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Hourgasms & Making Love

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Both hourgasms and making love are great!


I'm 33 . My partner and I have sex 2 or 3 times a week. I jerk off every morning whether we have sex or not. I do freelance drafting work at home and she works away all day. During the week my routine is much like it was today: we get up and have breakfast around 6:30. I drive her to the train at 7:15 and then head over to the gym for an hour or so workout. Back home I shower and then spend a nice leisurely 45 minutes to an hour jerking my cock.
My nephew told me about tantric sex a few years ago. I had already been using the 'stop & go' method since my early 20's. The main difference in tantric jerking off is your attitude to ejaculation. Back then, I used to build up towards repeatedly to those final couple of seconds of ecstasy. Then I'd go over the brink and spew cum all over my belly and chest. Now I get so close to the edge that it doesn't matter that I don't go off - I am so close to that final point, I just keep riding the waves as I gently control my stroking. I let one wave of pleasure begin to fall away (by not stroking) and immediately induce another delicious wave to rise up as I stroke one more time. Whether or not you're circumcised, you should use lube. If uncut (like me) pull back your foreskin with one hand and lube & stroke the glans with the other - that way the most sensitive parts of your cock are in direct contact with your lubricated fist - that's how you bring yourself to a state of high pleasure very fast. With gentle practice, you can learn to just stay in that undescribable state of pleasure. It took a few months to really perfect the technique but now it's really incredible. Over the years I've found that about 45 minutes is the optimum length for a jerk off session. That seems to be the maximum length of time that I can bear such intense physical pleasure before calling it quits for the time being. I seldom ejaculate during my daily sessions - and I didn't this morning either. I simply get dressed and go to work in my studio. It took time to be able to stop jerking off without ejaculating - that is, to end a session when I was in orgasm and leave it all to another time. The nicest thing is that it takes only a few seconds to reach orgasm the next time I lube up my cock. I'll be in ecstasy again within a few seconds.
I ejaculate maybe once every week or so but almost always when fucking my partner. She likes the feeling of my warm cum flooding up against her cervix. She knows that I jerk off every day and is okay with that. Making love to her is very different from jerking off and there is no substitute for making love. Hourgasms provide me with the maximum physical pleasure possible, I think. But being with the one I love, pleasing one another, pleasuring one another is the most wonderful activity of my life. I don't receive the same degree of physical pleasure from fucking as I get from tantric jerking off but there is the 'togetherness' of fucking that is so necessary in my life.
So now that I finished today's 'hourgasm' and spent time writing this note, I really must get to work. And dream of some nice sex with my love tonight when she gets back home from work. And another nice hourgasm tomorrow morning....



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