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Hotel Window

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Voyeurism & Exhibitionism at the same time!


I was staying in a hotel in a city. My room was on the 7th floor, and there were some apartments across the street from the hotel. Every so often I would look out the window to see if anything interesting was going on in the apartments. Then I saw a young woman giving a blowjob to a young man almost directly across from me. He was totally naked. Her back was to me and she was going up and down on his cock like crazy.

I couldn't believe that they were doing this with their curtains/shades completely pulled aside, and then I realized that they must have been putting on a show on purpose. I became erect almost immediately with the excitement of what I was seeing. I stripped off all of my clothes so that I was completely naked and watched them with my lights turned off. I lightly stroked myself while watching them, not wanting to come to soon.

After a while, I saw the guy's leg pull up and twitch, and then relax, and I figured he had come. (All this time I only saw his legs and her back.) Then she got up and I had a quick glimpse of his naked body before he got up. I was really wishing that I had a pair of binoculars, because I really want a better view. Both of them looked like they were in their 20's and in good shape. I guessed that he had about a 6" dick - it didn't look extra large or small. />

They both left the room and I began thinking about turning the lights on in the room and standing naked in front of my window and jacking off like that. After what I had just seen, I was really horny and excited and ready to do almost anything. I went to the bathroom to get some lotion to use as a lubricant.

When I came back to the window, they were at it again, only this time they were doing it in the missionary position. Now they were both completely naked and their heads were toward me. He looked like he was looking out the window while he was having sex, like he wanted to see if anyone was watching. He was going up and down, in and out, in a smooth steady rhythm. I figured he could see my head in the window and that he knew he had an audience. I was so hard I felt like I was going to burst, yet I didn't want to come yet - I wanted this excited pre-ejaculate feeling to last.

Then he got off her, while I tried to get a good look at his penis, picked her up and entered her from a standing position while holding her. I was very impressed, both with the fact that he was going at it again so soon after she had blown him, but also that he was strong enough to hold her body weight while still having sex with her.

Then they changed positions and she got on the bed on all fours, as close to the window as she could get, and he entered her from behind in a standing position. Since they were so close to the window, I got the best view yet of his erection, and decided that 6" was probably about right. He had a straight erection, not hooking or curving, and I thought it was a very nice looking penis.

At this point, I was going crazy. I couldn't believe that this couple was having sex right in their window, knowing that I was watching them. I decided that it was time to return the favor.

So I turned on all the lights in my room, and stood up on the heater case in front of the window so that they could see that I was naked and erect. I started to stroke myself, trying to keep time with his movement in her body. At this point, he thrust hard into her in more jerky moves, and I realized that he was coming again.

I kept stroking myself in full view of them (and anyone else who might have looked at my window). She sat crossway on the bed with her head against the wall, but turned and looking right at me. He stood a bit to the side, but giving me full frontal nudity.

I decided that it was time, and stroked myself to an intense orgasm. I caught as much of my cum in my hand as I could. Then I just stood there for a moment, giving them a good no-hands profile of my cock sticking straight out in front of me.

I went to clean up, and when I went back to the window, their shades were down. That was one of the most exciting and intense masturbation episodes I think I have ever had.

Well the next night I kept looking out the window again to see if I was going to get a repeat performance, but nothing seemed to be happening. After about an hour of checking, I decided that I was going to jack off in front of the window anyway, because I was still very horny just thinking about what had happened the night before.

I went to the other window, by the desk, and turned the desk lamp upside down so that it would be shining up, instead of down. I then stripped completely naked again, only I put a t-shirt on my head to hide my identity a bit. I got some lotion and left it on the desk. I made sure that every light in the room was on, so that if anyone looked my direction they could not miss what I was doing. Then I climbed up on the desk, and stood so that my whole naked body, from head to toe, was visible in the window. The desk lamp was shining up at my genitals from below, so my dick was in the spotlight.

I then slowly stroked myself and played with myself while watching the windows across the way and the street below to see if anyone had seen me. There were several people passing on the street below, but no one seemed to look up. I kept getting more lotion (I am cut), and kept myself erect while waiting for an audience. Finally, after about 45 mins., a guy in the apartment directly below from the one of the night before saw me and came over to his window to watch me.

Now, even though he was fully dressed, and this didn't look like it was going to be a mutual, like the night before, I still decided that I would give him a show. I would stroke myself and then take my hands off and slowly wave my hard cock in the light, making sure that he was getting a good view. Then I went for it, stroking myself until I ejaculated into my hand.

I then stood there for a bit, again giving the no-hands view of my penis. I even squatted a little bit to get my dick even closer to the light. The guy stood there and watched the whole performance and never moved.

While not quite as exciting as the night before, I still found it very arousing to expose myself and jack off while a stranger watched me.

I wonder what will happen on my next trip....



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