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Hottest Massage Ever

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True story. I was in my early 40's when this happened


A few years back I was in a city in Texas and decided to get a massage. I found a place that had an ad that was pretty suggestive so I figured it would give me what I wanted. I called and arranged for a girl to come to my hotel room. About 45 minutes later someone knocked on my door. Imagine my surprise and excitement when I opened the door and saw the most beautiful, young Oriental girl I had ever laid eyes on standing there. I invited her in.

She told me the prices for a 30 minute and one hour massage. She also told me the price for their special massage. When I asked what the special massage included she told me that she would take all her clothes off and massage me in the nude and that it would include a full body massage. She smiled and said, 'You not be disappointed, I promise.' I told her I wanted the special massage and paid her. She took my money and called the massage parlor where she worked and told them that I wanted the special massage.

She asked me to have a seat on the bed and as soon as I sat down she bent down and started kissing me. She also started taking my shirt off. When it was off she knelt down and took my shoes and socks off. I then stood up and she took my pants and undershorts off. My dick was already half hard. She pointed to my dick and said something about me being large.

After I was totally naked she started removing her clothes. As she uncovered her little tits she asked me if I wanted to suck her nipples. Finally she was totally naked also. Her body was beautiful. Her tits may have been small but they were perfect for her size. She was only about five feet tall at the most, rather small compared to my six-three frame. She had a thick black patch of pubic hair that was typical Oriental. If you don't know it, their pussy hair is straight and not curly like American women. She was in her early 20's, just what a man my age needed.

She had me lie on my stomach and she gave my back and great massage. She spent a long time playing with my ass cheeks and ass crack. She massaged around my ass hole and my dick was throbbing. Finally she asked me to turn over. When I did my dick was sticking up as hard as it could get. I told her to skip the front massage and get down to business. With that she took my dick in her small hands and started playing with it. She gently took my balls in her hand and rolled them around. Ocassionally she would bend down and suck my nipples. She would lick my stomach and chest. Every so often she would rub her tits over my dick and balls and massage the end of my dick with her erect little dark nipples. My precum was getting smeared all over her tits.

After a long time of playing like this I told her that I needed some relief. She looked at me and smiled and said, 'You fuck me if you like.' I did not have a condom and I did not want to take the chance so I told her that we would just stick to masturbation. I was on my back and she was sitting straddled my body with her pussy resting at about my waist. She picked up a bottle of baby oil and poured a generous amount on my hard dick. She then poured some in her hand and rubbed it all over her tits. She leaned down, trapping my dick between my stomach and her titties, and started moving her body back and forth. As she would slide down I would see the head of my dick emerge from between our bodies. Then she would slide her body up and my dick would disappear. After doing this for a while she stopped and poured more oil on us. My entire front was oiled up as was she. She was sliding her little titties from my thighs up to my chest, all the while keeping my hard dick between us. I knew that I was going to cum like this. Finally I could feel that tingle in my crotch and I put my arms around her and held her body tight to me with my dick pressing aginst her beautiful little tits. About that time I felt the first spurt of cum. She felt it also because she laughed and said, 'You cum now.' I had about five or six large squrts of cum and several smaller ones. She said something about me cumming so much. I told her it was because she was so fucking hot.

Once I released my grip on her she began sliding her body against mine again, rubbing my cum over both of us. Finally my dick started getting soft. She sat up and looked at the mess we had made. She took my dick and drained a little more cum from it and took the cum and rubbed it all over her tits, massging it on her nipples. She smiled and said, 'Your cum make my titties grow larger.'

Finally she stood up and told me to stay where I was. She went to the bathroom and wet a warm rag and came back in and cleaned the front of my body. She then said, 'You get in tub and I give you good bath.' I thought, what the hell. She ran water for me and I stepped in the tub and sat down. She got in the tub with me and washed my entire body. Of course all the time I was playing with her tits and fingering her pussy. Finally we got out of the tub and dried each other off. I figured she was get dressed and leave but she said, 'You want massage me?' I said, 'Sure.'

We got back on the bed and I massaged her back then front. I played with her asshole just as she played with mine. I then turned my attention to her beautiful little pussy. I inserted one then two fingers in her tight little hole and started rubbing her clit. Her pussy was already wet and it wasn't long until she had an orgasm. Now you may think she faked it but I have been around women enough to pretty well tell if they are faking it and I really do not think it was a faked orgasm. It wasn't the moaning and groaning but the spasms I could feel in her pussy, followed by the large amount of pussy juice that came out of her pussy. None-the-less by the time she did whatever she did, I was hard again. She told me she could not leave me in that condition. She had me lay on the bed and she took some baby oil and oiled my dick up once more. She cupped my balls in one hand and started jacking my dick with her other hand. She was on her knees with her ass turned toward my face. I reached up and stuck a finger in her pussy as she jacked my dick. I brought my finger to my nose and smelled. The smell of her pussy was intoxicating. I wet one of my hands with her pussy juice and smelled it as the fingers on my other hand explored the inside of her vagina. It didn't take long until I came for the second time. Naturally the second cum was not as intense as the first one but none-the-less it was good. She again cleaned my dick with a warm rag and then asked me to stand up. She insisted on dressing me. She put on my undershorts followed by my pants and shirt. She told me to sit down and she would put my socks and shoes on. I told her I could do that but she insisted that I allow her to do it. Finally as she tied my last shoe lace she stood up and kissed me on the lips again. She smiled and said, 'You have a good time?' I assured her that I did.

I can understand why men fall in love with Oriental women. They want to please so much. It was the best experience I have ever had with a massage.



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