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Hottest Night of My Life

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At 37 years of age and married to a wonderful man who makes me cum all the time, the event I'm about to describe is still the hottest sexual adventure I've ever had.

It was the summer between my sophmore and junior years in high school. I was working at a local ice cream store scooping cones and saving money for my first car. The store was located next to a tuxedo rental place that employed a bunch of middle aged losers, and just happened to be owned by the father of the best looking, sexiest guy at our school. Jason was one year older than me, about 6 ft tall with dark brown hair that he kept longer than was the style. His mother was Greek with dark olive skin and his father was blond with blue eyes. Jason was the tall dark and handsome result of this coupling and his blue eyes and athletic build made my 16 year old body quiver.

Now I would never have considered myself in the same league as Jason. I was just a young girl who had hardly any experience with boys. I had been with two boyfriends at that point, and had never gone past 2nd base with either of them. I was cute, blond hair, slight athletic build, stressed out by my A cups and praying for a growth spurt.

It turns out that Jason's father paid him to come to the store after it closed, at 8:00pm and clean it up for the next day. I still remember the first time he walked into the ice cream shop after he finished his work at the tuxedo store. It was just before 10:00pm and myself and my co-worker Ben were cleaning up our store which would soon close as well. He said hi to me and then spent the next 15 minutes talking sports with Ben. This same scene repeated itself several times over the next two or three weeks. Jason seemed nice enough, but he never showed any real interest in me. I was very interested in him. On several occasions I would run home after work and fantazie about Jason and I as I masturbated myself to sleep.

One night around the 4th of July, Ben and I were cleaning up after work and he mentioned to me that Jason thought I was really kinda cute. He said that they had been talking after I left the week before and Jason wanted to know my 'situation.' He said he explained that I was not really seeing anyone and that he would speak to me and relay my reaction to Jason. I tried to play it cool with Ben. I let him know that it might be o.k. with me if Jason asked me out. In reality, I was so shocked I ran home and told my older sister who flat out didn't believe me.

About one week later Jason comes into the store right at 10:00pm and strikes up his usual convesation with Ben. 5 minutes later Ben announces that he has to leave and tells me that Jason is willing to stay with me until we lock up the store. Our owner always insisted that there be a guy at the store with any female employee at that time of night. Ben walks out and now its just the two of us. Right out of the blue Jason wants to know if I talked to Ben. I say yes and he proceeds to ask me out right then and there. Of course I try to play it all down, but I quickly agree and a date is made for the upcoming Saturday night.

At this point I tell Jason I just need to lock the back door and he can leave. Instead he says he wants a backstage tour of the shop. I show him around the place and we end up in the owners office and start taking about school, people we know etc. By now its almost 11:00pm and I call my parents to say I'm spending the night at my friend Taylor's house. They thank nothing of it and say see you tommorow.

At this point my mind is racing. I'm alone in a locked up store, with no place to be, and the hottest guy at my school is sitting across from me in shorts and a tee shirt looking good enough to eat. Jason is being a real gentleman, and I decide if anything is going to happen (and boy do I want it too,) I'm the one who has to make the first move. I ask him about this girl he used to go out with named Piper. I tell him that the rumor around school is that she was bi-sexual. He confirms that rumor and sets about telling me all sorts of crazy sex she is into. He mentions that she really loved to masturbate and that she would insist that they do it together. He says he was reluctant at first but eventually he was really turned on by watching, and that it became the major focus of their sex lives. I can't believe what I'm hearing, but my young pussy is having no trouble processing the information as evidenced by the wetness flowing into my panties. You can cut the sexual tension with a knife and Jason is noticeably shifting in his seat to try to conceal his now hard cock.

Out of the blue he asks me if I like to masturbate? To this day I still can't believe the words came out of my mouth, I told him that not only did I like to masturbate, but that I'd got myself off several times recently thinking about him. He then stands up and I think he is going to come across the room to kiss me. Instead, he proceeds to take his shirt off and tosses it to the gound. I start to shake with a combination of nervousness and horniness that I remember to this day. He says its my turn. I stand up and remove my shirt and bra which exposes my little breasts, and Jason says I look beautiful. He then reaches for his shorts and pulls them down and off along with his underwear and stands proudly before me in all his glory. He looks like a God. His erect cock is so mesmerizing I have to tell myself to look up into his eyes. I can't get the rest of my clothes off fast enough. Jason leans back against the desk and starts to stroke that rock hard cock all the while staring intently at my young body. My hand makes a beeline as if magnatized to my soaking wet pussy. I sit back in a chair across from Jason bring my knees to my chest and expose my dripping virginity to him. To this day I've never been that turned on. Jason is moving faster and faster and I have no trouble keeping up. He asks me to put my fingers in my pussy and I love the idea, first one then two and now I'm fucking myself like never before. I stand up to get a better angle and turn my back to Jason who tells me I've got a 'great ass,' and that does it, I shout out that 'I'm coming' and my pussy convulses around my fingers with such force that I collapsed into the chair and almost pass out. I quickly turn back toward Jason to see him shoot several long ropes across the tile floor as he mumbles something about how hot this is. He falls back against the desk and tries to regain his composure. I can't beleive I just masturbated in the ice cream store, let alone in front of the boy of my dreams.

We cleaned up the mess, kissed goodnight, and I held my breath until Saturday. It was the start of a two year relationship which ended when I went away to college. Jason still lives in our hometown and is married with three kids. I live several states away and have one of my own. I still get off thinking about the 'hottest night of my life.'



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