk and found the house quite. The single bedroom is right off the living room and they found Tom and me soundly asleep. Being a light hearted bunch, one of the guys got the sheet on one side of the bed and another got the sheet on the other and they carefully uncovered Tom and I, and two of them took video of the whole thing with their cell phones. There Tom and I are in the bed on our backs, stark naked with morning wood. As the giggling got louder we both woke up - Tom said, 'What the hell.' And, we both rolled out of bed and joined the group in the living room. We both pulled on a pair of shorts and laughed with the group at the whole thing.

The day was warm and sunny so we took the food outside and ate in the yard. I have two hammocks in my yard and four nice sun lounges for BBQ's and outdoor parties. When we got outside Tom shed his shorts and crawled in one of the hammocks for some of that wonderful South Texas sun. Tom is truly an exhibitionist when he is in a group of guys and is one of the shyest guys I have ever seen around a bunch of girls. Needless to say it was about thirty seconds before the whole group was naked and sunning.

This group of young coaches are all built with perfect bodies. Tom is 6ft 6in. and his dick is almost six inches long, just like mine. I am not sure where the guys are that have 8, 9, and 10 inch dicks, but this group of guys is going to measure between 5 and 1/2 inches and just under six inches, no monster dicks in the bunch. I am 6ft 4in. and I am beautiful if I do say so myself. The other four guys are built like swimmers that are also body builders, none of us is built like a steroid wrestler, but there is not a drop of fat on any of us.

Some grab assing started and we all had a heck of a water fight - you know it hurts when you get shot straight in the nuts with a super soaker. We did have a good time. Around 2:00 p.m. we threw some steaks on the grill and we ate like kings - steaks and baked potatoes. For nothing better to do we played some rough house touch football, now remember when Tom shed his shorts and we all joined him we have all been naked since. It was a fun day and around 9:00 p.m. the group decided that they would all spend the night in the yard, the weather is warm and the hammocks and loungers would work fine for the group of six to spend the night.

The backyard is never really dark because of street light that illuminates the yard at night. Now it is obvious that there are six guys in the backyard, naked, all single, and not a dick shy guy in the bunch. I knew that we were going to have a good time this summer on the house boat. We spent Sunday together, all slipped on shorts, t-shirts and flip flops and went to the community church service. After church we decided that we would meet at Scott's house Monday morning around 10:00 a.m. for the drive over to Del Rio and get about the business of house boating.

Monday by noon we were on the houseboat and headed out to a private place on the lake. Around 2:00 p.m. we anchored and the play began. Scott was the first to shed his shorts and slide down the second story slide - he hit the water with a splash. Five other naked guys hit the water in succession. From the first day until the last we spent the days fishing, swimming, jet skiing and just having a great time being guys.

The sleeping quarters on the houseboat were six bunks downstairs and eight molded lounges on the roof of the houseboat. We used the downstairs bunks on the three nights that it rained. By Monday night I was about to pop, I mean my sack needed to be emptied - I had not jacked-off since Friday morning and for me to go until Monday night, that may be a record for me. Around 10:00 p.m. we all began to slowdown.

Back to Scott, Scott is a preacher's kid, a nice guy, a great guy. Before the trip I knew him a little, but not that well. Scott's friend Steve was also a preacher's kid, and he turned out to be a lot of fun also. That first night we all decided to stay up top and sleep, six naked exhausted guys. Scott was more or less in a middle position in the row of loungers. He began to play with his dick slowly and when he saw that Steve, Tom and I were doing the same thing he just let 'ur rip and started jacking-off faster and faster and faster. Tom and I did the same thing and within just about a minute from full throttle jacking all six of us shot loads and loads of joy juice all over our stomachs.

The following discussion was - it has been several days for all of us and it was time to let the load loose. We all jacked-off all month, openly and without hesitation. I know I jacked-off at least two times each day and sometimes as many as four times. We were just having a good time being totally naked and totally male.

Tom and I and Scott and Steve are all intentional virgins - we are waiting until our wedding night for sex with our wives for the first time. My dad waited and he and mom have been married for 30 years and that is what I want for me and my kids so I am waiting.

Two weeks into the vacation Scott's preacher dad showed up unannounced at 9:00 a.m. The houseboat company knew our exact location because of GPS and they had brought Scott's dad out to our location. As his boat approached he had his boat captain be as quite as he could and it worked and it worked well. Scott's dad was able to come aboard our boat and climb the ladder to the roof in silence. What he found was six well tanned naked guys jacking-off. We were all facing away from the side with the ladder was and had no idea that he was aboard. Ironically, Scott was the first finished and when he turned around and said, 'Dad!!!'

We all turned around and there was Scott's dad. We all had cum all over our stomachs and baby oil all over our hands. After the shock of a dad seeing us jack-off we all kinda regained our composure. My first thought was oh shit, but it all turned out really cool. Scott's dad, Jeff asked, 'What have you all been doing, except for the obvious.'

We began to laugh and laugh a lot. It was certainly better to laugh than to cry. Jeff explained that he was going to spend the day with us and leave the next morning. He then stepped out of his flip flops, took off his t-shirt and dropped his shorts, revealing that he did not wear anything under his shorts either. Scott's dad was now the seventh naked guy on our boat. That night he offered to sleep below so that we could have privacy and we told him we could refrain for one night and we did. Jeff talked with us that night about life, love, marriage and jacking-off. My dad never said anything to Tom or I about sex or jacking-off, we just knew he and mom had waited and that we were going to wait. Jeff's advice about jacking-off was to do it, enjoy it and do it often. He also talked about how porn would destroy our ability to enjoy sex, or to even get a hard-on without porn if we became addicted. Scott almost lost it when his dad talked about how he still enjoyed jacking-off and planned to do it until he went to heaven or his hand fell off. Jeff's surprise visit was a very good thing.

Jeff's dad got picked up the next day about 10:00 a.m. we resumed our daily routine with a morning wank, fishing, swimming, lunch, a nap, an after nap jack-off, fishing, swimming, jet skiing, an evening steak on the grill, an evening swim and a night time jerk-off. This was a great summer. I wish every guy that I know could have a month in their life to just be around other straight guys, naked jacking-off together. Man we probably produced a gallon of jizz last summer and not once did anyone of us touch anybody else's dick. I can jack myself off until my wife does it for me.



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