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Hotel Hot Tub

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I have to travel for my job, and sometimes when I have a late flight I can't sleep at my normal times because of the time zone differences. One of these nights I was in my hotel room around 2:30 AM and I was wide awake. I thought maybe a soak in the hot tub would relax me, so I got my shorts out of my luggage, changed and made my way down to the pool area. It was a pretty nice hotel, the hot tub and half of the pool was indoors, along with a full gym, lounge area, etc.

I got to the pool and when I walked into the room, I saw a woman in the hot tub with her eyes closed, breathing heavy and she had one foot up on the ledge. I got a little closer and she must have heard me, because her eyes opened wide and she jumped out. She looked like she was in her early 50's and had a few extra pounds on her, but not fat. Not only that, but she was completely naked. She stumbled getting her flip flops back on, and when she did she hurried over to the bathroom, her naked ass wiggling back and forth with every step. I guess she figured she was going to be alone, so she took the opportunity to get naked and masturbate in a public place.

I set my towel on a chair and lost my shirt and sank into the hot, bubbling water. I was there for a couple minutes when she walked back out in her white bathrobe, had it held tight and stared straight down at her feet as she walked by. She must have been pretty embarrassed because she couldn't even look over at me when she passed. I just kind of laughed it off, but the more I thought about her masturbating where I was sitting, my cock started to get hard. At first I just squeezed it a little, but I knew I needed to cum so I slid my shorts down a little, letting my cock stick straight up. I pushed them down to my ankles and started stroking myself, keeping an eye on the door so I wouldn't get caught like she was.

I had never jacked off in public before so my heart was racing and I knew my orgasm was going to hit me soon. I was at it for a couple of minutes and when I felt it, I raised up so the head of my penis was sticking out of the water, stopped stroking and let a thin jet shoot out, then started stroking fast for a few more seconds until my real orgasm hit me. My penis was tingling and it felt like my orgasm went on for minutes. When it was all said and done I sat there with my head back for a couple of minutes, knees spread apart and my softening penis flopping around with the water jets. I didn't stay much longer, and I covered up and dried off and made it back to my room. Needless to say I slept great, and I never saw that woman again.



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