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Hotel Pool

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I was about 16, and my family went on vacation with the neighbors, and they had a daughter who was a year younger than me that I was good friends with. When we were at the hotel, my parents had a room, her parents had a room and we shared a third. The way they were set up, our room was the one that faced the pool. We spent a lot of time out there during the day, but we only went out there at night once. When we did, she was joking around saying it would be fun to skinny dip since it was really late and no one was out there, and I told her it was a good idea. She said it was just a joke, but I was serious and wanted to. She looked nervous because she didn't really think I would, but I got her to go along with it. We stripped down and wrapped up in our bath towels and walked out, constantly looking to make sure no one was there. The only real light was at the bottom of the pool and it was dim, so we dropped our towels and quietly slid in the water.

It felt so, so good swimming naked, especially in a public place like we were, I was starting to get a little turned on, but I wasn't the only one. I kept noticing that when she stopped, it was always in the same place, but after a while I noticed it was where one of the jets were. She would stay there for a few seconds, swim off, then go back. After I realized what she was doing, I asked her from across the pool how it felt. She played dumb and said she didn't know what I meant, and I told her I meant that jet she kept stopping in front of. She pushed away from it and covered her face because she was so embarrassed, but I told her it was OK and that I love to masturbate too. She is a fun girl, but she could be kind of a prude about things like that. I swam over and said if she wasn't going to use it I would, then positioned my pussy right in front of the jet, spreading my legs apart and moaned as the water massaged my growing clit.

She swam next to me and said she was worried about getting caught, but by this time my teen hormones got the best of me and I was feeling kind of wild. I told her to follow me and we got out and I walked over to a lounge chair and sat down and told her to sit next to me. She did, and I spread out and started rubbing myself right there in the open. It was dark where we were so I don't think anyone could see us, but it was still pretty risky. She wasn't sure if she should, but I kept on rubbing and told her to go ahead. She started to, and it wasn't long before I heard some soft 'mmmm' and 'ooooh' sounds coming from her. Hearing her turned me on even more, and my clit was sticking out more than ever before. Every time I squeezed it, I would take a sharp breath and my toes would curl and claw at the seat. I knew I was getting close, so I pulled my knees back and reached around, rubbing myself with both hands with my feet bouncing around in the air. My orgasm then hit me and I whispered 'I'm cumming, I'm cumming' as my wet lips contracted around my fingers. After I settled down, I rolled onto my side and watched her wiggle around in her seat, when all of a sudden she made a loud 'unhhh' sound and her legs clamped shut. I knew she came, and I asked her if she thought it was fun, and all she could do was lay there and say 'mmhmm'. We laid there for a little while nude, when I saw a light come on from across the pool. We grabbed our towels and hurried back into our room, laughing and hoping he didn't see us. We decided to go to bed then just in case and got under our sheets without getting dressed.

The next morning when we got up, we sat there naked on our beds and talked about the night before. All the talking got me wet, so I said I wanted to masturbate again and leaned back and started rubbing, and she decided to do the same. We were right in the middle of it, when someone knocked on the door. It was my mom, and we jumped up and threw on our robes before opening the door. She said we were all going out for breakfast and to hurry up and get ready, then went back to her room. We were both shaking and laughed about it, and I said I wanted to finish. She wasn't going to, so I sat on my bed and opened my robe and started rubbing again. It didn't take long before I fell back on the bed, feeling relaxed and tingly between my legs. We both took our showers and got ready, then went out to breakfast. Our parents knew nothing about it, and luckily we didn't get a call from the hotel manager either.



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