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Hotel Fun With My Best Friend

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This is the true story about my best friend and me comparing our erections, then later having a hot jack off session together.


So one of my best friends and me....well I guess we're like most guys. We like to talk about women and sex and stuff like that. But he doesn't know I'm bi though. And maybe if he knew that, it would be ok. But just in case it might threaten our friendship, I've kept that to myself. But I like the guy. Besides being really good friends, I have to admit I'm kinda into him too. He's really cute and he has such a young, smooth and slender body. It's really nice to look at! On the rare occasion when I get to see him shirtless, it just about drives me crazy!

And we joke a lot about masturbating. It's definitely not a taboo subject. So it's pretty clear to each of us, that that's something we both like to do....a lot! For instance, if we're both eyeing up a hot chick and it's obvious what we're both thinking about, one of us will say something like, 'Yeah, I'm gonna be jacking off to that tonight! And then we'll laugh together. So we kinda have that common bond.

Well, it so happened that we were out of town together and we were sharing a hotel room. When it was time to go to bed, we each got out of our jeans and took off our shirts so that we were just wearing our boxers to sleep in. I snuck in as many looks as I could of his awesome body. Then, lights out and we laid down in our beds. We continued talking though, mainly about some girls that we both knew. And the things we were saying and the thoughts and ideas that we were sharing was getting pretty erotic. Needless to say, as I laid there, I was sporting a raging hard-on that was demanding attention. So all the while as we were talking, I was kinda stroking it a little bit under the sheets, just to keep it satisfied. And since we didn't hold back on sharing that kind of information, I said to him at one point, 'This is giving me a boner.' And he laughed and said, 'Oh yeah, me too.' Well now that made me feel even hornier, cuz now I was picturing his hard-on in my mind.

So maybe after about 10 seconds thinking about that, I got up the nerve to say, 'You know, it's natural to be curious and want to know how you compare to other guys.' But honestly, the reason I said that is cuz previous to this night, I'd jacked off a lot thinking about his body and imagining his cock. Now I wanted to see it for real! So I continued, trying to convince him, 'I mean, you know, everyone's different. So I'm wondering how yours compares to mine. I mean like, is mine normal?' And I laughed, just to keep it light. 'I mean, I don't know what other guys' boners look like. And I don't know if I'm weird or not.' I was being truthful here. And I said, 'Cuz mine kinda sticks straight up....well almost straight up.' He interrupted, 'Yeah actually, I kinda wondered about that too cuz mine sticks up like that too.' We both laughed and he said 'Kinda weird huh?' We both laughed some more. So I then said, 'Well then maybe I'm alright after all.' I paused again to gather up more courage and I said, 'So we should turn the lights on and just check each other out and see how we compare. I mean, if you're curious too.'

Then there was kind of an awkward silence. And then he finally said, 'Uhhh....I don't know. I responded, 'Well, don't take that the wrong way. It's just an idea. We don't have to do it.' Then after a short pause, we just continued on talking about the things we were talking about before that.

But apparently he was mulling my idea around. Cuz about 10 minutes later he just blurted out 'Alright.' And I was like, 'Ummm....alright what?' And he sheepishly said, 'Are you still hard?' Well of course I was! So I said, 'Ummm, yeah actually I am.' He said, 'Alright then, come on.' And he got up out of bed and turned on the light. And now that I could see him again, this time he was pitching a tent in his boxers. So it obvious he was still sporting a boner too. And he said, 'You know you gotta show me yours though too.' So I answered, 'Oh yeah, of course' and I threw off my blankets and got up out of bed and walked over to where he was standing. And I saw his eyes look down toward the bulge in my boxers.

So now I was feeling a little nervous but also really exited that he wanted to do this! The thing is, there were a few times where I'd innocently seen him naked before, like earlier that summer when we showered together at a campground. But this situation was totally different cuz we were both highly aroused. He said, 'Ok, you ready?' I nervously said, 'Ummm. Yeah, let's do it.' 'Ok, count of three. One, two, three.' We each pulled our boxers down and our hard-ons literally sprung out. It was cool cuz looking at him was like looking in a mirror. We're both circumcised, cuz that's the norm where we live. So that wasn't a surprise. His dick was straight. And just like he said, it pointed up just like mine. And it seemed to be pretty much about the same length and girth. And like mine, the head on top was bigger than the shaft and it had a slope on top so that it wasn't symmetrical. Yeah, I know....a lot of detail, right? lol So, in other words....our dicks were pretty much identical. I liked that! I liked that a lot!

