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House of Cards

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A couple of months ago my husband and I had an old friend of mine over for dinner. Sally is one of my oldest friends, we have known each other since we were 14 and have shared a lot of experiences together. She lives a long way from us now so we don't get to see her very often, but when she comes to stay we know we are going to have a great time together, sharing old stories and jokes. My husband Steve loves the rare get-togethers as well although he can get a bit bored with our old 'memory lane' stories.

The latest night at our house was no differnent with lots of wine flowing. The conversation eventually turned to Sally's success with men, or rather lack of it. She had been single for months now after her last partner left her for his ex-wife and as the wine flowed Sally's conversation got more and more maudling about her lack of a partner-and more explicit about her how she was satisfying her needs. She had us in fits of laughter telling us about her exploits buying her latest toys-a cute little 4 inch vibrator and a set of anal beads-from a sex shop.

Steve was entering into the spirit of this girly chat-and at times seemed to be on the edge of his seat a bit too much for my liking until I kicked him, all in good spirit of course. The night was starting to head to a close mostly because the wine had run out but Sally was keen for one last drink. Steve told her to look in a cupboard in the dining room where there were some spirits and off she went to fill her glass. A few minutes later she came back in with a wicked grin on her face saying 'and what are these?' We both burst out laughing...she had found a pack of adult playing cards which Steve's mates had bought him on a boys weekend to Amsterdam a couple of years ago.

The cards all featured a woman-or two (no men, just women)-in explicit poses. We had had some fun playing strip poker with them a couple of times but to be honest had almost forgetten about them. I explained where they had come from and Sally laughed and put them on the table. I said I was off to bed and popped into the kicthen to tidy up. Sally shouted through that she was off to bed as well so I said good night and heard her head upstairs to the spare room. A few minutes later I walked back into the lounge to see Steve fast asleep and snoring in the chair. I decided to leave him as he often falls asleep like that and appears upstairs when he's good and ready.

Our house is a very old converted farm house and is built in quite a strange way, one oddity is that the spare room where Sally was staying has a window on an inside wall, overlooking the stairs and hall. As I walked past the window on the way to our bedroom I glanced in. The light was off but she hadn't shut the curtains and the full moon was streaming in. What I saw made me giggle but also took me aback a little bit so I stepped away from the window. But then I remembered that you can't see into the landing from the bedrom when it is dark because of the way light shines-meaning that Sally wouldn't know I was looking into her bedroom.

I slowly stepped back to the window and looked again. Sally was naked and was sitting cross-legged on the bed holding the pack of cards she had found downstairs. She was shuffling them slowly, and very sensually, she dealt herself a hand of seven cards, face down. She put the rest of the cards to one side and slowly started turning over the cards, one by one. As she did her hands roamed acrss her body, first stroking her nipples, then down across her smooth flat stomach to between her legs.

She moved her legs from underneath her and stretched them out, slowly parting them, and arched her back as her fingers slipped down to her pussy. I realised I was glued to the spot...and then realised just how erect my nipples were and how wet my own pussy was. The irony was that I didn't think for a minute that it was odd me getting so turned on watching her masturbate, but I kept thinking about her masturbating to pictures of women. Sally had been a voracious maneater in her time but I had never known her be attracted to women and was sure she would have confided in me if she had. Was she just so turned on by the last hour of sexy chat downstairs that she wanted to look at beatiful women in explicit poses as she pleasured herself? I was rubbing my clit faster and faster now as I saw her approach her own orgasm. Her head was flung back now, she was no longer looking at the cards as she rubbed frantically at her clit and tugged her nipples. Her hips bucked as she came and I heard her let out a quiet moan as she fell back down to the bed. I suddenly felt the need to leave her-both in case she came out of the room but also to tend to my own needs. I quietly went to my own bedroom where I lay on the bed and frantically rubbed at my clit. I didn't wait to tease myself or to hold off on my orgasm as I sometimes do, I just wanted to get there as quick as possible. I came in seconds and it seemed to stay with me for minutes, the image of Sally's beautiful body locked in my mind as I came. Needless to say that image has stayed with me during frequent masturbation sessions.....as has the conversation I had with Sally the following morning....but that is perhaps for another time.



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