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Hotel Maids

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Some of you may find this hard to believe but I assure you it is a true story.


I have always enjoyed sniffing a pair of good smelling panties when jacking off. Once, several years ago, I was out of town attending a convention. I had a room at this hotel and was there for an entire week. My first morning there I went by my room around 10AM and there was this very beautiful young Hispanic girl cleaning my room. I call her a girl but she was 18 years old. I was in my early 40's at the time.
The next morning this same girl was cleaning my room. That was the morning I asked her how old she was and she told me she was 18. I asked her if she would be cleaning my room every day and she indicated that she would. That was when I decided to do something I had done many times before.
That night I wrote a note. The note said, 'Thanks for a wonderful night. You were great in bed. I would have liked to have told you in person this morning but you are sleeping so soundly I don't have the heart to wake you. I know you will be gone when I get back to my room and I will probably never see you again. Please do me a favor. Take this $20 bill and leave me your panties as a keepsake to remember you by. Again thanks.' I signed my name to the note.
I left the note and a $20 bill on the un-made bed. Now when the young Hispanic maid comes into my room she finds the note and the $20 bill. If she reads the note she will probably assume that whoever I had in bed the night before has left and apparently did not leave her panties behind for me to remember her by because there are no panties and the $20 is still there. What will she do? Will she ignore the note or will she take the $20 and take her panties off and leave them? If the maid takes the money and leaves her panties, she assumes that I will think the woman I had in bed left her panties. I get a pair of panties and she gets the money so we are both happy. Of course if I find a pair of panties then I know that they belonged to the maid.
As I indicated I had done this many times before, usually without success but sometimes I did score a pair of panties. I went up to my floor about mid-morning and took a few quick looks down the hall. Finally I say the young Hispanic woman come out of my room and get something off the cart in the hallway. I knew she was on duty that morning. Now, to wait and see what she does.
At noon I return to my room. My pulse quickens as I unlock the door to my room. I go over to the bed and check. I don't see anything. I pull the cover back and pick up one of the pillows. There under the pillow is a pair of panties. Bingo. It worked. The panties are there along with my note and the $20 bill is gone.
Before leaving the room I take a quick smell. Damn her pussy smells wonderful. I replace the panties where I found them until that night. That night I jacked off two time as I sniffed the sexy odor of this young girl's pussy. I jacked off a third time the next morning before getting out of bed.
I made it a point to go by my room that next morning while she was cleaning. I didn't say a word about the panties but I smiled and said hello. She smiled back at me and spoke. I thought I saw her blush slightly but that could have been my imagination. As I looked at her I thought about how great her pussy smelled.
This beautiful young Hispanic girl has no idea how much better my jack off sessions were the rest of the week and all because of her panties.
Through out my career I traveled quite a bit and I tried this many times. Usually I would find my note and the $20 bill left on the made bed but like I said, occasionally I would hit the jackpot. I didn't do it every time I was staying in a hotel. Only if the maid was attractive did I want to do it. To all of you who left your panties behind - thanks a bunch. You made jacking off so much more enjoyable.



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