After a few seconds, I said, 'Ummm....What do you think?' He chuckled and said, 'It looks like we have pretty much the same equipment.' And I laughed and said, 'Yeah we do. Cool.' We spent about another 30 seconds or so looking each other over and theb we pulled our boxers back up and we headed back to our beds and he turned the lights back out again. We laid there silent, but I could here some movement coming from his direction and I knew he was jacking off. And of course, so was I. And that was that, at least for a while.

Then it was a few weeks later, we had another out-of-town trip planned and we were going to share a hotel room again. So this time, I wanted to test the waters a little more. So before the trip, I made a stop at an adult book store and I picked out a few porn magazines that I was sure we'd both like. Cuz I wanted to jack off with again, but this time with the lights on.

So that night at the hotel, we came back to our room after we got some supper. And we sat down at the small table in the room by the window. And we talked for a while....mainly about music and college and girls and sex and all sorts of stuff.

Then when it seemed to be the right time, I got up and went over to my suitcase and I pulled out the magazines. And he said, 'Whatcha got there?' 'Some porn.' 'Ohhh yeah!' he said. And he grabbed one of them from my hands and sat back down and he started to slowly page through it with a big smile on his face. And I sat back down too and did the same. One of his hands was below the table where I couldn't see it. Of course I knew what that was all about. So seizing that opportunity, I reached down and started rubbing my hard cock through my jeans. Then to get him into a more interactive mode, I showed him the page I was looking at. He said, 'Oh wow! Nice tits! How do you like this one?' And he showed me what he was looking at. And I said, 'Oh yeah....my god....that body! You know how much I wanna f-k that!' He laughed and said, 'Yeah, me too!'

After a few minutes, I put my plan into motion and I said, 'Alright I can't take it anymore. I gotta jack off!' And it's not like I was lying cuz I actually then really wanted to jack off! So I got up out of my chair. He chuckled a little and said,like I hoped he would, he got up too and he headed over to his bed with his magazine in his hand. As he was walking, he pulled his shirt off. So following his lead, I pulled mine off too. We then both laid down on our beds. Then we both undid our belts and took off our jeans and our socks and then our boxers! This was awesome cuz we were both completely naked and we both had super hard-ons. So we each started to stroke our cocks, occasionally turning the pages of our magazines. I was stoked! This was totally going as I planned!

And while I was jacking off, I turned my head and watched my hot naked friend pleasure himself too. So hot! I was getting really worked up and my cock was ready to explode. So I finally gave in and I let myself go and I came all over my stomach and my chest. So I then laid there then for a few moments, catching my breath and regaining my composure.

As reality began to set back in, I quickly realized that he was still busy. And from the sounds he was making, I could tell he was close to finishing. So I sprang up and stood by his bed with my cock still standing at full attention.

And now I had to stop for a moment to take it all in. I was watching my hot young friend, who I fantasized about all the time, lying there naked right in front of me, gliding his hand over his beautiful hard cock. And he had a look of total abandon on his face. He was about to shoot his load!

The timing was right, cuz within moments he let out a soft moan and ropes of cum started shooting out from his cock, landing on his sexy belly and chest. When he finally finished spasming, I looked in awe of the white gooey puddles on his body and I just simply stated, 'Nice.' I don't think that before I spoke that he even knew I was standing there. But he smiled and he didn' seem to be at all embarrassed. So I went and grabbed a couple of towels from the bathroom and handed him one. He looked down at himself and said 'Wow, I really made a mess!' And I laughed. And I said, 'Yeah, me too.' We then wiped ourselves off and found where we threw our boxers and put them back on.

We then headed back over to the table where we were before, both of us now in a really good mood. We were both smiling. We sat down and he looked at me and he said, 'Thanks dude. That was a damn good idea for you to bring those magazines!' I said, 'Hey, no problem. I thought you'd like that. And even if you didn't, I knew I was gonna like it, so they weren't gonna go to waste.' And we both laughed. And I knew I was gonna remember this night for a long time!



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