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Hotel Spa Massage

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I have never been caught beating off but may want to someday....


I was sent to our remote office to help train a new employee. While helping him move some boxes into storage I strained my back pretty good. I took some aspirin hoping the pain would go away after a couple of days. No such luck in that department, however I noticed my hotel had a spa. I called down to see if I could get a massage and booked one they had open the following day. I arrived a few minutes early and was greeted at the front desk by two women. They explained my masseuse was running a few minutes late. They said I was welcome to use the sauna and steam room located in the men's locker room before my massage. If I had known they had a sauna and steam room I would have been down days earlier. I paid my fee and filled out some paper work and one of the girls said she will show me into the men's locker room and show me how to use the locker and where the spa robes and shower shoes are kept.

I thought that it was a bit odd for a female to escort me into the men's locker room, usually it's a male employee that does it, or so it is at other spas I have been to. I was given a tour of the facilities and once we got to the steam room she asked if I would be using the steam or sauna room. I said maybe the sauna so she went in and turned it on for me and when she came out she said it takes a few minutes to warm up. She suggested I shower then enter the sauna, by then it should be a bit warmer in there. She told me I had about 10 to 15 minutes to enjoy the sauna and then to wait out in the lounge area for my masseuse. She again apologized for the masseuse being late. She then asked if I had any questions.

I thought for a second and said no questions. She looked back at me a bit bewildered and asked again if there was any questions or concerns. I then asked her if it was common to have female employees in the men's locker room. My concern was I should have brought a pair of shorts with me or something. I didn't want to be caught naked when this spa had a non naked policy. She quickly put those fears to rest when she said that on slow days they usually do not have a male employee on staff and if no one is in the men's room they allow the female employees to enter for tours and cleaning. She assured me that since I had checked in that no other female would enter the room until after I left.

I did my time in the sauna and then quickly showered one last time before putting on my robe and heading for the lounge area. The robe I had selected was short, a little too short. I went through the pile and found that all robes were the same size. I entered the lounge and was the only one there. This was a good thing because when I sat down the robe left all things open and out for anyone to see. I re adjusted myself and the robe a bunch of times. I finally got the thing to cover my dick, but not by much. That's when I heard people talking and walking towards me. In walked two ladies, one in a half opened robe and the other in an employee outfit. They looked startled to see me sitting there. The lady in the robe took one hand and clasped the top of her robe shut while placing her open hand down between her legs as if to shield me from looking there. They said their goodbyes and departed company. The employee asked me if I was waiting for someone. I said I was and she would be in to get me when the room was ready. She walked off without another word.

The massage was nothing special, basic massage and no I did not ask for or was offered a happy ending. This is a classy place. I did however almost fall out from under the covers when I rolled over to my stomach. I caught myself and she grabbed my hip and shoulder. The massage was over, she said to take a few minutes before getting up and coming out to the hallway where she would meet me with a glass of water. I laid there for a few minutes and remembered I had to rebook my flight home a day earlier and had to get that taken care of quickly before the end of close of business. I met her in the hallway, again the robe not long enough and the feeling that I was exposed more than I should be. The hallway was packed with employees, maybe five female employees, all lined the walls of the hallway as if I was on parade with my short robe. My masseuse told me that my mid back region was tight and still needed to be worked on some more. She suggested I make another appointment and to also use the sauna for a few minutes before leaving.

I took her up for another few minutes in the sauna. I went it and turned it on, then jumped into the shower to get the oil massage lotion off of me while the sauna heated up. It was in the shower, maybe because of the oil lotion and the slipperiness of it, that I started to get hard. I half attempted to rub one out real quick but decided I would wait until I returned to my room to do that. I could get caught if someone walked in to the men's locker room.

I walked over to the sauna and sat in there for about 15 minutes and felt really good and relaxed. While in there I thought about jerking off again and started to get hard again. However the thought of being caught prevented me from stroking too long. When I got out I took yet another quick cool shower. I towelled off and walked around the locker room. I found the bin for used towels and robes and deposited mine. I then grabbed a small hand towel to stand on while I got changed and to dry up any remaining moisture on my feet.

There I am standing on my little bitty towel about to open my locker when I sense the locker room door open. I then hear a female voice call out softly 'is anyone in here?' Not sure if I am actually hearing this whisper or just thinking I am hearing it and no one is actually there I say nothing and am frozen stiff in front of my locked locker. I then think if someone is there I should maybe cover myself up with this small towel I am standing on, no that will be silly looking and won't cover much anyway. I should go into the next room and grab another towel or another robe, like that will cover much. Instead I am a deer in the headlights when my masseuse walks in.

There I am naked facing my locker, blank stare on my face. She sees me standing there and says 'oh sorry. I didn't think anyone was in here.' Then she waves her hand in the air mentioning 'don't worry about it. I have already seen and touched most of your body anyway.' So I reply in a joking manner with 'so you're here for the rest of it?' She laughs and says she is there for the linens and to make sure the room is cleaned. I tell her then don't let me stop you. So I thought she would leave and wait for me to finish getting dressed. But she grabs the dirty linen basket and walks out. I am still fumbling with my locked locker. I finally open it and start to grab my clothes when I feel a sneeze coming on. I run over to the sink area where they have a box of tissues and grab one. I sneeze and through the refection in the mirror I see she is coming right back in, without knocking or announcing herself this time. I am still naked and now far away from my locker. She has already seen me, so what the big deal you may ask. Well I had worked myself up in the shower and a little in the sauna room but was afraid of being caught and was going to wait till I got to my room to rub one out. I am still in that mind set and half hard. Having this lady in the locker room and me being naked and all I can feel myself getting harder again.

She drops off the bin in its place and continues to go through the locker room looking for things that need to be cleaned and making sure the sauna and steam room controls are off. At this point I don't care anymore. I had thought I should cover up and or hide but she is still prancing around like it's no big deal, so I will not make a big deal about it. She then opens up and asks if I am a local or in town staying at the hotel. I tell her I am staying at the hotel and leaving tomorrow if I can get an earlier flight out. She asks a bunch of other questions and tells me about her job. I continue to get dressed and my dick gets harder and harder by the second. By the time I put on my underwear she is leaning up against the wall looking in my direction and my dick is rock hard. She doesn't even bat an eyelid or anything. She is there the entire time I am getting dressed. Since I am only going up to my room I don't put my tie on.

When I get to my room I am ready to stroke and need to stroke. Once in my room I can see I am alone. I remove my pants and commence stroking my dick. I can't for some reason get that into it. I thought I would explode on the first few tugs. After about a minute I am now getting frustrated. I have my pants off, socks on and shirt on. I can not stop thinking about being naked in front of her with her clothes on and her not caring the least bit. Not only that but she said nothing about my growing erection, as if she sees guys everyday in that state and she is now desensitized and its doesn't bother or affect her. I then walked into the bathroom in my room and that's when it hit me. I had wanted to be caught and watched. I removed my shirt and stared at myself in the mirror as if I was watching someone else. It only worked for a few seconds. Something else was preventing me from blowing my load. I looked at the guy in the mirror, he was still wearing his black dress socks. I removed them. Much better. I stroked about 20 more times and shot my load into the sink. I didn't think I would stop. The more I pumped the more cum that came out, the better I felt. I stayed hard for another 20 minutes while laying on my bed, naked with the curtains open. I wonder if anyone in the office building across the street saw me.

Maybe I liked being watched? Maybe I should let someone catch me. Maybe I should book another massage with her and request no covers? She has already seen it after all, or has she?



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