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House Sitting Part 2

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Happened back in college


I recently posted a story about how I was house sitting for my parents while they were out of town for two weeks. After that first day of being naked all day I realized how much I enjoyed being nude or just in my underwear.

I had come back from the gym one of these days, showered and then went to run Zoe errands. I was at the mall doing some shopping and decided I would replace some worn out underwear. In looking at the styles I came across a men's thong. To be honest I did not know they made them. I grabbed the thong and draped some shirts over the box and went to the dressing room. I tried it on and it was magnificent. My balls and cock were snug but it felt like nothing was on. I put it back in the box and went to buy it.

The old woman at the cash register gave me an interesting smile as she looked at the box while ringing it up. I smiled and said I can't wait to get it on when I get home. She responded with have fun as she handed me my receipt. I got home stripped down and pulled the thong on. I wore it around the house the rest of the day feeling so sexy in my new purchase. I was slightly engorged the whole time feeling as though I was exuding pure sex.

My neighbor next door is a divorcee in her 50's decent shape but nothing insanely hot. She called and asked if I could come over and help her clean out her backyard shed. I said sure threw on some gym shorts and a t-shirt and went to help her. It was only an hours worth of work and I had nothing to do so why not. It was hot and I ended up taking my shirt off. A few times I caught Mrs. Smith(name changed) staring at me. We finished up and she invited me in for a beer.

I was sitting at her island counter on a stool when she walked in with the beer. I said thank you and started sucking it down. At this point Mrs Smith looked me dead in the eyes and asked me if I was wearing a thong. I had completely forgotten to change before going over. I was a tad embarrassed that it had been poking out of my shorts. However at the same time I was turned on. I guess she saw me blush and quickly said. It's no big deal she was not going to tell anyone. She said it had been awhile since she had seen an attractive man and wondered if I might model my thong for her.

I was so horny at this point I agreed without hesitation. I asked for another beer first. She returned and we talked as I drank it. I told her I had found and bought it on a whim and how comfortable and sexy it made me feel. At this point I pulled off my gym shorts. My cock had begun to bulge making the pouch of the thong almost see through. She exclaimed how great it looked and had me spin around. As I did she stepped closer and patted my ass. I spun around and said thank you. Mrs smith said the pleasure was all hers as she cupped her hand over my package squeezing my semi hard dick in it's pouch.

I felt so naughty and immediately grabbed her ass. She seemed to like it. I asked if there was anything else she would like from me. Mrs Smith asked if I wouldn't mind giving her a little show. I said absolutely. I was feeling adventurous and wanted to see how far I could take this. I turned around and began grinding my ass into her as if we were dancing grabbing her hands and guiding them to my cock. Then I turned pressing my bulge into her shorts covered pussy. She seemed to enjoy it as she kept squeezing my firm ass.

After a few minutes of getting her worked up I slid my hand up to her shirt and unbuttoned it revealing her ample bosom. I then backed away and removed my thong and sat on her counter as I began to stroke my cock. She had some lotion nearby and I asked for it. She applied some first to my chest and abs then my cock. I began to stroke my cock faster with the lotion. Soon I knew I would cum. I told her and she said to do what cums naturally. I laid back on the cool counter and pumped my hard throbbing cock. I began to spew cum all over her kitchen as I moaned. I got off the counter, wiped myself off and put my thong back on with the rest of my clothes. She said thanks for the show. I said anytime and was on my way.

A few days later Mrs Smith called and asked me to come over. This time no mention of work. I arrived and she was waiting for me. She was standing naked in her living room. I was instructed to come and sit on the couch. I did so and as soon as I sat down she began squeezing my cock. I fingered her pussy as she pulled off my shirt and shorts. I made her cum and was treated to the best handjob I'd ever had. I came so hard I hit myself in the face. She told me as long as I did not tell anyone she would continue to do this and maybe more.

The other things we did can't go up here but boy did we have fun.

More adventures in house sitting to cum.



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